Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Election/cnn-Election/fnc 1-2-3.
  • Fox Business makes ratings history, sweeps CNBC in totals and demo.
  • Somerby: Weird behavior suggests something ‘wrong’ with Maddow.
  • The Cable Game: ‘We stand with the lying, racist, skanky whore.’
  • Wemple: FNC exec suggests CNN made ‘accommodations’ to Trump.
  • Eggerton: Fox News examines fight against ISIS in War Stories special.
  • Varney video: After terror attack ‘the $64,000 question’.
  • Profile: Ainsley Earhardt on maternity, a career in journalism, and more.
  • Borchers: CNN’s ‘final five’ a worthwhile experiment that kind of fell flat.

36 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. It has been puzzling to see several people offended by Trump dissing Kelly when these same people had essentially labeled her a mendacious GOP bitch-Barbie troll.

    They defend themselves by saying they aren’t running for president even as they cast whole swaths of voters as being uncouth sexist knuckle-dragging fools.

    Yeah, well, Trump supporters aren’t running for president either, Haters, so that’s yet another thing you have in common with some of them.

    • Spud doesn’t think she’s properly paid her dues, but Spud still goes to the movies expecting a cartoon and newsreel.

        • Karen Carpenter was rich and way too thin. The poor girl literally starved herself to death.

        • my wife struggles with weight. she can struggle with emotions and not eat for days at a time. it took 2 years to put on 15lbs then we lose it in 3 mos. too fat too thin, both very scary. we start all over and just like losing weight it is easy to gain back, when you add weight is is easy to lose faster and more. scares me to death.

          • That’s not good for the heart. I had an uncle who used to go on crash diets, then put it back on in an endless cycle. He died in his mid 40’s of a heart attack. Died at work.

          • if your are malnourished your body feeds on muscle and bone, the heart is an attractive muscle for a hungry body. not all fatness or thinness is the same cause either. complex scary stuff.

          • The weight thing is a lifelong struggle for a lot of people. Either needing to lose or for those like you wife, who can’t keep it on. YoYo effect is not good.

  2. When I got back from taking my car in for its regular service, the very lovely Lily Langtry was gracing my TV screen (sigh!). I only saw about an hour, as my son-in-law’s sister and my cousin (two unrelated wimmin for those of you with a low opinion of me and my type) came by to see if I wanted to go to the big city.

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