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  1. Could we get a body count….or at least some hint of who did it before MSNBC’s people feel the need to remind us that Islam is a religion of peace….gee…

    • If the goal was to minimize domestic attacks/retributions on American Muslims, I guess I am okay with it.

      But since I missed the MSNBC ‘reminder’ I don’t know the full context.

          • That’s it. It’s chiefly based on what we fear might happen given our low opinion of regular guys and dolls.

          • The irony is that if and when there is violence against an American Muslim you can take it to the bank that the media and liberals will use it to broadbrush as wide a swath as possible of their political contrarians in an opportunistic maneuver that is starkly counter to what they urge for Muslims.

          • The Mormon thing comes and goes depending upon whose ox is being targeted.

            I believe it’s a Christian sect.

          • I used to tell him, “Who are we to judge someone else’s belief in Christ?” That would really set the oedipal off.

          • Actually, scriptures teaches that it is only people who profess to be Christians that the Church can judge.

          • If someone claims to be a Christian, I take their word for it until they show different. Yes, Mormons have some strange beliefs. But I don’t consider it any of my business. That is between them and the Lord.

          • Well that’s cuz Lawrence O’Donnell told him so. It’s a ‘creepy, demented cult’ according to O’D. Before he was forced to revise and extend his remarks, which in some circles would have been considered a firing offense.

          • I love when they make fun of the protective underwear thing that Mormons do, but prayer candles, holy water, and St. Christopher medals are okey dokey.

          • I learned from my mother-in-law that if you are over 65 the church says you can have meat on Fridays. Crazy rules IMO.

          • That’s the first that I heard that, and I’ve been a Catholic since before I was born.

          • you really should consider visiting some catholic countries during navidad and semana santa, both month long affairs with processions, music, and fireworks night and day. the purisima is particularly beautiful.

          • Correct. He never backed off. Funny part is racial bigotry his ultimate sin. Religious bigotry, not so much. Religion had to first pass his muster.

          • i believe their sole goal is to prey on un and under educated people in poor countries. all the “sects” are here merchandising and run like any business, johos the worst.

          • At least Mormons aren’t blowing themselves up in crowded places or flying planes into buildings.

          • Jeremiah Wright, by far. The man stood there at the pulpit and violated the Commandment about using The Lord’s Name in vain. Screamed it out like a man posessed.

    • Their pull the wool over our eyes BS technique has not only gotten old, it’s gotten ancient. And irritating.

  2. Today is a good day to escape into sports and entertainment, avoiding news altogether.

    To that end, Geraldo underwhelmed last night on Dancing with the Stars. (Note the “the” in the title, Bill O’Reilly.) Unless he improves next week, he will probably be the first to be eliminated.

  3. Laura Ingraham does not want common sense admission policies. The way she treated Rubio while he was still a candidate shows that vividly.

    • She was on with O’Reilly maybe a year ago and he did say to her that she has softened her stance and she kind of agreed. However, she believes any kind of path to citizenship is amnesty. Kind of contradictory. Maybe she’s softened her language. She’s very much in line with DT.

      • I feel like the amnesty card gets as much play as the race card. And when most of the country says the word, they pronounce it “aemnesty.” That includes Laura, who is originally from outside of Hartford, Connecticut.

      • I do not feel she softened much Marty. She savaged Rubio at every turn up to the point when he left the race. Who knows what is truly in her heart but her language towards Rubio in particular did not show any moderation.

  4. When Fox has pundits on the should say right up front who the are supporting. Ingraham is a great example. She is a supporter of Trump and should own it.

    • some, like many conservatives like me, would choose none of those likely to win, so they should not say anything about supporting anyone. just pass on the info to the electorate

  5. Gawker damages awarded Hulk Hogan plus punitive tacked on: $140,000,000. Grin on Shep’s face as he reported some folks thought it would be good if that put GAWKER.COM out of business: priceless!

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