Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity-Don Lemon 1-2-3.
  • Wemple: Proof of Trump’s deranged obsession with Megyn Kelly.
  • Flood: Megyn Kelly’s vacation has nothing to do with Donald Trump.
  • Out# videos: Judge Nap on Hillary’s legal issues
  • Concha: They can do it all…three underrated cable news winners.
  • Kilmeade video: her imminent blessed event.
  • Reisman: Lou Dobbs erupts in a twitter storm stumping for Trump.
  • Feldman: Five reasons why Trump is wrong to go after Megyn Kelly.
  • Gold: Cable nets reach out to find talking heads who support Trump.
  • Rutenberg: Trump tiff with Megyn typifies his symbiosis with media.
  • Concha: Fox News right to rip Trump; here’s what they should do next.
  • Feldman: Anthology of all Fox News statements defending Megyn Kelly.
  • Watters World video: Tape shows MSNBC host supported

31 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Concha is right. Shut down the jerk’s free airtime with Hannity, Greta, O’Reilly and Bolling. Let him pout for a while.

      • Unfortunately, you’re right. The four hosts NN listed, in addition to F&F, will continue to book Trump and his adult children for softball interviews. The exception is O’Reilly, who will challenge him at times.

        • Greta is not a confrontational interviewer, so she doesn’t treat Trump Inc interviews much different from other candidates. I think there’s some merit in Concha’s suggestions, but there’s a downside. I’d have a problem with a news org that gives interviews to all the candidates except one who’s blacklisted. In a way it’s what Trump himself does by picking and choosing whom he’ll talk to, but I’m not sure I want news nets to use Trump tactics, even against Trump. I think you have to offer interviews to all, but not everyone will get on The Factor. Some will be booked with Shep or Megyn. Institute a no phone-in rule on F&F and apply it to all candidates. There are ways to do it without a full blacklist type of thing.

          • The no phone-in policy should absolutely be everyone’s standard. Chris Wallace has been the only media member who has adhered to that.

            I don’t think Fox (or any media enterprise) should demand that their talent boycott anyone.

            This should be the obvious response from all Kelly’s peers and a voluntary one.

          • 10pm is a good time to catch up with Supergirl or Gotham. This interview BTW was taped so far in advance I think it was before Trump’s latest round of Kelly tweets.

            Cruz is getting two hits tonight: Bret Baier and later Megyn Kelly. Plus CNN is giving everybody about 25 minutes each.

          • 10:00 PM is my date with Better Call Saul, but God gave me a DVR to savor my DC shows. I mean, how many kids fabricated a false wall in his closet to hide his self-made Superman costume?

          • My husband and I have been doing a marathon spring cleansing of getting rid of everything that he…doesn’t think we need…

            We’ve now done all the heavy lifting and celebrated with a breakfast of wine drinking, patting ourselves on the back, and reading aloud things the other party has no real interest in.

            I foresee an identical lunch and supper. We won’t see 10pm…

          • I was a boy when Stan Lee and the great Jack Kirby revolutionized Marvel. My introduction to Lee was his hosting a letters to the editor section of the comics. I thought he was the coolest, funniest guy on the planet.

          • Somewhere I have a 10-second video clip of Stan Lee on with, I think, Cavuto, where Lee says “I love Fox News!” I doubt he really meant it, but I can recall posting it just to tweak the tweakable. I’ve looked for that several times and have yet to find it.

            The only comic I ever bought regularly was Spider-Man…and the letters section was the first thing I’d read.

          • Used to get bribed to go to Sunday school by being allowed to buy a comic on the way home. Recall the cost at 12¢.

          • I find the same. It is still a good show but if they make it even harder to follow they will lose viewership.

  2. If anyone thinks that the fat, thuggish Rev. Al of 1992 is the same man as the thin presidential advisor on MSNBC today… they’re probably right.

  3. Re: “Reisman: Lou Dobbs erupts in a Twitter storm stumping for Trump”: “Conspiracy-laden” and “anti-immigrant” were all I could take from Reisman. Your headline, J$, should have been enough for me. And these Mediaite commenters think the site is conservative?!

  4. Funny tweet: If Castro keeps getting questions like these he’s going to start tweeting about Megyn Kelly.

  5. Lou Dobbs has become a single issue anchor. Just like Ann Coulter. Immigration was always his pet initiative and the reason he left CNN, was it not? Now he found someone channeling his views.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
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    2 three underrated
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Watters World video: Tape shows MSNBC host supported ‘offing the pigs’.

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