Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Atkinson: Is MSNBC’s Phil Griffin on his way out? (via Mediaite)
  • Media Buzz videos: Supreme
  • Reliable Sources: Trump coverage; Trump fans; Trump and Megyn.
  • Fox & Friends video: Tucker Carlson asks…
  • Wemple: Moments after MSNBC signed Stephanie, they cut her.
  • Blaine: Cable nets bend to Trump’s will.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Parker: Trump fires back at Roger Ailes responding to Trump.
  • Q&A: Bret Baier on Trump, debates etc.  Beck: Leave Megyn alone!
  • Darcy: FNC blasts Trump for ‘sexist’ attack on Megyn Kelly.  
  • Your Buzz videos: Trump rally laws
  • Kelly File video: Trump protesters.   Rev Chetry.
  • FNC counters CNN with one-on-one interviews.  Brian Stelter awarded.

42 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

      • Still gripes me that he ignored the most basic rule of politics: if you have ugly stuff in your half opened closet, don’t host an open house by running for office.

    • Very skillful way that Kelly led the BLM guy to disavow the people at their protest who chanted violent imagery at police even as he argued that Trump must be a racist because some KKK members endorsed him.

  1. I remember when Ailes calling Trump out over Megyn was not defense enough of her.

    Now after Fields, the same defense of Megyn, in the latest Fox memo countering Trump’s latest insults, is how things should be done!

      • I can’t see at the point how it is anyway helpful to him. Does nothing but raise Megyn’s stature to those that would normally be her snap critics, Twitter stooges excepted.

        • Please. While he was racking up states during Super Tuesday, he tweeting insult after insult about Kelly.

          That does qualify as obsessive.

          • then you agree he is obsessive type A not “pathological” which definition of which used, i know not.

          • I saw an exchange between The Cable Gamer and a man of Ice yesterday, centering around the hypocrisy of newshounds who repeatedly label Megyn Kelly as a slut, a racist, and worse, now pretending to be all upset that Donald Trump called her crazy. As twisted and downright creepy Trump’s name-calling has been, what Ellen Brodsky and her curs have done to her is in a special category all its own.

          • Yeah, it all depends on whose ox they want to gore on a particular day.

            I made the point about there being little difference in the response Roger Ailes made to Trump after the FNC debate in 2015, from his current one to Trump.

            Yet the same people who thought that Ailes’ first upbraiding of Trump was woefully inadequate are using Ailes’second almost identical response as the means to chastise Brietbart.

            All their gripes and insults go down a memory hole depending upon what’s expedient for shellacking the new target.

          • So incredibly predictable, in the good old days I used to try to write their comments for them before they got the chance.

    • I wonder why that would be. It’s not like there’s any drama or controversy going on with that campaign.

      • no, actually the drama is in the less covered electorate but that is hard work. all the nets treat trump like arafat. they printed everything he uttered and faxed to them while he was stealing his people blind which was also barely covered. Journalism, the ratings path of least resistance, see even lowly buzzard feed steals my ideas.
        Blaine: Cable nets bend to Trump’s will.

  2. Tonight’s “Columbo” on METV is the pilot. Columbo says to the murderer, played by Lee Grant, “No conscience limits your imagination.” That could very well apply to the rabid Fox haters, Newsmutts types and twitter stooges.

  3. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 FNC blasts Trump
    4 FNC counters CNN
    3 Rev Chetry
    2 fires back at Roger Ailes
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Wemple: Moments after MSNBC signed Stephanie, they cut her.

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