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  1. I’m not taking sides, just questioning strategy.

    I find it intriguing that anti Trump (mostly pro Cruz) sources like the National Review’s editorial board, Amanda Carpenter, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Steve Deace, Erick Erickson and Todd Starnes are constantly harping about Donald Trump taking positions which don’t pass the conservative purity test.

    Yet it is these very views by Trump that help contribute to the large crossover vote he is attracting in the primary races. The same moderate positions that help in the primaries, but could also help him with independents and disaffected Democrats in some of the critical swing states in the general election.

    I fully understand the objection and lack of trust. But are these criticisms counterproductive and impractical when it comes to winning. Or, are some of these critics merely trying to convince some diehard conservative Trump supporters that he can’t be trusted? Therefore they should consider voting for another candidate.

    Aren’t there other lines of attack — e.g., inexperience, temperament, fabrications and foreign policy — which would serve them better?

    Just askin’.

  2. Ive been having a little fun for a couple of months at restaurant drive-throughs, which I don’t frequent a lot, but when I do, I do something now that makes me feel good.

    It started when I was in line at Starbucks and pulled up to the window and was told that the gentleman in front of me had picked up my tab.

    I immediately did the same for the person behind me and have been doing that since. I don’t go often so it’s not a real expense and it’s certainly no big humanitarian act.

    I just like the thought of giving someone a nice surprise. Try it. It’s fun.

    • I pay for the meals of those in a military uniform, cops, firemen and paramedics. It’s the least that I can do for somebody willing to risk their life for strangers

          • I tried that link with my usual browser, Firefox, and it didn’t work. However, when I tried your Google link in IE and Chrome it worked. But then when I tried the link in the link with IE and Chrome that also worked. So I’m guessing it’s a cookie thing. I have tried deleting any Firefox cookie that might be from Wapo with no luck. I’d delete all cookies but that screws up some other sites I need.

    • My curiosity led me to the link. I glanced at the first few paragraphs and closed the tab in frustration. Just call him Erik Wemplemann. He hates Bill O’Reilly just the same.

      • First of all, if having been friends with a politician was a restriction in covering them, then half the reporters in Washington would have to recuse themselves. Many of them have actually worked for (or have spouses who do) the pols they cover, let alone having a friendship with a businessman recently turned politician.

        Secondly, Wemple waves away all the legitimate and tough questions O’Reilly has asked Trump because Bill has not confronted Trump over racism and has ruled it out based upon his knowledge of Trump.

        Never mind, that O’Reilly has been open enough to tell his viewers all of this. Nevermind that O’Reilly is an opinion host. Unless, O’Reilly buys the media line that it’s racism that drives Trump wanting an initial moratorium on Muslim immigrants until he as president, his administration can personally vet the thoroughness of the screening process.

        We all must accept too that only racist people want people who have entered illegally deported and that when Trump said the Mexican govt was only too glad to export rapists and murderers (as Castro did with Pres. Carter) Trump was proclaiming every man, woman, and child who thwarted the process as being such.

        So unless you’re for a process of amnesty (and I am), or for allowing people to cross over by the thousands (which I’m not), or think holding up Muslim immigration until there’s a public and official examination of the oricess is common sense (which I do), you have to dignify questions about someone being David Duke

        That’s about right, isn’t it? That’s the biscuit-eating dumb and anti-intellectual bullshite contrivances liberals demand we mediate now for the sin of not agreeing with them.

        How awful is it for Bill O’Reilly to not suspect racism (rather than risky politics) as being behind those positions.

        Finally, Bill O’Reilly has been rendered a hypocrite by Wemple for questioning Jorge Ramos (a hard news reporter) on whether he can be fair to Trump after the man expressly characterized Trump positions as being racism. Wemple likens such a summary judgment by a reporter as being NO different from an opinion host saying that he does not think a man he has known for years is a racist.

        Oh, yes, that means BILL is biased.


  3. Rumor has it that Joe Scarborough teaming with Mike Huckabee in new band, “Huckaborough”. I’ll buy their first single if it keeps them out of politics.

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  5. If you always wanted to see GAWKER kicked in the teeth, today was your day. The retired wrestler Hulk Hogan was awarded $115 million in damages Friday by a Florida jury in an invasion of privacy case against over its publication of a sex tape. Nick Denton, the founder of Gawker and a defendant in the case, was found personally liable, as was Albert J. Daulerio, the site’s former editor in chief.

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