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  1. I tend to forget that Red Eye is, at heart, a libertarian show. Why else would libertarian guests like Dave Smith appear again and again? I’ve tried to tolerate him, but it’s impossible. When you use the word “neocon [Ding!],” you’ve lost me. At least I saw the interview “Donald Trump” (John Di Domenico) before bailing on last night’s Smith-marred show.

  2. Funny definition for the day:

    Definition of Drumpfin
    1 A person displaying the cultist fascination for Donald J. Trump (Original family name Drumpf)
    2 A person who refuses to listen to any reason or logic of the flaws their devotional figure.
    ‘I don’t care if Drumf is a liar, I’m voting for him just the same because he’s truthful said the Drumpfin’
    3 informal A gullible or easily deceived person.
    The display of cult allegiance to a scam artist, specifically Donald J. Trump
    ‘Drumpfian logic is no logic at all’
    From modern English, the combination of Drumpf + fan (anglicized)

    • I’m not a big fan of ridiculing people’s family names etc. has a whiff of xenophobia about it even if none is intended. Reminds me of how people would go after Michelle Malkin by using her ethnic-sounding maiden name; there was more than just a whiff of racism involved there.

  3. Spud thinks a signal shot has been fired at Mr. Bill, and the ol’ boy had best take heed of who is FNC’s future and who is its past.

    • I have a feeling that Hannity and O’Reilly will not be there this time next year. Kelly most likely will get O’s time slot. It may out of the blue but I have a feeling Dana will have her own show, She doesn’t look to be having as much fun anymore on the Five., Bolling has kind of taken over the show. Come to think about it maybe they will give Bolling Hannity’s spot

      • Lordy. To have Bolling have his own show EVERY DAY would be waaaay to much for me. Can barely stand him on The Five these days and automatically will watch a rerun of Law and Order when he subs for O’Reilly.

  4. I’m having some computer issues today so things may be a little more sporadic than usual. I love my iPad but it’s not the ideal instrument for updating a blog!

  5. Tuesday’s numbers: Election/CNN-Elec/FNC-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.

    need to ask the resident numerologists.
    is that increase in 25-54 election coverage for CNN YUGE as it seems? did it diminish FOX previous primary coverage 25-54 or did it add total audience? is this a result of the recent CNN headhunt?
    likely improve the total product packages of all media if CNN can show some real life in the ratings.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Joe Scarborough responds
    4 step up criticisms
    3 bought itself
    2 Ted Cruz turned down
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Megyn: I wish Bill O’Reilly had defended me more.

  7. Michelle Fields is having a hard time these days. It shows what a Trump presidency may be and it is not pretty. Bolling’s actions, although not surprising, are distasteful.

    • My opinion of Bolling is unprintable. Let’s just say that I’d love to see Dana haul off and clock him.

  8. Re: “Wemple: Mr. Bill, Trump’s on-air advisor”: Going by your headline alone, J$, without subjecting myself to the column, I’m inclined to agree. But is Trump going to listen to a damn suggestion Bill or anyone else passes along? Of course not. Instead, he’s going to be the national equivalent of Carl Palladino in the New York gubernatorial election six years ago: a brash barbarian doomed to lose to a famous Democratic name.

    • Bill’s Talking Points Memo tonight set me straight. He’s tough but fair…to everyone. But I stand by what I said about Trump taking suggestions and my Palladino-Cuomo comparison.

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