Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • More mag final issue cover story: Megyn Kelly, the Bully Slayer (v/FDC).
  • Outnumbered video: We all say ‘never again’, but
  • Video: on Merrick Garland and the GOP’s dilemma.
  • Zucker defends airtime given Trump.  FNC, CNN share Tuesday honors.
  • Concha: Trump fear of Fox moderators led to ducking now-axed debate.
  • Video: Trump says the Fox debate.  Kasich: Me neither.
  • First installment posted in GretaTalk podcast series on the OJ Simpson trial.
  • Kelly File video: debate Trump vs the press.
  • Atkinson: Secret MSNBC plan to boost ratings…bring back Olbermann!
  • Janelle Rodriguez takes over MSNBC daytime.  Expansion at CNN Digital.
  • As returns poured in, Trump spent the night tweeting Megyn Kelly insults.
  • Late Night videos: Chris Cuomo chats with Seth Meyers
  • Concha: Media should label these ‘protesters’ what they really are…agitators.
  • Wonder List season premiere visits Cuba.  Wemple: CNN owns campaign 2016.

58 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Today’s bad joke:

    Q. Why is a Trump rally like a washing machine?

    A. Both are mostly white with a black agitator.

    Apologies to Mr. Concha.

  2. Bought a half gallon of milk on the way home this morning and noticed Ronan Farrow’s picture on the carton.

    • I just saw Noah Rothman on twitter needling Fox for canceling the debate. 1. I’m not sure Fox cancelled it anyhow; the debate is put on by the UT GOP from what I understand. B. With two of the three candidates pulling out, what was Fox supposed to do…show Ted Cruz and two empty chairs for two hours of primetime?

        • Well it’s probably arguable to say either one cancelled it. Fox wouldn’t air it with one candidate, and the UT GOP wouldn’t stage it with one candidate. Come right down to it, probably truest to say Kasich cancelled it.

          • since actually you cannot have a debate with one person “Fox cancels” is inaccurate. the correct headline is “T and K declined to debate so FNS is unable to air the scheduled debate.”

      • Rothman doesn’t understand that without Trump there’s no reason to debate?

        He ought to be wondering how it is that Trump has taken Megyn Kelly so personally, but not other media members who have talked about his being the poster boy for an End of Ages fascism.

      • I think the candidates, both R and D, have seen the “town hall” format and much prefer that to a “debate” format, which isn’t really a classical debate. Look for more of those “town halls” before the conventions.

      • Think they could have given Cruz two hours of time in a townhall format. They’ve given Trump that much free time over the months.

    • I also tend to agree that Ed Rollins is mistaken to say that, “Kasich is not part of the equation.”

      I said as much in a comment I posted at your link.

      As a veteran pundit said last night (paraphrasing), “Ted Cruz has
      failed to win a single state where he didn’t have to depend on the evangelical vote and he is quickly running out of states with that demographic.” He added, “Ted has yet to win the non-evangelical vote in any state.”

      Secondly, after last night’s results the offshore gambling sites now have Cruz and Kasich tied at 6-1 to win the nomination. (Trump is at 2-7.)

      So to say, “Kasich is not part of the equation” may be a bit of an overstatement IMO.

      • i am sure you are numerically correct but i agree with Rollins, he has no chance. the electorate is bound and determined to elect someone worse than Obama in either party.

        • With less favorable states on the horizon for Cruz than Kasich, can Kasich overcome the 265 delegate gap between them and move into second place by the convention?

          Rollins appears to have ruled this out.

          I’m not as sure, while I concede it won’t be easy.

  3. Trump isn’t afraid of Fox News. He’s afraid of Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier, and Chris Wallace. He has plenty of devotees among the commentators.

    • Yeah Johnny – I didn’t say Fox News. Don’t make me go all Mediaite comments section on you…

      • Actually, I was just writing headlines in the tradition of the internet, where if somebody on FNC makes a statement the headline reads “Fox News Calls for Hillary Deportation!”

        • i think this is an area solved by old methods. there are lots of editorial comment on news/cable2… but no “editorial board” that represents the station/paper. would seem a fairly easy and reasonable construct to enable. Am i correct in saying each cable station already has an ombudsman either in name or just function? if USA today can have an ed board why not a cable news net?
          ergo: then you could safe definitively NetX is or is not for x, y and z.

      • Bring it on, Mister.

        Me and my legions of sockpuppets and strawman sockpuppets will take you on anytime.

      • What does “go all Mediate comments section on you” mean? Does it mean banning people who don’t agree with you, parasite? You advocate human slavery, you hate your fellow man, and your whole worldview is a lie. And you will be made to face it.

        • I think you got the wrong fella. But for S&G, “going all Mediaite comments section on you” means taking an unnecessarily vitriolic tone that usually gets personal and has zero to do with discussing the column at hand. Have a nice day.

          • As opposed to writing unnecessarily vitriolic *columns* that get personal? You put on a facade of civility in the comments sections, but underneath, you are teeming with hostility toward Americans who want their freedom.

          • It’s a column, not a standard news story. I’m paid to provide an opinion. And in my opinion, Trump’s behavior towards Megyn Kelly in unwarranted and petulant. But overall, I give Trump credit where it’s due and criticize when deemed necessary. My column today illustrates that.

  4. SHEP READING, “Republicans say the Supreme Court vacancy should wait for the next President to fill it.”
    SHEP TALKING, “but of course the Cnstitution doesn’t agree with that.”

  5. Today’s most popular links:
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    3 bring back Olbermann
    2 he’s not attending
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 As returns poured in, Trump spent the night tweeting Megyn Kelly insults.

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