Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Sean Hannity-Megyn Kelly-Cooper 1-2-3.
  • GOP candidate calls for Chris Matthews to be taken off the air.
  • Ariens: Revived Wall Street Week moving to Fox Business Mar 18.
  • Video: Is media coverage of political violence?
  • Fox News to host March 21 GOP debate…but will Trump show up?
  • Why Chris Cuomo is giving up twitter for Lent.  Q&A: Clarissa Ward.
  • The View videos: Melissa Harris-Perry speaks out
  • TCG: NBC News “report” actually written by MSNBC progressive.
  • Megyn and Trump may have another close encounter.  Fields quits.
  • Controversy swirls around CNN interview with man who rushed stage.

74 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

    • It is amazing what is happening in the “news” business. But, it is also true that the millions of people who look to an NBC website for news have no clue how they are being played. There is really no desire to be news providers. They are position providers in all content. Editorial pages no longer matter.

  1. Ohio or Bust for a Contested Convention

    Two reports — one on CNN and one on Fox News Sunday — explained the difficulty Donald Trump faces in reaching 1,237 delegates if he loses Ohio — regardless of what happens in Florida where Trump has an 88% chance of beating Rubio.

    If he loses Ohio, Trump will need at least 59% of the remaining delegates. Whoa! Seems like a tough slog to me.

    The last two polls show Ohio as a dead heat and the RCP average has Kasich up by 2.7%.

    The polling places in Ohio close at 7:30 pm ET. Then the real fun begins.

  2. My white flag of surrender to Larry Kelly and others is still in my back pocket.

    But I might have to start waving it soon.

    “Monmouth poll finds 22% said Chicago protests make them more likely to vote Trump vs 11% who say less likely.”

    • I think Mark Halperin — who criticizes Trump about as often as I eat brussels sprouts — agrees with me in part.

      He told Joe Scarborough that if Donald Trump doesn’t get a majority of the delegates, Halperin thinks that what happened this weekend (i.e., not acting more presidential and becoming a more calming presence) along with what happened when he was asked to respond to David Duke, it will be easier for the establishment to take the nomination away from him.

      Caveat: Mr. Halperin — not unlike Bill Kristol — is often mocked on social media for getting so many predictions wrong.

      • The last correct prediction I heard from Kristol was in ’08. He said John McCain’s running mate would be Sarah Palin.

      • yeah but Halperin gets great interview material. FOX should take note and up the amount of political working insiders and less of the celeb contributors. way more info and Mark does press when he interviews.

      • ” it will be easier for the establishment to take the nomination away from him.”

        You know this summer maybe a News Network goldmine……if that happens and Superdelegates affect my party………..rating will skyrocket.

    • Well as I said Fri……that event didn’t give them a reason NOT to vote for Trump and a BIG reason to vote for him…….I already voted as Im a poll judge tomorrow but I’ve talked to a few republican friends and fellow judges at the pre-meeting today and a few of them said that the protest made them lean to his side and they voted for him. Now these are people who NEVER vote for outsiders. Non-Scientific of course but those people were ALL Rubio voters before the protest….so will be interesting to see what happens. Oh and in my fellow Democratic judges are any sense of the future Sanders will have a good night. 🙂

      If Trump doesn’t win IL I will be shocked…………the protest almost guaranteed it to happen.

      The Networks have ALL helped Trump more than his money ever could…….showing that protest for hours only helped him. It also knocked Bill Clinton’s appearance in Peoria right off the local news. That’s my big problem with this Trump effect the networks are letting him suck up ALL the air time….so of course hes the frontrunner which only gives him more airtime.

      • FiveThirtyEight does show a bit of a surge by Cruz in Illinois since Saturday, gaining 4% on Trump.

        But there’s still a 7-point gap which tends to support your opinion that Trump will win Illinois.

        Could we end up with a pretty even delegate split for Illinois and Missouri combined? I think it’s possible. This would no doubt please the anti Trump forces.

        • The only way I sure Trump losing IL is if turnout is high in Cook Co…..doubt those will be protest votes however because there is a very HOT state’s Attorney race on the Dems side….so they cant vote in the GOP primary so it may not matter.

          • Shows where we are in 2016 versus 2012 when the moderate (Romney) beat the conservative (Santorum) by 12 percentage points in the Illinois primary..

    • That’s one of those claims that seems like it has to be true because it seems to fit the facts. But the reports are stubbornly lacking in any demonstrable evidence beyond anonymous sources. I would be retired at a million dollar estate on my private island if all the reports that X is paying me to say Y were true!

      • islands are kind of a drag unless you are a boat nut, but expat living is not that difficult and from the outside looking in i would think the number of people who have thought about it far exceed a simple majority.
        here i am absorbed by the #1 seeded ducks and pool building whilst the political world is reverting a century or so. strange to see from afar. i go through your links, and watch vid sections of channels, read through RCP and wonder “what are these people on?”

          • en Nica time. finish the fountain, ceramic coping, seal, then diamond bright, then find 6000 gallons f water so the diamond bright cures right in drought stricken Rivas. check your tweet. we add patinas usind acid and heavy metals which will change the texture to look like carved rock. 2 week , 3 most

          • Wow! That’s going to be beautiful. The Face is great!

            My husband and talk and mull things over for ages. You are a man of action!

          • ty, if you saw how much dirt and concrete were moved and the mess you would never let you hubby do it.

          • you realize if you looked closely that is wire lathe you are looking at on the features, not concrete? we actually then sculpted in the concrete. made the eyes etc. i will play with the patina today. finish tomorrow i hope. i will send the pics in steps if you want? it has been a learning experience i tell ya.

      • Twitter stooge accused me of being a paid FNC plant a couple times. Would be nice. You should try to live off the residuals of being the third person to play Darren on BEWITCHED.

    • Seemed borderline neutral to me Mike.

      They asked some popular questions like why didn’t you wait for your contract to expire. But for the most part they just let her tell her side of the story without much comment or body language to indicate support or opposition.

  3. CNN giving air to to the guy who rushed the stage trying to take down Trump’s podium is more inciteful of violence than anything Trump has done. Unbelievably shamefull.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 taken off the air
    4 Controversy swirls
    3 another close encounter
    2 quits
    And the most popular link in today’s links:
    1 NBC News “report” actually written by MSNBC progressive.

  5. How to know you have brain rot……you post that Trump saying “The media are some of the most dishonest people on Earth.”

    and you respond that

    “When someone in the media is attacked Trump is going to be the cause of it.”

    Forgetting of course that you lie and call Fox News dishonest everyday and supporters of a disgraced site that you write for wish Fox News HQ had been attacked on 9-11.


      • Says the guy who watches a channel he hates and post about it everyday……..I just get a kick out of pointing out foolish people.

        Thanks for reading the “dump”…..your “obsession” continues.

        Besides how else can I earn my check from Fox News?


        • You keep saying the same things over and over again and then provide no proof when called out.

          Show me where I lied about FOX News.

          • Really???

            You can’t be seriously asking that……You have lied multiple times about Fox News not showing some event and when called on it……you always claim…..well not when I watched it……………please feel to see J$ arcives on Newshounds….you can find many from that Disgraced web site you write for.


            You’ve NEVER told the truth about Fox News….at least not when I was reading…….see how that works? LOL

          • Oh please I’ve gone over that many times and you are wrong. When I talk about what is on TV I’m talking about as of the time when I am posting. Besides that you have no proof of lies.

            BTW I don’t have an obsession. You have an obsession with what 3 people are saying on Twiitter and them complain about them here.
            I’m only here to defend my self from your comments.

          • You LIED that Fox News did not show something they DID…..thats a LIE…….please feel free to NOT read my posts………..I point out when fools say dumb things about Fox News or lie………..don’t post lies…..or says crazy stuff or pick ONLY on people of color you will NEVER see your name from me……fact is you can’t do that.

            I read your twitter feed……its public…….it’s great for laughs…….that’s not an obsession…’s comedy!


          • I have not lied and am not a racist. Every time I ask you for proof you provide none.

            You keep complaining here about what two people say on Twitter.
            That is a creepy obsession.
            I don’t spend my time regularly complaining on twitter about what is said here.
            This really needs to stop.

          • You know you disgraced newshound writers have a thing about the word obsession…they accuse J$ of the same thing…..its must be part of the playbook …I don’t think it means what you think its does.

            I’ve provided you many times with why I think what I do….it’s a free country… don’t get to tell me what to think,

            I would point out that I didnt even you your name in this thread and your obsession with this “dump” is so big you still felt the need to defend your foolishness……I guess so people who know who the idiot I was talking about was..

            As Ive said I going to continue to point out LIES about Fox News. I suggest you get over it. Its NOT my fault you post stupid stuff on the internet you know.

            Unfortunately I have to go to bed….the polls open early.

          • Using my name or not I’m going to continue to defend my self when you personally attack me here.

            I’ll point out there was a warning to not engage in personal attacks from the moderator yet you have kept doing it in this conversation.

          • Well I guess you be here at the “dump” a lot. LOL

            I like it when people announce to the world just how foolish they can be.

            I don’t see pointing out something YOU wrote was NUTS as a personal attack…..when I didn’t even use your name to being with…..didn’t MOE just say last week that almost nobody here knows who I’m talking about anyway…..between being a expert on Black people that he is…..maybe you should listen to him,



          • It is a personal attack when you insinuate I’m racist then have no proof or accuse me of lies and then have no proof.

            You obsess over my twitter comments then have the audacity to call me foolish?

            Here’s your personal attacks you seem to have missed,
            “How to know you have brain rot.” “who the idiot I was talking about was”.

          • You are what you are…….i’m entitled to my opinion……I told you why..many times…….you don’t agree…..doesn’t change anything.

            Yes what you wrote in my OP was foolish………you really don’t understand what a obsession is do you?

            I read PUBLIC posts about Fox News… are hardly the only one I read EVERYDAY or that I’ve posted here about……….you are the only one who feels he needs to explain his BS and fail badly.

            Again….I didn’t name you or point to you in anyway…..until YOU announced that the person who posted something so dumb was YOU.

            But you’re right I shouldn’t have called you an idiot for posting that……but frankly I can’t think of another word to describe someone whos that far out of touch who would have posted that about Trump’s post. At least not one that wouldn’t get me banned for life from here by J$.

            Read on!

            Now I have to go to bed.

          • Dumb? You just can’t stop with the personal attacks. I hope the moderator takes notice.

            Your response to my Twitter comment made no sense.
            What I was saying on Twitter was that Trump’s nasty comments about the media that he makes at his rallies are eventually going to get a reporter at his rally attacked.

            You somehow defect from that to me being a liar and complaining the comments section at website.
            That does not make any sense.

          • Ok lets make this so a 5th grader or Newshound writer can understand……….Newshounds calls Fox News dishonest and makes nasty comments about it daily just like Trump does about the media at his rallies……and newshounds does at their disgraced website………..I agree with you……Trump will be at fault if a reporter gets attacked…..just as newshounds will be if one of their readers attacks a Fox News employee……you know the readers who wanted Fox News destroyed on 9-11…….doesn’t seem much different to me.

            Once again … don’t get that……doesn’t make that my problem…….and YES your post was DUMB………I hope EVERYONE takes notice of that.

            Now I said GOOD DAY SIR….or was it goodnight?

          • Sorry but my comment about Trump made perfect sense. You made the odd deflection to Newshounds.
            A presidential cannidate’s comments don’t compare to a website that reports on segments on a cable news channel.

          • In a way that did make sense….if a Trump supporter attacks the media…..he’s to blame IMHO to some extent ….However a disgraced Newshound writer is the last person to make that argument since YOUR site does the same thing he does and has been doing it for years.

            It’s NOT a deflection……you write for the disgraced site… helped build that.

            Maybe you’re right on the compare part… far as I know Trumps supporters haven’t wished Fox News had been hit on 9-11…..Newshound readers due to the hate and calling Fox News dishonest HAVE.

            Thats said……Im off to the polls……..Not sure the site will work on my phone……PLEASE if your state is voting today……PLEASE go VOTE.

          • “In a way that did make sense….if a Trump supporter attacks the media…..he’s to blame IMHO to some extent.”

            I think you two may have finally reached common ground, Gatxer. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. [wry smile]

            I remember when FNC’s Megyn Kelly and Janice Dean came to the defense of MSNBC’s Katy Tur afer she was verbally attacked at a Trump rally widely perceived as a result (correlation more than causation) of Trump’s assault on the media.

            So the idea that physical violence could also occur seems perfectly reasonable to me.

            I heard this morning that at least some commentators have concluded that Donald Trump has already begun to dial it back. Let’s hope so.

          • It’s not disgraced to write about segments on a news channel that you believe are over the top or show a bias.
            You just don’t like the place so you are going to smear me by saying “disgraced Newshounds writer”.

            The Trump supporter who punched a protester said, “Next time, we might have to kill him.”
            Trump tried to defend what happened and even offered to look into paying the legal fees for that person.

            If I recall correctly the comment at Newshounds you keep referencing eventually dealt with by the moderators.

          • You write for a site that J$ has caught lying over and over and over and over……that’s disgraced……….you don’t have to believe me…….go to the search box on the right and type in newshounds J$ has tons of links of him catching them smearing Fox News…….maybe you don’t know their history..which says a lot about you…….maybe you do……which says more.

            Anybody who writes for a site that has a history like they do is a disgraced writer……….by writing there each of you have earned that title.

            While you’re looking up obsession in the dictionary……I would suggest you see disgraced…… don’t seem to know what it means.

            I never said what Trump did was right in anyway……just that it was the hight of foolishness for a disgraced newshound writer whose site does the same thing Trump does……….and has been doing for YEARS……to point it out. I guess I should have also said hypocritical also.

            I’m sure Trump will EVENTUALLY deal with his problem………everything will be good then right?…… I didn’t think so.

            Now doing this on my kindle is a pain so I’m out for a while.

            Please look at some of the lies that site you write for has put out…… be ashamed to be associated with a place like that……but that just me.


          • I’m not doing your research. If you have objections to specific posts at Newshounds then posts links and note the lies.

            If you don’t like Newshounds then don’t read it. Why would you read something you hate?
            Is that not the same as watching a news channel you don’t like then complaining about it?

          • yea we can’t expect a disgraced newshound writer to do research….now can we.

            I’m on my kindle and links are to hard…..but when I get home I’ll be happy to post a few of J$ Disgraced Newshound greats hits……I have one in mind which is a fav of mine……tons of misspelled words…….including the headline and then a HUGE lie that the host said something over and over…..only J$ provided the video…..turns out the host NEVER said it ONCE.

            Ill get you a small list so you can be proud to write for a site like that.

            I don’t read Newshounds really….once in awhile I see a tweet or link from someone pointing out a lie or something crazy they posted….then I go there and get a good laugh.

            Disgraced Newshounds site is so bad that J$ used to do a great weekly post on their lies….something I for one miss greatly.

            I go to the disgraced web site maybe twice a month… when I go there 30 times a day and post about it for most of the day….we can talk about it being the same.

            The lunch rush should be starting soon so I have to go….but I will post your reseach tonight. You will be ashamed writing for that site….well maybe not you.

          • Why would I do your research? When you call out somebody as a liar or racist as you have it’s up to you to back it up with proof.
            I’ve been asking for proof and the only thing you provided is that I lie about what is being covered on cable TV.

            Again you keep repeating a lie that I watch FOX News all day and talk about it all day. I talk about and watch many other things.

            I don’t run Newshounds and am not responsible for what others post or what is said in the comments section.
            If you have a problem with specific writers take it up with them.

            I’d bet many people here are getting tired of this and wish you would move on.

    • Seems to pale by comparison to what Ann Coulter tweeted on Saturday. Don’t you agree? Why not criticize her instead?

      Fox News & Cruz are American traitors, in league with the liberal establishment. Silent majority must face fire from a unified oligarchy.

      • Easy answer Michael……I did on Mediaite…2 days ago.I didn’t see a link about it here and did anyone bring it up? I can point out more than one idiot at a time. I think its a shame when any NEWS network puts her on…..which I would point out that MSNBC does more than any other in the past with Hannity coming a close 2nd I would guess.

        BTW: I called Coulter a hideous thing on medilite where I pointed out that she NEVER worked for Fox News but was a Ex-MSNBC employee.

        How that makes Iceman post any better I don’t get…..but I know you always seem to feel the need to defend him………look squirrel

  6. Joe Concha and I have sometimes (not often) disagreed. But we are in total agreement based on his new column on Mediaite about (among other things) how important the Ohio results could possibly be to future cable news ratings.

    I had posed a question five days ago, “How many viewers will be all that interested in Trump rally speeches, town halls and debates if Trump has it all but locked up on March 15th?”

    • The question is how long before CNN….MSNBC and Fox New will realize that…..I see him and change the channel…..but I’m not a Neilsen family so it doesn’t matter.

      I would point out that Fox News plays less of him then the other 2 and seems to still be getting record ratings.

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