Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Trump’s and media chaos
  • Reliable Sources: American fascism; American Muslims; time for Trump.
  • Somerby: In Trump discussion Maddow ‘blew right past‘ the key issue.
  • Kelly File videos: speaks out; responds.
  • Schram: Chris Matthews at the center of latest (MS)NBC news scandal.
  • Cable Game: A big, fat black eye for Mediaite.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Jake Tapper, Roland Martin to moderate Sunday’s CNN/TV One town hall.
  • Greta: Use judgment covering Fields.  Wemple: What are you talking about?
  • Your Buzz videos: 101; affluent
  • Battaglio: Behind the scenes as CNN goes all in to polish debate presentation.

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      • This particular Kelly File was always scheduled for extra replays over the weekend. It was taped as a ‘special’ edition including spaces for live news breaks to be inserted.

    • Pre-emptions like this are the reason I removed Red Eye from my DVR recording schedule. Primaries, debates, and breaking news have kept Red Eye off the air most of the last six weeks. So, why bother scheduling to record what turns out to be a rerun of On the Record or The Kelly File (which was not a rerun in this case)?

  1. The motley collection of characters that shut down the Trump ralley tonight won Trump more supporters than any rally would have… just because.

    • I for one will be checking the election results — especially Illinois — Tuesday night to see if Trump under performs or over performs the polling data.

      I do think at least two story lines accrue to Trumps benefit.
      1) The Michell Fields story, which was picking up steam with the release of new videos and still photos. But fortunately for Trump and Lewandowski this minor scandal got pushed to the back burner by the controversial news out of Chicago. Lucky Donald. 🙂
      2) Even Trump critics like Megyn Kelly, Bob Beckel and yes even Van Jones all expressed varying degrees of displeasure at the protesters for denying Trump’s freedom of speech rights to hold the rally.

      It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in the MSM between now and Tuesday. But since many Trump supporters (and potential supporters) probably have varying degrees of loathing for the MSM I am guessing what might have more effect is whether Rubio and Cruz extend their criticism of the Trump campaign culture as they did last night and how talk radio weighs in.

    • Greta never said that folks shouldn’t be talking about #1 and #3.
      #2- Is an example of exactly the sort of overblown rhetoric she did criticize.

  2. Re: TCG: A big, fat black eye for Mediaite.
    Oh, so that’s what Sonny Flon was talking about with the blaming Sanders thing.

  3. Yesterday’s fad: hand wringing over genocide. Barely a mention these days of a once cause celeb.

    (NYT) “The Republic of South Sudan is not even five years old, but already 50,000 people have been killed in an ethnically driven civil war.”

  4. Re: Kelly File videos:Michelle Fields speaks out; Katrina Pierson responds

    TY Johnny for the video links — and TY Kelly File for the annotated videos, which are the best I’ve seen so far.

    That was interesting to watch and I suspect most fair-minded viewers, including Megyn, know whose version is closer to the truth about what actually happened.

    Finally, that’s a nice touch by the Kelly File to interview them separately rather than have them on together because of what so often happens with opposing guests — it devolves into a shouting match.

  5. Just watched the Michelle Fields interview (thanks for the link, Johnny).
    What happened to her was unfortunate and she is right to report the incident to the police but this was the second worst thing to happen to her right below her father’s passing? If she really meant that, then she has lived a charmed life.

    • “the second worst thing to happen to her”

      I suppose one could make the case that it would have sounded less like hyperbole (to some people) if she had added “professionally” – as in “”the second worst thing to happen to her professionally.”

      Personally, I’m reluctant to criticize her after what she’s gone through. Admitidly my bias is showing because I find Mr. Lewandowski to be pretty much and unprincipled thug. 🙂

      • I see your point to an extent, but she is a big girl in a tough profession.

        There was a Brietbart writer who doubted her, but he’s been suspended and the organization is taking up for her.

        She hasn’t faced the level of wrathful opprobrium that Megyn faced from Trump followers, or the rampant gossip from fellow media members, who every day opined that she was now in Ailes’disfavor, that her long planned vacation after the brouhaha was punishment from Ailes, etc. Supposed leaks and supposed inside sources that supposedly confirmed such stories.

        That would be enough to make anyone doubt themselves, the sincerity of those around them, and the world.

        I’m so glad Fields has gotten the police involved in this. If Corey did it, I hope he’s charged and booked. I’m sorry she’s a public story now, the fodder of a zillion tweets, but she is, and she’s in a profession that relentlessly pursues and publicly speculates upon private citizens, who have no experience in front of a camera, who happen to find themselves in the scrutiny of the spotlight.

        If Fields needs to see the mature and professional way as to how she should handle herself when the tables are turned and she’s the target, she needs only to consider the woman who was interviewing her.

  6. Who would have thought MOVEON.ORG would try to stifle free speech? Okay, so that’s pretty much all they do.

    • The Soros funded MoveOn.org was set up to “encourage” people to forget Bill Clinton’s propensity for perjury, because it was “just about sex.” All these years later, they are still here, having moved on to political agitation. Just their way of saying, “You better put some ice on that, America.”

      • Been honing their craft for 17 years trying to silence FNC. You’d think they’d have gotten better at it.

        • The other Soros funded outfit Media Matters is now trying to do that job. MoveOn is busy with their rent-a-mob business.

        • I don’t get it. Was Pres. Obama saying how could people not imagine that Soros would fund large angry protests to shout down Trump because Trump encouraged violence against protester disruptions?

          That is supposed to be a natural reaction against Trump, whereas Trump’s frustrated angry reaction to constant protesters at rallies was not?

          Same with the media. They rightly condemned Trump’s rhetoric against protesters which caused violent incidences from a couple of supporters, but act like it’s only natural and fitting that a big coordinated, politically funded and whipped up mob of people shouting support for Sanders would come in and vastly escalate that scenario.

          We see all this tea leaf reading and accusations about pro Trump Fox hosts, but where’s the common sense in the rest of the media when it comes to the way they’re framing this farce?

          • They are framing it based on their own biases, which these days is discounted by all but the liberal choir. Concentrating on the logic of the matter isn’t about to get in the way. Didn’t with the Ferguson thugs and blacklivesmatter characters and it won’t with this.

          • Obama was simply running his mouth. He has more to divide this country than any living human being.

  7. Scratching my head.

    Don’t know if it’s the lost hour of sleep or not enough coffee, but I was totally baffled by Media Buzz this morning. 🙂

    I know the Trump interview was taped midweek — but it seemed like the entire show was (which it was not). There was no discussion of the controversy over recent Trump rallies and the Michelle Fields controversy.

    Sure he had a segment on the impact that social media had on the rallies. However, he seemed unwilling to discuss/criticize Trump — unlike Cruz, Rubio and the rest of the media have. He also avoided the ‘Michelle Fields vs. Trump campaign’ flap. Was this out of concern it might alienate pro Trump viewers? Probably not, but it came across that way to me.

    Hey, they can’t all be home runs. But this airing was more like a ground out to the pitcher.

    • I don’t know about that hour of sleep but it seems like you lost an entire block of Media Buzz. They showed footage of the Chicago demonstrations and panel discussed it extensively. Plus a clip from Michelle Fields’s interview with Megyn Kelly was shown and that controversy was discussed as well. In fact you can see the real-time tweets from the Media Buzz twitter feed quoting panelists’ comments from these discussions.

      And you toss in a suggestion that they’re trying to ‘alienate pro-Trump viewers’ which, given the coverage these issues actually received, is inexplicable.

      • I stand corrected.

        Once I saw on Twitter that the Trump interview was dated I set my DVR on max FF (8X) and fast forwarded as I divided my attention to my laptop. I completely blew by the segment (before the DT interview continued) that you mentioned, which I am watching now.

        While I’d love to blame it on DST, the truth is I simply and inadvertly screwed up. My apologies to Mr. Kurtz.

  8. This morning on Reliable Sources one of their guests (it may have been Steve Brill) suggested that instead of airing an entire Trump speech, as all 3 cable news channels have done, they should only go to it when something newsworthy is said or occurs.

    To the credit of FNC’s America’s News HQ at 11:04 am ET this is exactly what they decided to do. Good for them.

    Speaking of newsworthy, I think this change is newsworthy. Will others — especially CNN and MSNBC — follow?

  9. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Katrina Pierson
    4 talking about
    3 blew right past
    2 (MS)NBC news scandal
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Cable Game: A Big, fat black eye for Mediaite.

  10. I see the stooges claiming that a Fox News women of color is upset……never mind she smiling and laughing…….they are so dishonest about Fox…they could write for Newshounds….Oh wait.

    They see a Fox News in their heads that Comcast doesn’t carry.

      • and yet they claim she did that…..I’m watching it live and what they are posting is nothing like what I’m seeing……it’s like there a Fox news that broadcasts in their heads…..I wonder if it’s the same one Trump gets?

        • Harris never criticizes Trump and when anyone does on that show she is very quick to respond defending Trump

          It’s the same as what she does on Outnumbered.

          Has Harris ever defended any other candidate, let alone a Democrat, the way she does Trump?

          • On the Fox News that you see….I doubt it.

            You said she was unhappy yet she was smiling and laughing………..if that’s unhappy i hope very day I have is like that. You see what you want…..she didn’t DEFEND trump she asked questions…..you know like a Journalist would…….not like a Newshound writer.

            It’s NOT a Journalist job to Criticize a candidate…..as a newhound writer you wouldn’t know that.

            However I’m sure that from now on you won’t Criticize ANY Fox News host if the Criticize a Dem you like because you now think it’s their job…..right….I mean you wouldn’t have one standard for the women of color and one for everybody else….right?

            Thank for reading the “dump”.

          • When John LeBoutillier started going off on Trump she was unhappy and tired to interrupt him.

            When he finished his comment Harris claimed LeBoutillier said the same things about the Democrats to which LeBoutillier said, “I’ve never said that about the Democrats ever in my life. I don’t know what you are talking about.”

            You can say Harris shows no bias and does not defend Trump. That’s fine but I respectfully disagree.

          • Harris regularly criticizes and speaks negative of Hillary Clinton while not doing the same for Donald Trump. There is a bias there that you don’t notice that others do.

            This women of color thing is ridiculous and has nothing to do with criticism of cable news talent.

          • Are you aware that you criticized 3 Fox News Hosts in the last 24 hours?

            2 of the 3 are women of color………we’ve been told that Fox News is almost pure white………yet you criticize the people of color way more than the White hosts…..you claim that means nothing…..I wasn’t born yesterday.

            I’m not having this women of color fight with you again…….you are what you are……I’m not rehashing it with you……you can’t see it……That’s fine but I respectfully disagree.

            As for Harris……I would say your anti women of color anti-Fox News bias is making you see what’s just not there. Is “others do”….like “some say”?

          • Sorry but If you insinuate I’m a racist as you just did again I’m going to respond and defined my self.
            I’ve criticized Jeanine Pirro for the comments she has made defending Donald Trump.
            I’ve criticized Harris Faulkner for showing a bias towards Trump.
            Again who I complain about has not nothing to do with color or race.

            Find one comment I’ve made that attacks any FOX host because of
            their race. Your theory does not make any sense.

            Many others have criticized Faulkner and Pirro but for some strange reason you keep obsessing on me and insulating I’m a racist while not complaining about others.

            I did not start this. You once again posted trying to insulate I’m a racist.
            If you keep doing that here I’m going to defend my self.

          • She speaks negative of Hillary Clinton because Madame Clinton Is a lying sack of (deleted) who very likely will be indicted for multiple felonies.

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