Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Debate-predebate-postdebate 1-2-3.
  • Joyella: Nearly 12 million viewers watch latest GOP debate.
  • Concha: Melissa Harris-Perry to get her own show on Fusion. Or is she?
  • Video: Are Trump’s campaign rallies
  • Nancy Reagan funeral coverage anchored by Shep Smith, Brian Williams.
  • Wemple: CNN should stop with the insulting countdown clock fake-outs.
  • CNN uses Samantha Bee to push GOP debate.  Bobbie Battista resurfaces.
  • Concha: High marks for Tapper, Ted, even Trump, at ‘elegant’ CNN debate.
  • Videos: Bill O’Reilly talks debate etc w/ Maria Bartiromo
  • No questions about Michelle Fields. Fields: Sad and disappointing; a shame.
  • Battaglio: CNN’s Jake Tapper expected more fireworks at the GOP debate.
  • Kelly File videos: The assault violence

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  1. Well, I’m posting again at MEDIAITE, so there is balance in the FORCE.

    second ago
    In Hillary we trust.

  2. Wemple complaining about the CNN Countdown Clocks is late to the party Spud has been hosting for years.

  3. The most interesting thing about the Trump candidacy is how quickly the tribes form, and it’s immediately the Hatfields and the McCoys. I’ve seen demands that Fox fire Michelle Fields (even though she doesn’t work for them) for daring to question Trump, and Fox fire Greta for daring to suggest the Fields incident isn’t exactly like genocide in Darfur. The right, which has been loudly crying about speech restrictions on campus, now wants to purge tv channels of any voices that don’t agree with them!

    A sense of proportion is scarce as hens’ teeth in all this. Isn’t it possible that Fields was assaulted, but maybe it’s not the biggest story since the splitting of the atom? Aren’t people allowed to hold different points of view? David Asman says Trump might beat Clinton and–presto!–that makes him a Trump flack! How dare he speak analysis that does not agree with the tribe. Because Michelle Fields was assaulted Megyn Kelly should be fired. Yada yada yada.

    It’s like the tolerance for differing points of view went out the window overnight. Agree with my tribe or get fired! It’s a good thing Roger Ailes doesn’t tell people what to say, or else there’d be nothing but the communal script-reading that the berserkers are asking for.

    • I agree that nowadays everything is framed in the language of a religious crusade. It’s easier to slander the character of dissenters’ that way.

      I haven’t heard Greta’s opinion on this…so off the top of my head… (this is truth in advertising, folks)… I think it does make sense for Greta to say…everyone take a breath…let this play out a bit more so we can be sure of what happened…etc.

      However…it would have been better if the Trump Campaign had put out a sincere and terse statement saying that they take such things seriously and will investigate and work with police investigators (now that Fields is pressing charges).

      They don’t have to automatically cringe, cower, disavow each other, and blood-let at the first moment of an accusation of violence against a female. They do have to respond in a civilized fashion by indicating concern.

      I didn’t see that. That’s not virtuous and it’s not smart.

      • Now Trump just cancelled the Chicago rally for about 8,000 supporters because (presumably) of safety concerns given the large number of protesters.

        This is really getting out of hand. I sometimes wonder about the challenge of screening everyone for firearms.

        • I voted today….lots of early voters here… first time in this city but seemed different.

          I wonder if the protesters realize they just helped Trump win IL………to the shame of my state.

          • I do wonder if the negative coverage of Trump and his rallys is alienating some number of voters (large or small) nationwide who might have been in the undecided column.

            As the media always says after negative stories break, “This will either have no impact or embolden his hard-core supporters.”

            Whether the coverage the last 24 hours is a net negative or a net positive we’ll just have to wait and see IMO.

          • Well not to be political here…..but I can’t imagine a republican voter saying….oh people shut down Trumps rally I can’t vote for him…..however I can see a voter saying screw them protesters I’m voting for Trump.

            I think that’s true ……..Very true about on the fence voters with just 3 days before the election.

            Something they are now saying on Fox as I type this.

          • I was referring to all the talk about previous rally incidents and the widening criticism of some of Trump’s comments.

            On balance it has not been a good news day for Mr. Trump.

          • Ha!

            On a day when Nancy Reagan was laid to rest reminding us of the virtue of civility and what can be accomplished.

          • I thought exactly that as I watched her funeral.
            Will this lead to another version of the Chicago Dem. Convention in Cleveland this summer???

          • Oh…well I normally try to not to pay much attention to Trump….anything….if this wasn’t in my state…I wouldn’t be watching.

          • If the protesters think this is going to hurt Trump in the polls, they may be surprised. More likely this will boost turnout for him on Tuesday. Unless it doesn’t. (I think I’ve pretty much covered myself there.)

          • I’m really starting to wish I had NOT signed up to be a poll judge….I thought it might be a easy time.

            BTW: I can’t remember ever hearing O’Reilly’s show being over taken……Im guessing he wasn’t there tonight because I remember the night they caught the boston bomber and his show still aired live with him and Smith. I don’t watch normally but I can ever remember it.

            I don’t see how this hurts Trump with Republican voters.

          • see that retweet you have from Will McAvoy….say just what I’m thinking…..

            “You think this is a victory? This isn’t a victory. Donald Trump will now be able to claim to be a victim, which is one of his favorite cards”

        • Cleveland police are concerned about rioting and the way things are going I think they are correct. I have been only reading my news for the last few days-TV has been off. Way too depressing.

    • I be glad when the whole thing is over….it’s making crazy people even crazier and haters go nuclear.

      I saw a post today complaining about Trump being happy politico might shut down…what about the Jobs he asks…..forgetting that he writes for a site that wants Fox News shut down and his supporters wanted Fox Hq hit on 9-11………..what worries me is that it’s going to get worse.

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  5. Fox News blaming Bernie Sandrrs for violence at the Trump rally is like Hitler blaming the Jews for their resistance

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