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  1. I wonder how much Fox’s reputation is being hurt with some hosts rooting for a candidate.Must also say the folk on Happening Now and Special Report have gone out of the way to be impartial and possible.

    • You answered your own question. It’s all about the balance. Unless you’re a hater. Then you’re not fair.

    • Of course the opinion hosts could root for a candidate because that’s their opinion .. while the news anchors don’t because they are to be impartial that’s how it’s done.

    • Don’t know about its Reputation….I mean OPINION people are going to have opinios…..but there Rating are at ALL time highs……thanks to the Fox News Boycotts.LOL

      The Power of the Discraced Newshounds and Media Matters is amzing.

  2. If Morning Joe would insist that all guests answer questions in a prescribed direct manner or have their mikes cut off, then they wouldn’t have any.

    • They want the governor to rebuke Trump for a statement he made to the point where they cut the guv off for dodging that demand, but Trump they have on every week?

  3. There’s a reason why I posted O’Reilly’s comments about Trump. It used to be that comparing X, Y, or Z to Hitler was considered beyond the pale, a hallmark of an over-the-top attack that demeaned the victims of the holocaust. Now there’s suddenly a reversal and the same people who were shocked and appalled at Hitler comparisons are now attacking O’Reilly for speaking out against Hitler comparisons! It would seem obvious that whatever Trump may be he hasn’t murdered millions of innocents, yet the tribal warfare has gotten to the point where standards are being erased left and right. I suppose Bernard Goldberg will get the same sort of opprobrium…or maybe not, because he’s Jewish and it would be a little too ridiculous to accuse him of anti-Semitism. Instead they’ll do like Media Matters did: attack O’Reilly and just pretend Bernard Goldberg wasn’t even there. Yeah, that’s the ticket. The lemmings and stooges will be happy to RT that because they don’t care about telling the truth.

    • As the chief stooge admitted to me in his “whatever it takes” moment of candor, telling the truth is optional.

      • Short boy pants doesn’t like you bring up his BS Larry….you know facts and all.

        Of course they are still calling women of color on Fox News Goons…..but not racist you know.

          • Yes…..sorry if FACTS hurt you… being a Newshound liar oh I mean Disgraced “writer” and all.

            Did I say anything untrue?

            I think you should sue J$ for forcing you to read posts at this “dump”.


          • We have gone over this already and your theory does not make sense. Any discussion of cable news talent has nothing do with color nor does it make anyone racist.

            If you can find a comment based on race then post a link to it.

            If you can’t then you need to let this Women of color narrative go as I’m sure most of the others here are getting bored with it .

          • No…its doesnt make sense to YOU….but you are a disgraced Newshound liar so I wouldn’t expect it would.

            If you are bored please feel free to not read my posts…..but i will continue to call out what I see as racist posts about women of color on Fox News.

            Don’t like it….don’t call women of color Goons.


          • I have no idea who Moe is. The people I converse with are not racists.
            Again where is your proof? If you are going to accuse someone of something then post exactly what they said.

          • Moe is Joe……..we are NOT going to agree on this I have my opinion and you have yours….I respect that…..unlike you….but doesn’t change anything.

            Lets remember you write for a site where a regular commenter wished Fox HQ had been hit on 9-11 so spare us the people I converse with stuff.

            Feel free to NOT read my posts………this is just a dump after all right?

            I have no reason to argue with you about something you are so blind to…….so please DON’T read my post if they upset you so much.

            I’m not going to fight with you about something you could NEVER admit even to yourself on J$ site…….take the BS elsewhere.

          • The only disgraced person here is the one who keeps calling people racist then provides no proof to back up the claim when asked.

          • OK sure…..says the Disgraced Newshound writer who can’t even write headlines without lying in them………Thanks for reading J$!


          • What headline is a lie? Again you keep making claims then provide no proof when asked.

            You realize hashtags don’t work on forums?

          • Covered it last week…..don’t play dumb….this isn’t Newshounds……yes I know about hashtags…I do it because it upsets idiots.

            Please calm down.


          • see you can’t even tell the truth here…no wonder you write for disgraced Newshounds….you asked me once..6 min ago….and it was covered here last week…..on a site you can’t stop reading……that’s not several times….now go away and play adults talking here……I’m sure if you think about you can remember which headline you wrote at disgraced newshounds was a lie….I know so many to choose from with you….but gee it was just last week…..they don’t let you lie….I mean write that much……think Trump little one.

            Oh and don’t forget to tell us how many black friends you have.

            I’m not going back to that pit just to get you a link…..dang how many times do you lie in headlines?


          • Again you respond with no proof. This is ridiculous.

            “Oh and don’t forget to tell us how many black friends you have.”
            None of my responses to you resort in nasty personal attacks or name calling.

          • Im sorry you been forced to read my ridiculous posts…..feel free to sue J$ for your pain and suffering.

            That’s a personal attack or name calling to you? My God what is calling a woman of color a GOON then??? Oh thats right NOTHING because she works for Fox News.


          • People don’t like Andrea Tantaros because of the things she says. It has nothing do with color. People who complain about what she says are not racists.
            Again your theory does not many any sense.

          • To YOU….I sure it doesn’t…..wouldn’t to most at Stormfront either I would guess…..after all you have lots of black friends on twitter right?

          • Are you being forced to come here to post? No. Why would you want to come and swim in our little cesspool? Starved for attention?

          • Someone here spends a lot of time reading the Twitter comments of people he does not like then comes here to complain about them. You don’t find that odd?

          • any odder than nuts who watch a TV channel that they hate and post about it all day?

            I spend little time reading your lies…..I mean posts………..we talk about people here who lie about Fox news….it’s kinda a big thing here…….stop telling lies about Fox News and I’m sure your name will rarely come up…..until then however….well.


          • There are many websites that call out the bias of the media. There is nothing nuts about that.

            You have an obsession with what me and Joe say on Twitter and then complain about it here weekly.

          • ummm……no. I post about other people who lie about Fox news all the time.

            Again you have my pity that u are forced to read anything at this “dump”.


          • I’m sorry to the others here like yourself who would rather talk about cable news.
            When someone accuses me or acquaintances of being racist I’m going to respond.

            Several times I asked for proof to his claims and he would provide no links to any comments.

          • Ive stated my OPINION….you cant see it…..sorry…I’m not going over it and over it like I do with my 6 year old nephew.

            Talking about people who BASH Fox news workers is part of what this site is about……..sorry you can’t see that either.


          • “I’m not going over it and over it like I do with my 6 year old nephew.”
            Someone did not read the notice about personal attacks.

          • again…..that’s not a personal attack…’s a fact…..calling someone a goon is….learn the difference…..I’ve repeatedly told you why I FEEL what I do about you and the others……you don’t get that…..fine….doesn’t change my or others OPINION of you or them.

            I realize that you may be under great stress since you are forced to read a blog you call a dump……but that wasn’t a personal attack…….what you and the other disgraced Newshounds have done to the women of Fox is…….you must be so proud to have fans who wish that Fox HQ had been attacked on 9-11.


          • Show me the proof of what I’ve done to the women at FOX News?
            Every time I ask you for proof you refuse to provide any.

            There are just as many nasty comments left on posts at The FOX Nation and articles at do you ever complain about them?

          • I explained it over and over..and OVER..Mike’s right….we are going around in circles…I’m done with you.

            As a matter of fact I DO complain about the comments at Fox News and Nation… how does that make your sites fans wishing Fox News HQ had been hit on 9-11 OK???????

            Newshounds didn’t ban him and left the comment up for almost 20 hours…..over 10 after they knew about it…..Im betting if someone here said they wished MSNBC had been hit on 9-11……J$ wouldn’t just let that comment last a day…..he would have it deleted and BAN the person….something Disgraced Newshounds DID NOT DO…..but let’s compare Fox News which gets thousand of comments a day with Disgraced Newshounds which gets maybe 20……..

            Now I’m done with you for the night…….thanks for reading my posts at the “dump” with your Black friends….



          • Mike, I can’t for the life of me understand why someone who hates this site and Fox so much keeps showing up.

          • “Astonishingly limp defense”by Breitbart regarding Michelle Fields. One of their own, no less. SMH.

          • Unbelievable. There really should be a media blackout on the campaign until that nut job is fired and Trump apologizes.

            They need to stick up for each other.

            Too bad Fields didn’t knee this jerk right in the crotch.

          • Can’t believe Trump hasn’t fired this guy….but the hypocrisy on this is crazy……people whose supporters have wished that Fox News HQ was hit on 9-11 are upset about Trumps supporters are supporting violence.


          • 100% right J$….I loved the fact that they were backing Megan last week before they realized they hate her more than even Trump.


  4. The Ainsley link takes you to a Media Matters video on O’Reilly. Got the correct link from Johnny’s Twitter.

    • “Oh Magoo, you’ve done it again.” I’m really on a hot streak of posting faulty links. Fixed now. Sorry about that. I guess I’m more ready for the glue factory than I thought.

  5. Looks like Joe Scarborough is making an effort (contrived or genuine) to combat the widely circulated narrative that he is in the tank for Trump and is running a campaign operation from his Morning Joe program.

    He really lashed into Trump this morning about Trump’s recent comment that “Islam hates us.”

    Of course Trump sycophant Mark Halperin refused to join in the anti Trump discussion abd decided to offer his usual praise of ‘his guy;’

    Let’s see what happens Friday Morning when the latest debate is discussed.

    • He and Mika are insufferable. Mika had the mic cut on Florida gov this morning. Yesterday he told Nicolle Wallace to “take off her Rubio badge” and wouldn’t let her complete a sentence.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 viewership jumps
    4 fudging identities
    3 cuts the governor’s mic
    2 broke rules
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Did Trump aide admit assaulting a former Fox News contributor?

  7. Uh oh when I saw 78 comments I knew something was up. Without my reading thru them all let me make a general warning not to indulge in any name calling or personal attacks at other commenters. K?

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