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    • I wonder if Mediaite took this down since your comment 7 hours ago.

      Your link seems okay. Other websites using the same link also don’t work. Hmmm.

          • Somebody at Mediaite realized that it made them look ridiculous. So they deleted it, hoping nobody would be the wiser.

          • It was claiming that Fox was in the bag for Trump, when MSLSD was saying the same thing. I forget exactly what it was.

          • Don’t know if this link will work but here’s a cached version of it. They pulled a stooge trick…..pointing out something Fox said and not bothering to mention that MSNBC’s panel said almost WORD for WORD the same thing. Im betting so did CNN at some point because its valid and news……..but mediaite wanted you to think Fox is in the bag for Trump.

            It was deleted within hours of its post.


          • Why would they delete it if it’s not a misinterpretation of what Bolling said, but rather a conclusion that several talking heads on cable had drawn?

          • Not sure……I commented that MSNBC had said the same thing….came back @ a hour later and it was gone.

            What MSNBC and Fox said made sense to me…..IF Rubio in the race gives the Republicans Trump……..they may take it out on him in the future………If he’s not the Pres. Nom this year….Rubio doesn’t have a job next year. I heard a similar type conv with Van Jones on CNN but the MSNBC was almost word for Word with the clip mediaite had.

            If you only saw that story you’d think Fox did something weird when it was BS as it was a common theme on all the Networks…….that’s something the Newshounds and stooge lairs do…embarrassing to see real reporters do it….IMHO..

            Why mediaite does anything is beyond me……they hired Tommy Christopher back after all.

          • “If you only saw that story you’d think Fox did something weird when it was BS as it was a common theme on all the Networks.”

            I saw it slightly differently. I would replace the word “Fox” in your comment with “Bolling.”

            Josh Feldman, who wrote the article, also took on Mr. Bill when he thought Bill was defending Trump’s di*k joke..

            Feldman simply doesn’t like Trump. He may be a Rubio or Cruz fan…it’s hard to tell.

            While he often posts columns unfavorable to Trump like a video of Glenn Beck criticizing Trump, you would be hard pressed to find examples of him posting articles which are unfavorable to Fox News.

            I know because I just checked his last 30 columns. It’s clear he’s no fan of Hillary and no fan of Trump. However, a high percentage of his columns demonstrate no bias — unlike Tommy Christopher on the left and Alex Griswold on the right.

            But that’s just my take — you don’t have to agree.

          • My take was just that he was ONLY talking about somebody on Fox News…….by ONLY saying somebody on Fox did it he gives ammo to low information readers who think Fox is in the bag for Fox….when clearly as a network they are not.

            I’m not familiar with the writer but I looked back….hes got a big problem with Trump (I do to) and hes using his job to put that out there.

  1. Re: Wemple

    Clinton’s common sense stand upon limiting abortion based upon trimester (with exceptions as to a threat to mother’s life or fetal abnormality) has been given no play.

    This is the opinion of the majority of Americans, but anyone wanting any sort of restriction on abortion is typically characterized in the media as an extremist (just as anyone who is for something as basic as exercising existing immigration law is portrayed as a nationalist).

    I understand the devil is in the details of “life” of the mother and “fetal abnormality”, so let’s discuss that, shall we?

    We won’t though, because our dialogue is too stilted and boxed in when it comes to these issues. Such discourse with candidates and citizens will not be allowed for anything other than otherizing.

    We’re going to continue being outraged over Trump’s lack of a filter, while ignoring the huge filters that have been placed on our discussion. Filters that have nothing to do with sensitivity to others and everything to do with the chattering class marginalizing certain positions on particular issues.

    We’re going to go on talking about Trump’s latest put-down and boogers and such.

    Clinton may be asked again about abortion restrictions, but that fact alone will be what’s considered relevant, or the political strategy of it, but the meat of her answer will be waved away.

    Is it any wonder that Trump gets support solely on the basis of being an outlier? That he offers little substance. We don’t have an intelligentsia that wants or even sanctions anything but piddle and narratives about what type of people hold certain positions, rather than the issue and the stand on it being the topic.

    Our elites have long employed Trump tactics. They are no different from him. Not a whit.

  2. Looking ahead to the March 15th primaries and caucuses I wonder how many executives are concerned about what happens to ratings going forward from that date for the next six weeks or so until the general election commences.

    It’s true that Trump lost the delegate count last night 71-73 and now stands at 44.8% of the delegates on his quest to avoid a contested convention.

    I took a look at delegate-rich states like FL, OH, IL and NC. If the polls are even close to accurate (admittedly this hasn’t always been the case), it sure looks like the odds are better than 50-50 that Trump will on an unstopible path to getting his 1,237 magic number.

    So I ask rhetorically, “How many viewers will be all that interested in Trump rally speeches, town halls and debates?”

    I’m usually a positive thinker. But if I was a cable news executive, I would be a tad bit nervous.

    • a lady who died this week, her husband was the last time we had a president i could stand listening to

      • I understand.

        I’m sure many Dems once felt similarly about bubba…until he screwed the pooch.

        Wait a second…I probably could have chosen a better phrase,

          • Like I’ve said, flaws and all, a man could do a lot worse than Monica Lewinsky. And, she would’ve made a better First Lady than the harridan Bubba is married to.

          • Why do you think Mrs. Obama is a harridan?

            Oops you mean Mrs. Clinton… I don’t think she is that, but she sounds like it when she’s doing public speaking.

            She forgets what a microphone is for.

          • She is overbearing, power mad, greedy and gives not one damn about the Nation’s security, secrets, or anyone but herself. And those are her good points. In a just world, Hillary Clinton would either rot in prison or face the fate of Ethel Rosenberg.

        • Holy smokes. Just talking about Reagan makes me so depressed about where we are today politically. Thanks goodness I enjoy reading novels.

          • I have always been a voracious reader. And, Half Price Books has their coupon week going.

          • I ,too, am a voracious reader. This past year with family issues, and all, I couldn’t concentrate. But have been back into reading. I get kindle books that I can download to my mom’s kindle. She can increase the font to large print because she can’t see the small print. Or I go to the library and get large print books. Choices aren’t as good but kindle can get expensive! I usually get the new best sellers for kindle.

          • It a free desktop app for Windows. And, if there is something you want to copy, you can use the snipping tool to cut and paste to a folder for printing.

          • By the way, Barnes and Noble’s Nook for PC will delete the Kindle for PC from the system. I had to delete Nook, reinstall Kindle. Had my books back, but was a royal pain.

          • I did know that. I don’t use the kindle app as I have a fairly new kindle, but it’s good to have the app if I want to use it.

  3. Re: Concha

    Ha! There’s an article side-by-side with Concha’s piece that makes it sound as though Kelly was gushing over Trump’s campaign when all she said was that “from the standpoint” of not rehashing the same campaign speeches every performance (as the others do), Trump being off the cuff is a breath of fresh air.

  4. Context is definitely Concha’s strong suit. His piece makes it clear that Kelly has stayed professional when it comes to Trump and the thaw is because it’s in Trump’s interest to start realizing that Fox’s audience is composed of independents and moderates who don’t fly with his feuding (and that he needs to appeal to via showing up on FNC events).

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