Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • Fox Dem town hall’s 2.6 million viewers tops MSNBCNN combined.
  • Corasaniti: Fox’s successful town hall may promote thaw with Dems.
  • Grove: FNC forum ‘remarkably civilized‘.  Abortion issue finally raised.
  • Outnumbered video: The ‘establishment’ at Donald Trump.
  • Sunday Media Buzz tops Reliable.  FNC #1 again.  Weekend numbers.
  • Concha: CNN acted irresponsibly with its botched Rubio ‘exclusive’.
  • Why did CNN cancel Rubio spox?  Trump backed out of Sanders debate.
  • The View videos: Jedediah Bila and Sunny Hostin
  • Lafayette: Fox News plans campaign for post-election year revenues.
  • Lead-in boosts CNN’s Race.  MSNBC online series focuses on migrants.
  • Kelly File video: reacts to Democratic town hall.
  • Steinberg: HLN shelves Heads Up game.  Michaela Pereira bounced to HLN.
  • Wednesday is Town Hall Day! 7pm: Greta/Kasich; 8pm: Todd/Rubio;  9pm: Megyn/Cruz; 10pm: Hannity/Trump; 11pm: Megyn/Rubio.

37 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

    • This is why Ortega and his charming wife should meet the same fate as the Ceaușescus.

    • well that is a groovy little article but it hardly gets it’s arms around the politics of Nicaragua. it is true that partido members and long term families with wealth like Pellas, Aleman and Bolaños can do and get anything they want. however, i would note that is hardly different than the USA. having been in Nicaragua long enough ago to remember the legless and armless vets and that i now live at the foot of a FAC hill which is the high point of Rivas, the gcblues youtube video of Ortega goes right by the entrance in 2007, and is in a many centuries old cemetery which was repeatedly held by both sides and still bears some damage and graffiti. visit we can go there. well, to be honest revolutions usefully turn out bad, things can be much worse easier than they can get much better, and i personally prefer Daniel stay in office and alive. i have seen enough bad stuff. it is uglier than TV.
      you can first see the entrance to the cemetery at about 1:20

        • well thats a sweet thought. the problem, of course, not all communists are the same, but just like Muslims you can make them all the same by killing a bunch of them. the communists here just steal money, drink and march around a lot. so really they are just like American politicians no matter the ism. now if you wanna rile em up they can find a lot worse communists. then you will have a lamp post shortage and all the trouble that goes with it. you know of course we could kill every single person outside the border of the USA and it would just make Americans worse to each other than they already are. a sweeper’s work is never done. so tranquillo carmelo, life is short and even shorter if you wanna cause a bunch mierde.

          • Lamp post thing dead-on. Daily life more civil and culturally rich than in America– I’ll buy that in a heart beat.

            Everything else pretty much piddle.

          • trust me mine will be much smaller. but i thought so simple and not touristy and it creates a focal point away from an ugly wall covered with plants. planting a row of banana on the other side ….lol. i have no idea where that actually is by the way

          • it will look to be part of the wall but it comes out so the mouth is over water, all weight is on tthe base. proportional similar to pic. i also found an intact pre-Colombian 3 legged corn grinder carved from volcanic pumice i’ll put out there. long project i will post pix to u. kinda old age play time.

          • When my husband and I build again, an indoor lap pool is the thing we’re most interested in kitting out.

            A kitchen used to number one. That’s where we are in our old age.

          • Why don’t you tear out the plants there now and do the ground cover thing as in the wall in the picture?

          • if you look at the pic more closely you will see it tilts back on a hill. the angle of the shot makes it look more erect. my wall is erect. growing plants that root in brick and concrete is not a plan. trust me on this.

          • The victims of Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot and their ilk would disagree with you, if they were still alive.

        • btw, just as an aside i am building a pool inside my house, which is actually a garden with no roof, for when my grandkid visits. all the workers except the white guy are Sandinistas, the lead man Adolfo, he does not get the name connection, is a Komite chairman. we have great discussions about history, art, Catholicism. it blows him away because i know a fair amount of the history of the country including the 2 wars here. so really society here is fairly open and picking up guns is a lot worse than getting drunk on guaro and arguing the futility of the systema economica de sociialismo and how every social program gives very little to the poor and much to the politicos. really the arguments here except every Wednesday when the political police beat the supreme court protesters for shutting down carretera Masaya or there is a canal protest and they burn tires are civil and neighbors solve most of the issues within each bario. beats the hell out off the USA getting permits to change a window. now don’t get me wrong. i am a capitalist, which the USA is not. so i tend to not like all government until i need a cop or something. so adolfo being quite the artista is now recreating a fountain i found a pic of somewhere which is really very old and native like. cool man. i would trust him with my life and my money. yet still he is a Sandinista and a friend.

  1. Well now I will be able to see Michaela Pereira more … since I don’t watch New Day, and do check HLN in the Morning during Robin’s show.

  2. I look forward to Sharyl Attkisson’s FULL MEASURE like I used to look forward to 60 MINUTES because these day, it’s better most Sundays. Last week’s show on the Mexican-U.S. Border was super informative.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Luntz focus group
    4 remarkably civilized
    3 post-election year revenues
    2 part one
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Corasaniti: Fox’s successful town hall may promote thaw with Dems.

  4. TVNEWSER. Fox News correspondent Geraldo Rivera has been named one of the celebrity dancers for the 22nd season of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars, set to debut March 21 at 8 p.m. ET. In 2013, Rivera declined an invitation to appear on DWTS …

  5. In the post election FNC interview with DNC chairwoman Wasserman-Shultz the chill between her and Megyn would have frozen an Eskimo. Not so much between W-S and Bret Baier which was more cordial. Shows why he broke down some barriers that got FNC Democrat guests that had been long away.

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