Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers: Megyn Kelly-O’Bolling-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Video: Are the for Marco Rubio’s electoral difficulties?
  • Q&A: Bret on tonight’s town hall, and Repubs who might go for Hillary.
  • Q&A: Bret Baier to ask Hillary, Bernie about topics not talked about.
  • Baier: There are no restrictions from either campaign on the questions.
  • Hannity to host Trump town hall; Greta to moderate Kasich town hall.
  • Steinberg: CNN finds new ways to cram more commercials on screen.
  • Intel Report video: Trish Regan about Nancy Reagan.
  • CNN debate second-lowest rated of cycle; FNCNN share Saturday honors.
  • Borchers: CNN pundit suggests less information may be better than more.
  • Zurawik: Cheesy re-enactments mar thin, artificial Race to the White House.
  • Irving: The secret of CNN’s turnaround was going ‘all in’ on a missing plane.

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  1. Re: Zurawik: Cheesy re-enactments mar thin, artificial Race to the White House.

    One thing about Zurawik is he seems fearless about harsh (often over the top) criticism of cable news channels on which he makes regular appearances.

    But does he pay a price. When was the last time he appeared on Fox News? I do not know the answer.

    Will this column lead to fewer appearances on CNN? Who knows.

    • He’s made me cheer and he’s made me boo which like Mr. Bill, makes me interested in what he has to say.

      • He was on RS three Sundays ago.

        But I came up empty with no Google hits for Fox News in 2016, unlike 2015. Of course, this doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

          • Ha!

            I know recently some of the blue blogs seemed to applaud ‘Z’ with headlines like, “Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik Says Bill O’Reilly ‘Looked Kind Of Pathetic’ When He ‘Begged Trump’ To Attend Debate.”

            More recently he inexplicably criticized the Fox News GOP debate moderators for “trying to drill Trump” at last Thursday’s debate. Huh?

            Wining friends and influencing people has never seemed to be his forte. 😊

  2. Kudos to Chris Wallace for an excellent episode of Fox News Sunday.

    There’s a reason why even liberals like Paul Begala admit to listening to Rush Limbaugh’s radio program. El Rushbo is often fascinating to listen to given his intellect and communication skill.

    The FNS panel was also good. For me the most intriguing fact (not opinion) was when Georg Will noted, “There have been seven closed primaries so far and Trump has lost five of them.” Things that make you go hmmm.

    • “Things that make you go hmmm.”

      I think the question is… that because he attracts Independents and Democrats who support him……..or is it people who want to spoil the Republicans chances?

      I’ve never met anybody who would waste their vote to spoil the other party chances……..I find it hard to believe any Dem would do that this year……..but maybe some people are that crazy.

      • Valid point.

        I think the real significance — depending on the number of remaining states with closed primaries — is what this might mean in terms of Trump reaching 1237 delegates.

        OTOH, expected wins in Florida and Michigan (and perhaps Ohio) should make this goal all the more likely.

          • As best as I can tell NY is not one of the 28 states that allows what is generally referred to as “no excuse absentee voting” where you can vote by mail.

            It just seems like such a good idea here in California after 5 yrs with no significant problems that I had no idea how opposed some people are.

            That is until an old high school friend of mine (in Memphis) took umbrage at me for teasing her on Facebook about still working hours and hours at a polling place which seemed so last decade. She was quite zealous about her opposition.

            Oh well.

    • “There have been seven closed primaries…”
      I suppose Texas was considered “closed”, but in reality, it’s “open”. In Texas Voter ID cards, issued every two years, have a blank space for party affiliation. When you vote in a primary the poll worker stamps in the name of the party and you’re considered a member until new cards are issued. After your card is stamped you can only vote in that parties primaries. On my card that space is still blank (I don’t do primaries) so I could have voted in either one.

    • The thing that makes me go hmmm…. Rush Limbaugh, the guy who has been hawking the conservative “purity” test on other conservatives/Republicans for years is now twisting himself into a pretzel to explain Trump and justify the guy who became a conservative in June. Same for Sean I-am-a -conservative-not-a- Republican-Hannity. There are others who have taken the stand that being a REAL conservative doesn’t matter anymore. So much for core principals.

        • Hannity is such a groveling twerp. Harsh- I know. The only time I listen to him and Limbaugh is when I’m in the car and only for a short time. Laura Ingraham and Hugh Hewitt and Coulter and other talk radio types are just as bad. I suppose losing two general elections in a row makes for desperation.

          • I haven’t listened to much talk radio in years, but based on what I’ve seen on cable of the people in the rogues gallery of talk show hosts, the one I would not lump in with the others is Ingraham. I don’t always agree with her but she’s a thinker, and rare does knee-jerk.

          • Ingraham was all in for Romney last go around now she is all in for Trump. If you can stand to listen to he show she would go on and on about plan parenthood but not now.

          • It’s not unreasonable to me that her priorities would change based upon what she thinks are now the most pressing concerns facing a president.

          • Because defunding PP has been a high priority for the group we’ve been discussing. Very high. DT has turned the conservative base upside down. When I use REAL in caps, I do it mockingly because that was the litmus test for the next R candidate.

          • I don’t think you can simultaneously call people uncompromising, and then criticise them for doing just that.

            Far from not wanting to negoticiate they’ve made some compromises, prioritizing, have given a commonsensical nod to the fact that there’s give and take with every candidate,

            They dont reflect all my positions, but I respect my fellow Republicans.

          • I said it above -talking points changed. My criticism is with the talking heads. Rush primarily, because he is not one to waffle. I consider myself an Independent. Not an R or D. I have no particular loyalty to any party. A former Reagan Democrat.

      • ive not heard anyone say that conservative principles don’t matter any more.

        What I’ve heard is that they were jettisoned for the sort of conservative thinking that lost its moorings in order to go for bail-outs for Wall Street, cheap labor via illegals.

        Those sorts of core principles need rethinking.

        • Ingraham said on Special Report that it that DT isn’t a REAL conservative and it didn’t matter. She is one of THE most out-spoken critics of the “establishment” as having abandoned their core principals. She is one of many of these REAL conservatives that want all illegals out of the country. How does she explain Trump’s flip-flopping on this and his almost non-existent economic policy? It’s not only hypocrisy, it’s rudderless. I think she and Rush and Hannity, etal. look foolish. Maybe she and her ilk have special powers that can confer the title of REAL conservative.

          • Did Trump flip flop on thinking that we should try to get illegal immigrants deported?

            I thought that he flip-flopped about issuing a certain type of visa for skilled foreign workers?

            Ingraham’s stance is that the establishment has abandoned core conservative principles, therefore complaining that Trump isnt a real conservative is moot because, in her opinion, he’s more that than the party leadership.

            I don’t agree with her on Trump, but she certainly has a point in thinking that the leadership has cow towed to Obama.

            There’s not much use in dismissing these folks as being rudderless. There’s too many of them not to understand that there’s some disruption in the ranks for good reason.

          • Trump is open to The Art of the Deal. Negotiate. I’m not trying to be argumentative here, but the last I understood, the right didn’t want any negotiation. No deals. Case in point: Rubio and Gang of Eight. Hangs around his neck like an albatross.

          • My impression is that we have a president who wants no negotiation. Or anything that smacks of his having to roll up his sleeves and come to agreement.

            Now we have a scenario where the Republican leadership is only too happy to go along rather than have the endless condemnations by the media.

      • I don’t think a recent Rand Corp. study published in The Atlantic applies to pundits and the conservative media, but it did show what the top two predictors are for Trump supporters in the general public.

        If there was one question to identify a Trump supporter if you knew
        nothing else about him, what might it be? “Are you a middle-aged white
        man who hasn’t graduated from college?” might be a good one. But
        according to a survey from RAND Corporation, there is one that’s even better: Do you feel voiceless?

        Voters who agreed with the statement “people like me don’t have any
        say about what the government does” were 86.5 percent more likely to
        prefer Trump.

        • I’m talking pundits. I guess their talking points have evolved because of the way the vote is going.

        • Doesn’t it make sense that people who haven’t any college would feel voiceless now?

          They’ve seen things change due to globalism and also to corporations only too willing to pay pennies to overseas workers.

          They don’t want to make $15.00/hr working at McDonald’s. They want the skilled factory jobs that have gone overseas.

          They have seen two political parties who have offered little opprobrium for this other than lip service.

          I don’t know what the answer is, but it’s not discounting them all as racists because they’re afraid.

          These people should be as important to us as anyone else. Political parties can’t argue that they care about struggling people and disdain these folks.

          • “Doesn’t it make sense that people who haven’t any college would feel voiceless now?”

            Absolutely. Which helps explain, at least in part, why social issues and ideological purity have diminished in importance in the minds of many voters…and why they prefer Trump over Cruz.

          • Yeah. I believe all it would take for a lot of these voters to go to Clinton or to Sanders is for either candidate to say that they are going to look at enforcing current immigration law.

            That’s it. They wouldn’t have to say that they would deport every undocumented worker or build a wall, just that they’d enforce the law and stem the burden of new people on federal, state, and local resources.

            Democrats don’t feel that they need these voters and won’t risk alienating the voters they hope will shift the demographic in their favor.

    • Mark Steyn was filling in today for Rush. I think that I like him more than Rush, even if he is “a snotty foreigner.”

    • I always kind of felt they were mixed in audience , makes more sense that way then just targeting the fringes (AKA MSNBC during the Lean Forward era)

  3. Bloomburg shot his mouth off and now a big nothing. It is true that mouths don’t kill people, sodas kill people. I am Diet NRA.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Zurawik: Cheesy re-enactments mar thin, artificial Race to the White House.

  5. “Jake Tapper and former CNN contributor and current TV One host Roland Martin will team up to host a Democratic town hall at the Ohio State University on March 13, according to a report from the network. Questions will come from the moderators and also from Ohio voters. Hillary Clinton has confirmed her appearance.” Via CNN COMENTARY.
    I would travel the 60 miles to ask a question, but I don’t have an ascot.

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