Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: GOP remembering
  • Reliable Sources: Debate in Flint; the right chooses sides; off the record?
  • Cable newsers break Nancy Reagan news as rolling coverage continues.
  • The Five video: candidacy gets personal.
  • Fox newsers moonlighting in House of Cards.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Tonya Reiman resurfaces.  Crankshaw: CNN sells its soul.  Today’s oops.
  • Your Buzz videos: Trump; Trump; Trump.
  • Saturday coverage rundown.  Trump camp broke rules ‘at multiple debates‘.
  • Ainsley Earhardt’s ‘American dream‘; her first week spurs F&F ratings bump.

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      • I gave up on the House of Cards. It got too slow and murky.

        Never watched West Wing. I thought National Review had a good description/nick they used for the show’s liberal dream Administration— the Clinton White House without Clinton.

        • And the worst gawd-awful dialog ever invented by a liberal on cocaine. Actually, it didn’t get much better when he got off it and wrote NEWSROOM.

    • I don’t recall that but it a while ago so I could be wrong. I think Frank Luntz had some involvement with the show so it seems unlikely that people on Fox would’ve had a problem with it, but given the range of opinions it’s possible someone did. I’ve noted people like Wolf Blitzer, Thomas Roberts, etc when they appear in fictional shows/movies but I’ve never seen any widespread criticism of the practice. Heck I can remember back in the day when Howard K Smith delivered fictional news in The Best Man. He even appeared in the first version of the space invader series V though I think by then he may have been retired from active journalism work. He was one of my favorite commentators for years.

      • Watched The Pelican Brief the other day with NBC’s classic newsman Edwin Newman filling the bill.

          • Rember when CBS replaced Walter Conkite for faltering convention ratings with the team of Rodger Mudd and Robert Trout? Snotty press nicknamed the pair Muddtrout.

          • I don’t remember that, but I remember his voice sounded like my favorite Sunday School teacher.

        • I read his book Strictly Speaking, which was about the decline of the English language. Edwin was also on Spies Like Us covering the US-Soviet nuclear talks interviewing Chevy Chase.

      • MSNBC folks did catch some criticism for playing themselves on that show.

        Might not have been from FNC. Perhaps it was from blogs.

    • My fave was Olbermann’s stint on the NBC one season wonder, SURFACE, about sea monsters on the verge of destroying the USA.

        • “Nim” was real though. I got to be friends with the actor who played the kid on the show. He still has Nim, though it’s getting kind of big.

          • I remember the editorial cartoon during the Ford administratiion showing a little girl writing a letter. It read, “Dear Mr. President, You sent me the wrong button.” She had the “WIN” button upside down and it spelled “NIM.”

          • Was disappointed it did not get renewed for a second season. I wanted to know what happened after the season finale.

  1. What his blog needs is a Trump fan and his/her take on the media. Maybe they just aren’t interested in media?

    So you say we don’t need that?

    • I may be the closest thing to that here.

      I don’t think Joe and Mika were out of bounds with Trump. I don’t agree with Bob Somerby’s opinion that newscasters promote candidates (his examples are G.W. and Trump) by commenting on a strength that they have or on the persona they transmit to the public.

      Somerby’s concern here seems limited to which candidates are being promoted. I used to fault his direness in this singling out, but I can’t do that anymore. It finally dawned on me that my complacency with such things (born out of the life-long privilege of the world being a good place with good people), is not something I can demand from others and is myopic in light of world events.

      duh… don’t sneer…at least I finally got there…

      I finally was able to see too that such seriousness serves more than as the preface for dishonesty and shenanigans.

      I don’t like Trump, but I don’t like any of them. I’d like Kaisch if he hadn’t been so much like Bush in his sullen attitude of not having gotten his due.

      I don’t like Mitt Romney over his recent maneuvers. Son-of-a-bitch should have ran when he was asked.

      We are bereft of leaders in the Republican Party. Utterly bereft. That’s a judgment from God in my book.

  2. There should be a countdown clock on the Trump News Network (FNC) …counting down all the time that has passed and non of the hosts have asked Trump about where all the money from the Veterans charity event back in early January is….

    If Trump would have been Obama or Hillary…. and the WSJ had done that story 3 weeks ago or so about where is the money… FNC hosts would have been pounding that story like Jeremiah Wright. But since its “their boy” Trump…. the only one that has really said anything is Gasparino (FBN) and Trump or his spox sure aren’t being interviewed by Charlie.

    How many times have Trump, his spox, his kids been on FNC the last 3 weeks and NOTHING.

    Or course, its reasonable Sean wouldn’t mention that…because Trump would probably fire back about his problems…and why you never see those Victory concerts anymore…

    COME ON FNC…..still waiting…. ??? SHOW US THE MONEY TRUMP!

    • Everybody I watch on FOX rip Trump apart every single day. Maybe you’re watching the wrong shows. Nah, just doing the ‘ol Fox-Hater Fox Trot. Do you have royal blood?

      • Im guessing that he’s watching the same Fox News the stooges see in their heads…..doesn’t look much like the one Comcast carries however.

      • No…sorry Larry…I’m not one of the persons at the end of “A Moment With Tom” with their eyes glazed over… and praising everything that’s done at FNC or FBN. Sure there are plenty of zombies who defend anything and everything they do.

        But as a shareholder, I will speak up when they screw up and that’s alot of the time.

        Excuse me for being more like KENNEDY or ANDY LEVY who will rip people on the network or mock them for being Trump Sycophants.

        Loved when Kennedy ripped Lou Dobbs and she said he was going to be the AMBASSADOR TO Liechtenstein under Trump.

        You probably don’t even think Judge ($20K from Trump) Pierro is in the tank for Trump! LMAO!

        No, I’m a big fan of Fox News…. but I’m sick of F&F, Out# (Sandra, Harris, Andrea), Cavuto, Greta, Kim Eric Geraldo Jesse Tom etc- The Five, Greta, Bill O Reilly, Hannity, Pirro, Maria, Varney, Dobbs all openly SHILLING for a lunatic…. They should be ripping him apart daily. Calling him out for being an empty suit etc. And of course Media Buzz..Kurtz… Chris Wallace… can’t leave those two out.

        But no! We get Trump on FNC/FBN (and his spox, kids etc…and rallies) 10-15X’s more than anyone else. So much for “fair and balanced”. ITS ALL TRUMP….

        • Suggest you watch what I watch: Shep and Special Report. Everyone on those programs treat Trump like he was an infection of head lice. Don’t like most of the crew you mention, so, what an odd thing, I don’t watch them. O’Reilly and Greta — think there’s a fair and balanced thing going on.

          • I’m not fan of liberal Shep who “plays” a straight newser! LOL

            Tired of people who are supposed to be in that role… but throw out their opinions constantly. I’d also dump Harris & Sandra from OUT# They are supposed to be the straight newesers on that show but all they do is throw around their opinion.

          • Flash, there are no “straight newsers”. Never have been. Anywhere. The best you can hope for is a mix. FNC gives you the best mix there ever has been.

        • Can you point us to the times you have praised Fox News on this site….because all I’ve seen from you is Fox LOVES trump posts…..you seem more like a Zombie who HATES everything Fox does……but I look forward to all those praising posts you made about Fox News here in say the last month or two..

          • I haven’t seen Kennedy’s show. I’m going to listen on XM.

            It’s astounding to me that she could accuse, on the air, big-wig Lou Dobbs of pandering to Trump and not think she should updating her resume,

            Where do you see that sort of leeway in the industry?

          • You should. It’s the best show on either FNC or FBN. Great guests… great discussions. I wish they would dump Bill O and replace him with Kennedy. She’s the future.

            You must also not see “The A-Team” of Andy & JoNo on Wednesday nights. Andy will mock Dobbs for his Trump love.

            I like Melissa and some others (like Dr Gina etc) but that doesn’t stop me from ripping them on twitter when they go into their Trump Love Fests…

            and you should also listen to Making Money with Charles Payne. Charles is a great guy. He does his best to play it fair. He does have alot of Trump supporters on but..

          • Whenever you read that Fox airs Trump and his rallies 10-15x more than anyone else, when in fact every survey shows they spend LESS time on Trump coverage and rallies than either MSNBC or CNN (with this example just today) you know that if you aren’t reading someone from a blue blog Fox hater site, you might as well be.

        • Fox shouldn’t be “shilling for Trump”, they should be “ripping him apart”.

          I don’t think there’s going to be any meeting of the minds here…

          • I’m not sure he understands what a NEWS NETWORKS jobs is…….it’s NEVER been to rip anybody apart.

            If you think it is….TURN THE TV OFF!

            He’s like the stooges….he wants the Networks to be a political operation for HIS side ONLY…….fair and balanced drives them NUTS (short trip).

            #1 Fox News must be doing something right…….Every campaign supporters say they are in the tank for someone else……..sounds Fair and Balanced to me.

          • When several commenters last discussed this I believe it was you (and maybe Gatxer) who made the case that we should not be surprised that a significant number of people on Fox News are fans of (or supporting) the front runner.

            That’s the most compelling argument yet IMO.

            The same thing happened in 2008 with MSNBC and Obama.

            Some of us may not like it. But you convinced me that while we have a right to criticize some on Fox News, we shouldn’t argue that this crosses the line or cast doubt on FNC’s credibility.

          • Thank you …and what was funny back then… Fox News treated Hillary the best. Better than CNN or MSNBC

          • I dont remember making the argument that it’s natural that the news media would “support” the front runner.

            I think it’s natural that they would focus on the front runner, especially one as flamboyant and controversial as Trump.

          • “I don’t remember making the argument that it’s natural that the news media would “support” the front runner.”

            Found the comment from eight days ago. It was made by Gatxer, who used the word “supporters.”

          • Just to be clear….I have no problem and frankly would be surprised if opinion people on the networks did not support a clear front runner….now if the Journalist IE.Shepard Smith did it i would have a HUGE problem.

            Its silly IMHO to think that a frontrunner wouldn’t have most of the support of the opinion people…….they live in the same country the rest of us do.

            My problem comes in when the Straight news people start supporting ANY candidate……which I think MSNBC did in 2008……which was hard for me because I was supporting the same person…….but it’s WRONG!

            As far as I can tell the only people on Fox News supporting Trump are the people PAID to give THEIR opinions……but then I don’t think its Journalist job to rip candidate apart…….so some might see that as support.

    • Ummmm….I know you probably don’t really care But Fox has covered this……last week….BEFORE CNN did………I love the CNN story however….the contacted ALL of the groups Trump said he was giving money to and 9 groups said they had received money, ONE group said they hadn’t and the rest didn’t comment……..and they fact that we know ONE group hasn’t received money 30 days after a event is a scandal??? Sounds like a stretch to me.

      This election is bringing out the crazy in people…….another liberal friend of mine was going on and on about Trumps lack of military service and his deferments to a republican friend of mine and how that fact alone makes him not qualified to be president……..i’m thinking……HELLO Biden has FIVE deferments and I’m pretty sure Obama…….Sanders……and Clinton NEVER served either…………..people are losing their minds this year.

      Some Trump Charities Waiting on Funds

      Where is the $6M Trump says he raised for veterans?

      Feb. 26, 2016 – 3:45

      • How’d you do in “reading comprehension”??

        Guess you missed: the only one that has really said anything is Gasparino (FBN)


        • Umm…no I just posted the first two links the came up….I suggest you try looking for yourself….or remain ignorant of the facts…….why change.

        • I see your point.

          You wrote, “The only one that has really said anything is Gasparino.”

          Then his rebuttal was two links to the same video of Gasparino.


          • That’s because I missed that line……..of his rant………..again…..8 out of nine Vet org who would comment said they received money……where’s the scandal other than in anti-trump people’s heads?

            As a Sanders supporter I’m still waiting for News orgs other than Fox to Pound the Clinton foundation on why they are so bad at what they do.

          • Last I heard the beef is none (or almost none) of the veterans organizations have received what they were expecting — notice I avoided the use of the word “promised” because I don’t know if that’s true,

            You make a point that it’s too early to criticize, But I do think there are a lot of folks who wonder why less than 25% of the funds raised/pledged have been distributed in five weeks. I suppose there are many people on both sides of that debate.

          • Can you point me to a news stories from a Vets groups complaining? One of the 22 promised money? Also from what i read Trump NEVER said how much any of the groups were getting each.

            Again 8 of 9 groups who commented have gotten money in less than 30 days…..that doesn’t seem to long to me……but then I don’t really care….the whole thing was and is about politics and NOT the veterans.

            As for the 25%…if true that seems wrong but again……..it’s been just over 30 days and it took the red cross longer than that after 9-11…..remember all those Bill O’reilly stories?

            Now I’ve defended Trump….. I think I need a shower.

          • Without getting into the weeds I will simply point out that the the vice president for Charity Navigator, Sandra Miniutti said, “”There is no hard rule for turn-around time, but because the fundraising was so public, I think it’s fair to question why the funds haven’t been paid out.”

            BTW, you’re right about the 25%. CNN corrected it the next day to 50%. I update my comment accordingly.

          • I guess I just don’t see one month a big deal…now 6 months would be a big deal….again 8 out of 9 vet groups who would comment HAVE received money already.

    • Eric Bolling has to be the biggest but not the only hypocrite on Fox. He calls Dana a Rino some time ago now he decries putting people in categories like that. Last summer he went on and on about his conversion to libertarian and literally waved the pocket constitution around and praised Rand Paul over and over. Now he has fallen in love with Trump and has put blinders on and makes excuses for him non stop

  3. Gloria Vanderbilt on the phone talking about Nancy Reagan with her son, Anderson Cooper. “I’d trust her with my life” she said of Mrs. Reagan.

    • All the ways she was portrayed in the press, but for over a decade she ate dinner every night with Pres. Reagan at a time when he didn’t recognize her.

      She wasn’t at grand parties and charity events leaving him in the care of nurses. She was there when she didn’t need him anymore for anything other than himself. There was no way he could advance her position or further any ambitions. She dressed in jeans and sweatshirts and went about the business of caring for him daily.

      She had faults a’plenty, we all do. And quirks and issues that were deleterious to her family and that’s true for us all too, to one extent or the other. She had a big stage to play that out upon and an audience to watch.

      The Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. Her sort of love is certainly what is meant by that in my book.

      That sort of love justifies flawed individuals. At the end of the day there are no complaints and no recriminations that can stand against it.

        • Lester Holt hosted tonight’s NBC Evening News, rare these days on a Sunday, and I bet 2/3 of the program was Nancy Reagan. Every bit of it was nice.

          • People protesting at a funeral are far from “normal.” And, they ought to stop and think that the next day, they could be the one in the box. We never know when our time is up

          • I was referring to print media- specifically WAPO and NYT. Should have been more specific. TV media, from what I saw has been respectful.

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