Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Hillary Clinton will participate in the Fox News town hall.
  • Thursday’s numbers: Debate-O’Reilly/11p-O’Reilly/8p 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Gawker’s voicemails story is ‘complete and utter crap‘.
  • Voicemails reveal Trump’s cozy relationship with MSNBCers.
  • Happening Now video: Are the media
  • Concha: Fox earns an A+ for impeccable debate performance.
  • Fox debate most watched of 2016, snagged 17 million viewers.
  • Wemple: O’Reilly post-debate show an embarrassing debacle.
  • Wemple: Fox News finds the key to stopping Trump…graphics.
  • Koblin: Megyn’s ‘intense interrogation‘ of Trump avoided hostilities.
  • Zurawik: Fox turned GOP debate into an inquisition of Donald Trump.
  • Videos: on Trump crudity; Frank Luntz
  • Fox moderators ‘the best’, ‘pressing candidates‘ with ‘tough questions’.
  • Smith: Geraldo will compete on season 22 of Dancing with the Stars.
  • MSNBC caught photographing Fox event.  MSNBC goes to the dogs.
  • Bauder: Exit of Melissa Harris-Perry raises diversity issues at MSNBC.
  • Q&A: Clinton compadre Kevin Spacey and The Road to the White House.

64 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Bauder is full of condensed owl guano. The networks heads don’t care about color, you could be purple for all they care. What matters to them is ratings, how many eyeballs are watching. That is what helps them set ad rates.

    • owl guano like bat guano is as pure as an organic phosphate as you can find. it will bring fruit trees to flower and yield much more fruit in weight per tree. indeed, it is expensive. i am saddened to see you compare some punk to such a valuable resource.

  2. Re: Wemple…

    I’m going to go back and watch the debate.

    Confronting a candidate with stats via graphics is brilliant.

  3. it was free streamed. i erred in watching for a few moments. for those of you numbers counters, whatever the viewership was at the beginning, i bet it dropped more than 50% before the end. let me know please ….. MT.
    i left when that trump punk mentioned his junk. bastante! Buckley was right, just use the damn phone book and blindly pick one.

    • All I’ve gleaned so far in terms of a consensus is that…
      • Donald Trump appeared tired and even irritable at times
      • By a show of hands both focus groups (FNC and CNN) showed by an overwhelming majority: A) That they. thought the constant back and forth fighting and name calling was an embarrassment and B) John Kasich had the best performance

        • As is always the case the early numbers are only given in audience share numbers which was an 11.5 rating among Nielsen’s metered market households.

          If this is 15% higher than the last debate with 14.5M viewers, this extrapolates to at least 17M.

          “Complete ratings for the March 3 debate, including total viewers and the number of adults 25-54, will arrive later on Friday.”

          Johnny is usually good about posting the total viewers number as soon as it is available.

          • “back in the day” when Nielson came in paperback they had an hour by hour rating section. i am curious if a lot of viewers were like me and turned it off.

          • I agree. It will be interesting to see what the second hour ratings are compared to the first hour.

            Although some sources like Adweek/TVNewser have not provided that breakdown AFAIK.

          • I remember the ratings book. People lived and died by it. They even lampooned it on “WKRP.”

            Bailey Quarters. (sigh!)

          • “Thanks. I thought I posted about an hour ago!”

            Ah, the disadvantage of (me) not refreshing your web page after logging on over an hour ago.

            TY 4 the numbers. It looks like they may come up just shy of the Bronze Metal — the CNN GOP debate back in December that pulled in 18M.

          • I feel guilty; I shouldn’t ding you for failing to refresh, especially after I fracked up another link today. Please accept my apologies! To make up for that, here’s a Bernard Goldberg column. The fun is speculating if he’s just dinging Hannity, Bolling etc…or if he’s taking a shot at Mr Bill too.

          • he shoots at BOR, and the last time they spoke that i watched i heard BOR thank him for the opposing view.

          • Oh, no problem whatsoever.

            I was going to type a joke about a truly professional website would have auto refresh. But I hate auto refresh!!

            I’ll check out Bernie’s column, if I don’t doze off first — been up since 3 am PT watching and reading about the debate coverage.

      • It’s just Inexplicable to me that you have Republicans hosting a presidential debate on a week night, not in competition with a ball game, and there’s tsk-taking over a double entendre joke started as fight to the death by Rubio.

        The media and you guys are aghast…

        The alternative is debates on weekends alternating with basketball games ala Wasserman-Schultz and with Bernie Sanders saying Hillary’s email is of no interest to anyone (but the FBI).

        I may be the next to the last man in America.

        • Just to be clear the Luntz focus group used the word “embarrassment” to mean embarrassing that anyone running for president would engage in the tactics they did and was not a direct reference to the “size of DT’s hands…or whatever” comment.

          I added some of the other adjectives they used to my OP to help clarify this.

          • Calling the debate “disappointing” and a “schoolyard brawl”, as well as, the CNN focus group comments plus the commenters here at J$ who were annoyed enough to stop watching, it’s quite clear to me most were bothered by the infighting.

          • Yes. Who would want infighting in a primary.

            Better to have an annointed candidate by the insiders.

          • So you don’t think there were plenty of moments where certain candidates didn’t look presidential?

            Hmmm..very interesting.

            As Charles Krauthammer opined, “Most of the debate was about ad hominems going left and right.”

          • No, I there’s a context here and a willingness to fight makes you look presidential.

            Please don’t insist that Republican candidates go along with what Mitch McConnell would have them to do, folks.

            It hasn’t worked with Bernie getting out his message to the whole of the Democratic constituency and it won’t work for the nonestablishment Repubs.

          • Looking presidential went out the window when Lyndon lifted his dog by the ears. It was highly overrated anyway.

          • Well. it’s not killing the opposition like you’re accustomed to but it beats the sort of coronation you find less intrusive.

          • I think this convo is about the opening salvo: the size of DT’s hands in direct comparison to the size of his whatever. He put to rest any confusion among the voters that they needn’t worry, that he had a YUGE one. That is not fighting or arguing for a cause or principle. It was juvenile. I don’t think too many people would agrue that DT is afraid to fight for what he believes in. IMO of course.

          • Actually, in the context of Marco Rubio telling the public that he’s the guy with the gravitas…it’s reminder to the public as to who said what.

          • Irrelevant to our discussion.

            I just want the most competent from both parties to emerge regardless of who I will vote for.

            Unfortunately, those were probably the two guys running in 2012. 😊

          • good fighting is direct clash of issues. that is a debate judge’s score changer. you are awarded points for predicating direct clash. let me know when they get to that point an stop with dt’s junk.

  4. Well Bauder, if you toss out a nest of self conscious, unaware racists, you probablely do cut back on the diversity. Not a bad thing, however.

  5. Love the Gawker piece on Trump’s voicemails from people like Mika etc. And it takes this for Joe to admit Donald has given money to his son’s charity. All that should be open when they are shilling for the guy.

    Trump and his media shills should be exposed!

  6. Make Room On The Curvy Couch– Ainsley Earnhardt (People)

    Of course one of the great things in this marvelous piece of journalism…is comparing Ainsley’s debut show ratings with Feb 2015 (month) avg and not with the Feb 2016 (month) avg =). It’s a way to act like Ainsley helped propel the show to much higher ratings than Elizabeth had. Even though how much was it up with Sandra or Anna filling in ;). Ah…the deception game.

  7. I find it very strange that Fox has people complaining that the media has not done it’s job when it comes to vetting Trump,. They even gave some examples. I just don’t see Fox doing any hard hitting stuff other than the stuff Katherine Heritage (sp?) is doing. More often than not they just are a clearing house for other medias stories

      • I don’t have a problem with Brit, he is now a opinion guy. Jenna and John and Bret are top notch down the middle anchors. But they don’t really have any investigative reporters other than Catherine Heritage (sp?)

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 impeccable debate performance
    4 embarrassing debacle
    3 goes to the dogs
    2 finds the key
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 MSNBC caught photographing Fox event.

  9. Democrat town hall on Fox now fully populated. Twitter stooges must be apoplectic.
    (Chris Wallace is THE MAN!)

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