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    • After every one of Sherman’s expose’, his secret Fox source and Ailes go out to a bar and laugh their butts off.

      • A Hater NEEDS to believe what they WANT to believe…….I saw Stooge Moe fall for a anti-Trump-Fox News tweet last night that any idiot would know was Fake…..but he NEEDS to believe stuff like that because otherwise what he thinks… crap.

        If you want Fox News to be liars and Trump-bots… will trust any source that back you up no matter how many times you end up looking like a #laughingstock.

  1. Mr. Bill raised an interesting point about a contested convention.

    What if the GOP (delegates & power brokers) take away Trump’s nomination on the 2nd or 3rd ballot, even though he is ahead in delegates and popular vote? Would this then force Trump into running as a third party candidate?

    An interesting question and perhaps a moot one depending on how the upcoming ‘winner take all’ states vote.

    My question would be, “Is a plausible 3rd party run even possible at such a late date?” I don’t know the answer. But I suspect this will be fully explored on cable news when and if a contested convention becomes more likely.

    • the options now in both parties are depressing. the idea that a punk like trump drives turnout or a crime family like the clintons could return to the white house, or a 74 year old neo-stalinist will be president has no possible good outcomes.

      • Here’s something odd or counter-intuitive — at least to me.

        In years with an incumbent running we usually get a weaker candidate from the opposing party — e.g., Mondale in 1984 and Kerry in 2004.

        But I suspect many Republicans — especially moderates — would claim that the last candidate to fit this criteria — Mitt Romney — flipped the script and was actually more qualified than most (perhaps all 17) candidates running this time.

        The Romney haters will disagree and that’s fine. He could have run a better campaign and under-performed in one of the debates.But I always thought the former popular governor from a blue state was well qualified and at a minimum came across as presidential — unlike Mr. Trump.

    • 3rd party seems pretty unlikely. Sounds like getting on ballots in many states as a 3rd party requires thousands & thousands of signatures.
      I think there is some rule in the GOP convention that you have to win at least 8 states to be eligible for nomination. So far no one besides Trump has done that. Time still left for Cruz but think it may be impossible for Rubio. Not sure how fast & tight that rule is or if there is some fudging that can be done. Lots of folks on Twitter were talking about it.

  2. Is this the first debate on Fox since Trump took the cheap shot at Kelly? If it is should be interesting to see how he handles her if he gets a tuff question.

    • Yes, this is only the third FNC debate — and as everyone knows Trump was a no-show at the last.

  3. Can anyone think of any reason Fox News won’t exceed the TV ratings of all other GOP primary debates except for the first two back in AUG-SEP posted over 23M?

    The highest since was a CNN GOP debate back in Decemer that pulled in 18M.

    Even ABC’s World News Tonight gave it a nice plug when they mentioned the Donald Trump vs. Megyn Kelly rematch.

    So to summarize, “Will FNC top the 18M in Deecember?” Sure seems possible to me.


  4. David Gregory on the SPECIAL REPORT panel last night. Doesn’t much like Trump. Makes hm right at home on the panel.

  5. When someone asked the other day why MK Ham went to CNN, I opined that there are several other Town Hall writers there and there may be something in the works between CNN and TownHall. Based on what the drums are saying I’m leaning even further in that direction. You can already start to see a shift among some of the writers, using phony memes, etc. Don’t be surprised to see something more tangible announced in the not too distant future.

  6. All three cable stations still showing Trump’s rambling speech in Maine.
    Imagine his State of the Union addresses. Or his Inaugural Address.

    • It’s gotten to the point that I can’t stand listening to Howard Kurtz analyze the analysis/analysists/hosts vs. pundits, etc.

  7. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Melissa Harris-Perry
    4 create the Trump
    3 not looking
    2 still lamenting
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Sherman’s latest Ailes/GOP meme is the shortest-lived meme ever.

  8. fox is streaming free. made the error of slipping it on. it is like going to a NASCAR race in hopes to see an accident.

  9. Bill O Reilly is such a piece of work. He was agreeing with Donald Trump on the CNN poll that show that Trump has 49% of the Republican support.

    What a tool. If that were true…then why on Super Tuesday did Trump get 35% down to like 23% of the vote in 7 of the states?! It doesn’t take a genius to see that CNN poll of 400 nationally…is a joke.

    Remember when the Trumpeters at FNC kept saying WSJ poll outlier… its an outlier…. because it didn’t look as good for Trump. But the Trumpeters at FNC sure talk about this BS poll.

    Then even better with Loofa Bill… Bill brings up that nonsense poll …and Trump brings up the same CNN polling that shows Trump losing to Hillary by 8 and Cruz beating him and get this…. Bill O now claims POLL DON’T MATTER! Unbelievable!!

    Then at the end of the Cruz thing he tells Cruz he’s known Trump for 30 years and he thinks he’s honest! =O If I were Cruz, I think I would have hit Bill with the Loofa stuff and the more recent accusations.

    • O’Reilly thought Trump was just making ironic fun of what had been originally Rubio’s coarse put-down, because during this debate, Rubio was attacking Trump’s lack of gravitas…

      Goldberg says he disagrees and O’Reilly says ‘that’s why I have you on my show. I want disagreement.’

      “Dump Bill”?

      Pat Buchanan is more libertarian than you.

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