Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Q&A: Chris WallaceBret Baier wants substance, expects surprises.
  • Video: the Trump election-night presser.
  • Somerby: Joe and Mika’s deceptive video couldn’t hide the truth.
  • Ariens: Fox News and CNN share honors on a big Super Tuesday.
  • CNN signs a new contributor: Kayleigh McEnany.  Today’s oops.
  • Zurawik: Five media take-aways from the Super Tuesday coverage.
  • Willie Geist gets NBC morning show. Brian Williams, trending again.
  • Sunday showdown: Media Buzz tops Reliable. Richard Quest loses a job.
  • Wemple: Illinois Rep Gutierrez excoriates MSNBC on the House floor.
  • Harris-Perry claims a ‘culture of fear‘ at MSNBC, turned down exit deal.
  • Video: Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier on his electoral chances.

69 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Of the four states (TX, AR, VA and MN) I mentioned earlier — plus Oklahoma — Rubio (22%) and Cruz (46%) won 68% of the total allocated delegates for these five states. (I was only hoping for 40%-50%.)

    Hey, I’ll take it.

    Trump lost TX, MN and OK.

    • Now that we have eight of some of the most favorable states for Trump and Cruz out of the way I will be curious to see how things pan out going forward — although Rubio can’t be happy with Trump’s significant lead in Florida.

      The aforementioned eight states are IA, GA, AL, TN, OK, AR, TX and SC.

      • too late for Florida to change.
        i got a cheap bar that makes an ok pollo jalapeño en salsa crema and sells tragos, shots, of tequila for C40 each 28.14=$1.00. Hillary Trump, think i will sit down and just drink and return to the house, tune up and play some serious blues. if those are my choices i will not bother to drive to Managua and vote at the embassy. if trump is driving unprecedented turnout the country has gone mad.
        remember where you put your passport.

        • For rather selfish reasons I am rooting for a contested convention. I want to be entertained.

          So far Trump only has 46% of the delegates. Perhaps it is not as far fetched as some would have us believe. Of course, the upcoming winner take all states could change all this.

  2. Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity rescue Donald Trump on racism

  3. Steve Doocy will be pushing that Trump is the nominee all morning then Boiling will do the same but will say he is just going by the numbers even though he let it slip that he is supporting him

    • Ed Rollins is no Trump fan, read his opinion piece today. believing Trump will win is not “pushing Trump”. the numbers chump trump has today make his nomination pretty close to certain. you can hate the math, but you cannot ignore it. keep your pass port current.

    • Of course you’ll get 3 (Harris, Sandra & Andrea) on OUT# pushing that.

      Then Super Trumper Cavuto will push that. Then Bolling & Kim will tag team on that. And then Greta, Bill, Hannity…

      Heck, by the way Cavuto, Bolling and a few others were talking before Super Tuesday, you thought after Tuesday Trump would be more than 1/2 to the nomination or more. Cruz is only like 100 behind in the delegates.

      And you can bet Bolling, Dobbs, Cavuto were crying inside last night when Cruz just blew Trump away in TX. Bolling etc kept holding on to Cruz’s “1 point lead” there. Funny, that one wasn’t an OUTLIER to them 😉

      • I came here last week making similar complaints about the many show hosts and co-hosts who many could argue are Trump fans regardless of how many anti-Trump guests they might have on on some days.

        But I must tell you I’ve done a 180 when several commenters convinced me that I shouldn’t be surprised that so many are supporting the front runner on what is basically a news channel that supports the GOP in its POV programming.

        I remind you of MSNBC back in 2008 when the show hosts and co-hosts were even more biased than their partisan opposite Fox News.

        There were times when it seemed like Dan Abrams as host of one of MSNBC’s talk shows was the only one on the channel supporting the comparatively more moderate Hillary.

        You may even recall that hosts like David Shuster, Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann were called out for what was perceived as sexist comments about Hillary as well as Chelsea.

        You and I may loath the fact there is so much pro Trump coverage — but I have come to begrudgingly accept why it is the way it is.

  4. With Dr. Ben Carson announcing he will not participate in the debate I predict it will only enhance his reputation as a principled man who is putting the party first and silence those who wondered out loud why he was still running.

    Will he endorse anyone? Who knows.

  5. You know #1 Fox News must be winning if the Newshounds #laughingstocks have start the lying in the headline.

    I love that they slam Trump for his supporters….forgetting that one of their regular supporters wished the Fox News HQ had been hit on 9-11………what nuts.

    Oh and my Republicans friends………jokes over…..knock off this trump stuff.

    • being greek every new year my mother would make vasilopita. for new years they would bake a silver coin in the cake and the person getting it would have good luck for the year. i do not see how this cake has not already been baked, i blame public education.

  6. MSNBC must have paid MHP peanuts if she found it easy to turn up her nose at a severance that would have mussled her.

  7. If you’re a guest on Shep’s show, you better be prepared to be hammered rapid-fire with challenges to what you have to say. Good at it.

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