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  1. I have been DVR-ing Fox and Friends for over 5 years. No more, I can’t stand Ainsley Earhardt, she is just not very bright. Very nice lady, but she adds little to the program’s content.

  2. Someone needed to tell Stacey Dash that Chris Rock’s comment about showing up at the AAs because with or without him, they were going to have it anyway…was a joke…

    • Somebody needs to tell Chis Rock that turning the Ocars into more inyourface black grievance will destroy ratings. Oops, too late. Lowest rated show in eight years. Joe Biden. Global warming speeches, other social issues… Don’t think a single Republican watched but maybe David Frum.

    • I think Juliet Huddy spoke for a lot of us when she tweeted.

      Just one question: What was she thinking?

  3. Re: Scarborough is in at the Washington Post.

    Gee, the February ratings must be in. (I’m only half kidding.)

    Perhaps they showed a decline in viewership because of the widespread criticism of Morning Joe acting like a campaign operation for Donald Trump — which includes attacks on Trump’s opponents.

    Something you don’t see on other somewhat pro Trump cable news shows like Fox & Friends, Outnumbered, The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity and Don Lemon.

    • Just learned that Mitt Romney (a fave of Mika during 2012 campaign) used the same word “disqualifying” as Joe Scarborough in a tweet about Trump’s KKK flap.

      A disqualifying & disgusting response by @realDonaldTrump to the KKK. His coddling of repugnant bigotry is not in the character of America.

      DVR is ‘armed and ready’ for The Five, The O’Reilly Factor and the <Kelly File.

      See what I di there? I brought it back to cable news. 🙂

      • Doesn’t appear Mr. Bill or Outnumbered (which I am watching now) is covering the Trump KKK flap.

        No biggie I guess. It was already covered this morning on CNN, CBS and NBC where it was the #2 story, second only to the Academy Awards.

          • I said “doesn’t appear” because I thought they would cover it in the first 5 minutes like every other show. I was at the 5 min mark when I commented.

            But you are correct they covered it at the 6:30 mark. Good for them even though 3 of them made excuses for Trump.

          • The only excuse you can make for Trump on this is that his hesitancy is more an indication of his take on all his hinterland supporters, than his own sensibilities.

            Which goes along with what his Republican critics say when they declare that Trump really isn’t a conservative or a Republican.

          • That’s the excuse he’s being given by people who gladly hand it to him in order to angrily condemn his pandering, rather than angrily condemning his innate contempt and unbelief in the hurting people who support him in his claim that he’ll bring back America pre-globalism.

            There’s political utility in handing him that excuse and goodness knows our elites (and all of us) are all campaign strategists who appreciate that sort of utility.

          • Which would mean that Trump either thinks the Republican Party is composed of a large enough percentage of KKK sympathizers to effect his candidacy…or that Trump didn’t remember David Duke, even though he had denounced Duke sixteen years earlier when the media was then trying to hang Duke on presidential primary candidate Pat Buchanan (who Trump supported UNTIL the news about Duke’s unsolicited Buchanon endorsement).

            We live in a sophisticated and truth-loving era, do we not?…

          • I don’t know what he thinks or believes. He denounced David Duke this past Friday (I denounce David Duke, okay?). I was being sarcastic in my comment above. Maybe he thinks he will turn away some of his supporters/fans. Maybe that’s what he thinks about some of his supports/fans.

          • Tommy Christopher at Mediaite has a piece up where he proposes something similar, that Trump deliberately goes back and forth, uses peculiar wording, etc, so that he technically disavows Duke without turning off too many Duke supporters. It makes sense the way he proposes it, except for the sticking point that a sophisticated linguistic strategy of this sort strikes me as not exactly within Trump’s intellectual wheelhouse.

          • So basically he’s a charlatan. The answer should be an easy one in my way of thinking. If he’s winning by such yuge margins, what’s to lose. I guess that officially makes him a politician.

          • Well, I can’t say that I’m for certain… for sure.

            I can’t say that in not immediately denouncing David Duke AND later (and sixteen years earlier) in denouncing the hell out of him, that Trump is being cynical.

            It would depend on whether you believe Trump’s story that he initially mistook “David Duke” for Tapper saying ‘various groups’ and then when he Heard Tapper’s reference to Duke, he didn’t remember who Duke was (though Trump had sponsored Pat Buchanan’s candidacy sixteen years earlier and then denounced him when the media used Duke’s endorsement of Pat Buchanan’s anti-globalist/protectionist policies to suggest that Buchanan is a racist xenophobe).

            You tell me whether we can be for sure if Trump cynically thinks his supporters are mostly racists or if the media does.

    • Are the ratings down for MoJoe in February?

      That would certainly be an indication of their audience because everyone else has been boosting their ratings by going P.T. Trump 24/7.

      It would be interesting to know that despite their promos of MoJoe watchers being the elite movers and shakers that in going Trump, the show showed that they have no idea just how niche their audience. (Or that they do and are trying to broaden it)

      • “Are the ratings down for MoJoe in February?”

        Haven’t seem the FEB ratings yet Cecelia.

        I was just offering a possible theory as to why Joe Scar seemed to make a sudden 180 on Trump. Half joke — half serious.

        • I would think that they obviously aren’t pleased with the David Duke comment.

          That was one toke over the line for those guys.

          • The fact he had such a strong negative reaction compared to others like Mika, Barnicle, Bolling, Guilfoyle and Watters made me suspicious. Was it genuine or acting?

            My bias may be showing. I think I prefer Sean Hannity over Joe and that’s saying a lot. 🙂

            You make a valid point though and I should probably give him the benefit of the doubt that he felt Trump’s conduct was as you said, “One toke over the line.”

          • The difference in Joe’s reaction from the others is that we live in a country where the subtlety level of our politics and elite chattering class is to agree that Trump was pandering to a U.S. population that is 45-50% composed of a bunch of people who go to bat for the KKK.

            As a Republican, Joe may be a bit less sanguine about that brilliant bit of complex sociological insight than Mika, Barnicle, et al.

  4. Stacey Dash was very eloquent and lucid in explaining that she did the Oscar gig to make a statement that diversity is more than skin deep.

    As pessimistic as I feel about her success in this venture, I admire and love her in saying “It’s a start”.

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  6. On a totally unrelated topic, glad Greg Gutfeld now has a studio audience on his weekend show. Have thought it would help his show since it first debuted.

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