Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: on bias. Is Is
  • Reliable Sources videos: Egging them on; the Trump ShowBernie Sanders.
  • Flashback: Hannity backs path to citizenship…months before dinner!
  • Did secret dinner cause ‘anchors’ like Hannity to back amnesty path?
  • Does CNN put minorities in a corner?  Video: Who’s
  • Farhi: MSNBC to drop Harris-Perry; Díaz-Balart future in doubt. More.
  • Stelter: Melissa Harris-Perry is ‘highly unlikely‘ to return to MSNBC.
  • ICN: Harris-Perry a case of career self-immolation; further thoughts.
  • Concha: Dishonest, unhinged Harris-Perry petulantly plays race card.
  • Borchers: CNN was right to ignore Ben Carson.  MADD about Shep.
  • Flood: Why GOP perceptions of Fox News don’t impact viewership.
  • Your Buzz videos: the a
  • Blake Burman and Cody.  Q&A: Ainsley Earhardt.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Luntz focus group video: If Trump wins Tuesday is it

166 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. Concha hit it out of the park. Melissa Harris-Perry will be forever remembered as the woman with the tampon earrings who committed career suicide on-air.

  2. Luntz focus group video: If Trump wins Tuesday is it time to get behind him?
    i hear my mom from the grave. “but mom all my friends are going” “so all your friends jump off a cliff you will too?”

  3. Can Trump beat Hillary?

    A little historical background first, if you’ll indulge me.

    As an old codger I can still remember a divided household when I was in elementary school during the 1956 election: Eisenhower vs. Stevenson.

    As a military veteran of two wars my dad was supporting Eisenhower, who won with 57% of the vote. (Stevenson only won six states in what was then called Dixie — plus he won Missouri. Very odd by today’s deep south demographics.)

    Across the the kitchen table was mom, with deep roots in Illinois, who supported former governor of Illinois Adlai Stevenson.

    This is my way of saying with a 60-year historical perspective I am hardly a novice when it comes to presidential politics. While I am not as good as Chris Stirewalt or Nate Silver, I am still pretty good at it.

    Having said all this I think the GOP is making a major mistake if they nominate Donald Trump, who appears inevitable barring a contested convention.

    Would I empty my bank account to bet against him beating Hillary? No.

    Although (with tongue in cheek) I might be tempted to put a $1000 on Hillary. But then again I also felt this way about Cam and the Carolina Panthers in the Super Bowl. 🙂

    Current odds:
    Clinton 4 to 6
    Trump 5 to 2

    • My mother has told me she and my father never told each other who they voted for. The only time I clearly remember them both talking politics was Kennedy-Nixon. I don’t know who they voted for but I strongly suspect my mother went for Kennedy. Probably both went for Reagan. My mother says she’s willing to listen to both sides but I know she’s a die-hard Republican and strongly dislikes Hillary.
      She’s sick about Trump.

      • dissonance is everywhere. conflicts within each of us. my dad, a GS 13 USDA economist gave me Atlas Shrugged in high school and warned me to never work for government. how this dissonance today will resolve itself is not as mathematically predictable as social psychologists would like to think. in fly over language. “its crazy time”.

      • “She’s sick about Trump.”

        Just glad my dear mother who lived to age 94 isn’t alive to witness this.

        As a devout Catholic I never heard her swear in my entire life. But who knows if she might have dropped a few f-bombs on Mr. Trump — especially when he took on her beloved Pope Francis.

        I know unlike so many other Dems she really turned on Bill Clinton after the Lewinsky scandal.

        • My mother has always disliked the Clintons. She, too, turned on the Kennedys after all the stories about their dalliances and Teddy’s getting away with murder- she says. I dare say she’d vote Trump rather than Hillary- or any Dem. She’s 92 and way old school.

        • “Just glad my dear mother who lived to age 94 isn’t alive to witness this.”

          Im kinda sad mine isnt….she had a evil streak in her…..she would have loved this year….I doubt she would have stopped laughing since last Dec.

    • On his CBS THIS MORNNG appearance yesterday, Marko Rubio began his “Trump is a con artist mantra”, but said something that struck me more. He accused liberal TV media of pulling for Trump (and pulling their punches) as a sure bet to him being a loser to Hillary in the general election. Rubio said it with an anger. You could tell he was serious.

      • And, I believe he is right. If Trump is the nominee, the media will turn on him with a vengeance. CNN and MSNBC will go wall-to-wall with how their former golden boy is now the biggest b*stard to ever live.

  4. Spud if nothing else is consistent in framing judgements around cable news being run and reported by seasoned, qualified professionals — his opinionated views of what constitutes that not withstanding.

  5. Spud is right, everyone has been preempted or shifted around, we don’t see Thomas Roberts having a hissy fit or Alex Witt having one. MHP must of went to the Olbermann school of burning bridges.

  6. I see the disgraced twitter stooges are complaining that Fox News has finally posted a Rubio insult of Trump on twitter……..like somehow that’s a new networks job????…….but its a newhound liar so….you know its just not true…….just yesterday alone fox tweeted out half a dozen quotes from Rubio insulting Trump.

    Speaking of the #laughingstocks……..last week the head one tweeted that Pirro likes to use the word “hogwash”…..you know because women of color and all…….I found it funny because I had just read a post at mediaite a few min before about Morgan Freeman saying “political hogwash”…..so I looked and wondered who on Cable news networks uses “hogwash” seems common……..with people of color…..no wonder they made fun of it……….but it means nothing of course.

    • Why don’t you call out your friends here for mocking Melissa Harris-Perry who you would call a” Woman of color”. Are they racists?

          • I never said any specific comment was objectionable. GAXTER’s logic is anyone who talks about a “Woman of color” is a racist so I’m asking him to apply the same standard to people here.

          • Um…..that’s NOT what I’m saying…it NOT what I’ve EVER been saying………but thanks for playing…….and Reading J$……I know its a dump you hate.

            I’m not going over it again…….stop playing like a newshound writer and READ what been said not what you WANT said.

            I’m starting to understand why you can be so wrong so often about so much.

          • Did he call you a racist? Well for one he didn’t use your name or handle, so almost anyone who reads this would have no idea he was referring to you. I don’t think he actually said ‘you’re a racist’ either, but he is raising the issue of treatment of minorities at newshounds. When people who frequent newshounds called Harris Faulkner a ‘sell-out broad’ and repeatedly call her ‘Sistah Harris’…or call Juan Williams a ‘lawn jockey’ and Herman Cain a ‘house negro’…and are permitted or even encouraged to do so by the site administrators, that’s something newshounds writers are going to find themselves associated with. Just as the incessant references to Megyn Kelly as a ‘skanky bimbo’ reflect a certain misogynist tendency among the site’s users.

            I think Gatxer’s comments do not = him calling you a racist, but he’s suggesting a pattern of activity in general, and a tone toward some ‘people of color’ that is going to reflect on those who choose to be a part of the newshounds site. You can disagree, point out that doesn’t reflect your views, and defend these and other comments at newshounds. It’s a key Fox-hater site so its writers are hardly off-topic here. I’ll caution G to not cross the line into personal attacks when interacting with people who post here, but that goes for everyone anyhow.

          • That’s because he edited his comment and took it out.
            If you don’t believe me DM me on twitter and I’ll send you the comment from before he changed it.

          • How can I DM you on twitter? You’ve had me blocked for months! But I’ll take your word for it. If G edited the comment then he realized that he crossed the line, or maybe my earlier caution reminded him of that. So I’ll remind Gatxer and all others that we treat to engage in reasonable discourse and that does not include name calling directed at other commenters. It’s kind of tricky when people who ordinarily never comment here suddenly appear, and in such cases we have to be careful to adjust our discussions to reflect the minimal standards of decorum that I try to uphold in this dump. Or cesspool. Whatever it is this week.

          • Sorry J$……..thought I was at Newshound for a min…..LOL.

            I apologize to you J$ for the “clear racist” comment was mad he can just admit he goes out of his was to criticize women of color on Fox………the good news…..it wasn’t on there long.

          • I have no issue with you. My issue with with the one poster here who insists on talking almost weekly about me and 2 other people who are on twitter with the insinuation that we are racists.. He may do it indirectly with insulting nicknames like Stooge and Moe.

            If GATXER has a problem with someone talking about a cable news channel on Twitter why is this important to address here?

          • https://twitter.com/RichardGrenell/status/684597401374584832

            Yea…why do I come to a cable new blog which is mostly about Fox News and point out people who lie about Fox News on twitter…….hell next thing you know J$ will be making posts about how newshounds posted something untrue about Fox News…or how MSNBC edited a Fox News clip to make Fox look dumb ……if we don’t stop this now……people might get the idea Fox News doesnt lie……we cant have that….people might be forced to read sites they call dumps……it must be stopped…….I mean really???????

          • Yes thats what Im saying………If you spend your time writing about something where people of color are a minority (Fox News on-air talent)…….and you spend 90% of your time making complains about the people of color…….and almost NO ONE ELSE……that means something……….ICE now writes for the disgraced Newshounds site which has many fans that are post things that cross that stormfront line.

            Would it better just to say ICEman attracts a lot of racists….kinda like Trump?

          • I don’t spend 90% of my time making complaints about the people of color and almost no one else. That’s a lie.

          • Please go back to about Dec…pick a day….look only at post about talent on Fox News………..YES you do……and you have for some time.

            Your 3 of biggest twitter Fox News targets are Andrea Tantaros…Pirro and Harris…ALL of which just happen to be women of color……..leave out Megan Kelly and there have been days that you talked about NO other than people of color on Fox News.

            Again READ what I said.

          • Are you that Fin dumb and don’t know what women of color even means?

            GetA F’n clue for crying out loud…..some writer you are.

            “Person of color (plural: people of color, persons of color, sometimes abbreviated POC[1]) is a term used primarily in the United States to describe any person who is not white. The term encompasses all non-white groups, emphasizing common experiences of racism. ”


            No wonder the only job you can get writing is at newshounds.

            BTW: NOT my definition……pretty much everybody’s but yours and stormfront.

          • You are still not making sense. My criticism of Faulkner, Pirro and Tantaros has nothing to do with race.
            You are making that up based on some strange logic.

          • Funny…….seems to make sense to everybody but YOU…funny how that is……go back and READ what I wrote…..J$ gets it……Nixon gets it and I think Larry said he understood last time I called you out for this……I can’t make it any clearer to you…………I guess someone who didn’t know what person of color means……just wouldn’t get it……of course if you criticize the media and don’t understand what exclusive means…..what can I hope for.

          • Of course the people who don’t like me agree with your theory that I only criticize women of color.
            It makes sense to everybody? I don’t believe Michael T. would agree with your logic but he can respond for him self.

            You really should let it go. I’m not a racist and most of the other people who read this forum probably don’t even have a clue what your are talking about when you keep complaining about me in coded insulting nicknames.

          • Oh…Michael T……A guy you tweet with almost every day would agree with you….Really?????

            You don’t get it…..its been explained…..I’m not doing it again….I will continue to call out your BS….don’t like it feel free to say so or just call us crazy and this place a dump and then come here and act like we shouldn’t laugh at you……..I thank you for reading J$.

            You are what u r…..you can’t admit what you do……….but you write for newshounds so I didn’t expect the truth from you.


            Oh and that’s a exclusive. LOL!

          • Where you and I differ is I would never think to accuse someone of being homophobic who simply said something negative about Rachel Maddow, unless they targeted her sexual orientation.

            Similarly, nor would I draw a similar conclusion about criticism of Al Sharpton or Melissa Harris-Perry unless they made clearly racist remarks.

            Your failure to cite a single example of Iceman attacking a ‘woman of color’ on Fox News for anything other than their on-camera politics is bothersome.

            As Johnny said, if your beef is with the comments section at Newshounds, that’s a fair point of criticism.

          • If anyone has a problem with the comments section at Newshounds that’s fine but again show me any comments I’ve made about FOX news female talent that was racist.

          • So……you see somebody who watches MSNBC a channel they hate……ALL day…….but they ONLY complain about Maddow….by name……..you wouldn’t wonder if maybe they were homophobic????

            If they wrote for a site that allowed commenters to make homophobic comments which they left up for YEARS and YEARS and even after points out stayed up…..you wouldn’t wonder??????

            The fact is the stooges decided to mostly attack the women of color on Fox News…..you believe that’s just a coincidence…I however don’t. i don’t believe in the Easter Bunny either…..but that’s just me.

            I invite u to not read my comments if me telling what I believe is the truth about your friend bothers u……..but he lies about Fox news and I point it out……you know that’s what we tend to do here right?

          • Again with the lie that I watch FOX news all day. How do you know what channels I watch?
            That I “mostly attack the women of color on Fox News” is a lie.
            You keep saying the same thing over and over again with no proof.
            Calling out the bias of talent or the outrageous comments they make on a cable news channel has nothing to do with color or race.

          • I’m going to stop now for J$…..if Moe told you….I was right you couldn’t see it…..have a good night.

            Thanks for reading J$.

          • Still no evidence — only weak speculation.

            This is what is so frustrating. You go off on tangents.

            You’re better than that. The other day you made a solid case for why you thought Trump shouldn’t release his tax returns.

            I took issue with that. But you came back with a link to substantiate your argument causing me to change my mind.

          • Yes I did.

            It’s kind of interesting that the Trump campaign AFAIK is not using a similar (or more refined) argument given that it quotes IRS folks.

          • One thing I’ve figured out about the Trump campaign is….they don’t listen to ANYBODY about ANYTHING! It’s the worst one I’ve ever seen…….well at least since Mondale…….who I voted for anyway.

            I wonder what country I’m moving to in Jan? LOL

          • If Maddow was a conservative on Fox and Somerby was accusing her of hackishly and ineptly arguing politics, from the standpoint of her being a lesbian, part of his very focused criticism could well be perceived as a statement too about her having sold out to a ‘foreign’ mindset. As her being a not very honest or smart token shill for her conservative overlords.

            I think we all need to be careful with such assumptions, but it’s not out of the ordinary that people come to them. Goodness knows I recently saw Laura equating one female Fox staffer as fellating Roger Ailes because she praised him.

          • I recently saw Laura equating one female Fox staffer as fellating Roger Ailes because she praised him.

            That’s Laura being her usual classy self.

          • I used that example to make a point. How many off-hand mean put-downs like this and bit-ches, and cleavage, and leather jackets, and hair extensions, and legs can you read without someone coming to the conclusion that there’s some gender and/or race thing here that is at least…used to marginalize the target.

            I haven’t come to that conclusion, but I am saying that at some point try taking a look at how you sound nearly all day long before automatically dismissing such conclusions as pap.

            I believe that you don’t intend to suggest such biases, but sweethearts, you often give the impression that you’re willing to play into them.

          • Every time you slur my name by accusing me of being a racist I’m going to defend my self. You have no proof.
            For the better of this forum I again suggest you let it go.

          • No but u “think” alike.

            I’ve laid out why I think what i do when u post what u do about people of color on Fox News……you don’t agree…..fine didn’t think you would.

            People of color on Fox make up what…….15% of on-air talent…..yet a VERY large amount of your posts about on-air talent…..but it means nothing………….sorry not buying it Iceman.

          • Besides the fact I’m not racist

            You certainly could’ve fooled me by all the crap that you and your little friends said at ICN.

          • That doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the racial slurs thrown at me. But thanks for bringing up yet another straw man to deflect from your true nature.

          • Show me any comment I made at ICN that was racist?
            If it was how come Spud never banned me?
            It’s not my fault you and your friends got banned there.
            You are the one deflecting to comments at ICN.

          • I don’t have the ability to access the ICN archives. Spud put up with a lot of nonsense. He didn’t ban me, I walked out. However, I clearly remember you and your friends telling me how damn stupid that I was because I refused to go along with the crap that the word redskin was an insult. How in the hell can a word that is the literal translation of our word for indians as a people be offensive? Except to patronizing white liberals,
            that is, who know more about being an indian than we ourselves do.

          • Me disagreeing with you on the word “Redskins” if I did hardly makes me a racist. You no proof to say I made racist comments at ICN.

          • Calling me “ignorant” about my heritage? No, you weren’t the worst. Joe and Andy were ahead of you in that line. However, to disagree about something so cut and dried when I tried to correct you, shows ignorance or racism. Take your pick what you are.

          • Can u show us even ONE racist comment made here about Trayvon?

            This isn’t newshounds we like facts.

            I find it hard to believe J$ allowed that………I guessing there’s a catch!

          • When I dug this out today I noticed something that I’ve missed in the past: the reference to Harris’s (Caucasian) husband. Just dropped in there as if it weren’t a racist expression of opposition to miscegenation.

            I have a feeling we’re not going to hear anything more about the mysterious, unquoted Trayvon Martin comment.

      • Do they spend 90% of their posts about women of color? Do the make up lies about women of color just because they are on MSNBC?

        NO they don’t. Complaining about “REAL” issues is fine……..complaining because someone says Hogwash is nuts……..and yes YOU are a clear racist….weather you can see it or not.

        I would suggest what they are saying about MHP and what you do to the women of color on Fox News is not even in the same universe…….but thanks for trying and failing and reading J$.

        I also notice you didn’t respond about your LIE about Fox news and Rubio……but then again what can you say……”well not when I looked”….#laughingstocks.

          • There is no lie. When I posted my comments on twitter FOX had tweeted no video clips from Rubio and several of Trump. When they did post something from Rubio I noted that.

          • Um they posted half a dozen before that lie you posted.

            Why is it Fox News Job to post Rubio putting Trump down? Fox isn’t like MSNBC….they aren’t a political group they are a NEWS NETWORK..

            You lied……but its means nothing………Newshound writer.

          • You are not making any sense. I’m talking about today.

            The first FOX News tweet about Rubio’s rally speech from Today was at 2:42 PM ET.

            The first FOX News tweet of a video clip from Trump’s rally was 1:55 PM ET.

            FOX News did 8 Tweets about Trump’s speech before they tweeted a clip from Rubio’s speech.

          • You are not making sense. I’m am talking about the FOX News Twitter account. What I said is 100% factually correct.

          • Yea sure….you just happen to target people of color @ 90 % of the time…..it means nothing.

            If it wasn’t for Megan kelly….there have been days when almost ALL of your posts (lies) about Fox news people have been people of color…..go back and look…..it’s there for ALL to see.

            Ill get help if I’m ever crazy enough to spend all day watch a TV channel I hate…….which is nuts on its own….who hates a TV network……..anyway……and i spend most of my waking hours posting on twitter about it……YES I would then seek help…..however I’m sure my family would have me seek help long before then.

      • You want to talk about obsession….read your own twitter feed……your Doctor should do something about that………….and you smear yourself with your lies about the women of color on Fox…….let alone all the other lies you tell.

        You complain about the people Trump attracts ….but i would remind you that you write for a site that has people who are sorry the Fox News HQ wasn’t attacked on 9-11.

        Why is it you disgraced Newshound writers are always telling people they are obsessed….and yet you watch a TV new network you hate and lie about it all day………maybe you should look up the word obsession…..because it doesn’t mean what you think it does,

        But….thanks for reading J$.

        • Sorry that’s a lie. If you check my Twitter feed most of the recent comments have been about Trump and the election.

          I don’t spend my day complaining about what people say on blogs.

          You apparently spend some of your day reading people on twitter you hate and then complain about them here. That is an obsession.

          I don’t watch FOX news all day. That’s another lie from you.

  7. You know….not to talk about cable news or anything today but……LOL….I’ve been wanting to post about judge Nap and the apple deal……he keeps saying America has never forced a company to make or change softwear on how they do business……or something to that effect…….I would point him to Microsoft and what the US Government made them do with Windows and Internet explorer.

  8. So did I miss anything?

    But seriously folks, if we start re-litigating old grievances from ICN we’ll have our own version of The Never-Ending Story. Plus the possibility that Spud will make another once-in-a-decade appearance to tell us all how stupid we all are.

    Let’s try and keep the discussion more current, and maybe everyone take a breath before continuing. Just a thought.

    • “Plus the possibility that Spud will make another once-in-a-decade appearance to tell us all how stupid we all are.”

      Oh, that’s laugh out loud funny — no matter who you are!!

    • Hey, if it hadn’t been for Fox Fanatics Joe wouldn’t be so disruptive as to have left Spud no choice in banning him.

      Spud was trying to stop us before we killed again….

  9. Ok so….I looked…..and MHP show and Al Sharpton’s show are listed in my comcast guile for 3-5&6……they haven’t been for the last 2 weeks……seems if she just waited for 2 weeks everything would have been fine.

    If you work for a so called News network…..you have to expect news might pre-empt your opinion show…..unless you’re Bill O’reilly and then…..not so much.

  10. I’ve had my TV off since about noon so I just took a peak at HuffPost who is pretty good about posting real-time election results.

    Judging by their home page over the top headline it appears Clinton may have eked out a victory. /sarc


    Wins Bigger Share Of Black Voters Than Obama Did…

    Most Important Win Yet…

    Sanders Stalled: Disastrous Night…

    Clinton Takes On Trump…

  11. Re: Your Buzz videos: Fox
    So Howard Kurtz appears to agree with those commenting to him that the media is being unfair to Donald Trump.


    If he is referring to tabloids like the NY Daily News, he may have a point. But that’s such a small percentage of the total coverage to render it insignificant by any objective measure.

    Oh well, to each his (or her) own I guess.

    • I’ve complained for a while now how Howard Kurtz is in the tank for Trump.
      FNC & FBN are the PRO TRUMP networks.

      The whole “fight” was probably manufactured. That way Trump can bash FNC all the time and people act like the network that’s PRO TRUMP is actually against him.

        • When I tweeted a similar question on Twitter the following names were provided: Krauthammer, Rove, Lowry, Hayes, Will, Hume, Megyn and some of her guests.

          But there don’t seem to be all that many. Plus Megyn is the only show host or co-host on the list, unlike the F&F boys and the ladies on Outnmbered along with Bolling & Guilfoyle.

          • Commentators and opinion people. Ok- I get that. That’s why they are on these shows. Megyn throws out questions and conducts discussions. It must be dog whistles. However, there are many who openly support him and make no bones about it.

          • You mean some republican commentators and opinion people on Fox News support the republican frontrunner…..I’m shocked….shocked I tell you.

          • Looks like a good balance of positive and negative to me, though the heavy-hitter analysts at Fox seem to all be critics

          • First of all, all the Dem/liberal contributors criticize Trump, so you have your Kirsten Powers, Juan Williams, etc. Plus Michael T has Krauthammer, Rove, Lowry, Hayes, Will, Hume, Megyn. To that can be added Pete Hegseth, Dana Perino, Greg Gutfeld, Meghan McCain, Kennedy, Byron York, Erick Erickson, Shep (tho like Megyn he’s not supposed to), Tammy Bruce, Judy Miller, Judge Nap, Andy Levy, and others I’m probably forgetting. Why do you think I get all those ‘Fox has turned liberal’ tweets, along with the ‘Megyn is a liberal’ ones? There are people who like Trump too, not to mention Hillary and Bernie. But that’s why Fox hires all those contributors: to make sure all points of view are represented.

            I’ll re-up my recommendation of the Frank Luntz interview from today’s MediaBuzz. It touches on this very issue of how it is that some people can say Fox is promoting Trump while others say Fox is trying to sink him.

          • Plenty of Trump critics as you mentioned.

            My best guess is that some pro Cruz and pro Rubio critics on Twiitter, as well as commenters on anti Trump/pro Cruz blogs like TheRightScoop are only looking at six of the seven most popular opinion shows — as opposed to the commentator count — as all being less critical of Trump than they would like, the exception being the Kelly File who has her own set of critics at Breitbart.

            Shows like F&F, Outnumbered, Greta, The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity and Media Buzz.

            Then again, some people just like to complain. I pead guilty at times. 🙂

          • The Five is one of the top three shows most days of the week and three of the five regulars are anti-Trump. Megyn is usually the #2 show most days of the week and she has trouble getting pro-Trump people to appear, still has critics like Marc Thiessen on a regular basis. Special Report is in the top five and features Krauthammer and Hayes most nights (I’m not sure who on Special Report regularly could be called pro-Trump). O’Reilly has more pro-Trump than anti, as does Hannity, but both also give anti-Trump voices air time. (F&F/Greta/Out# are not the most popular shows tho Greta comes close to the top five on some nights.)

          • The Five

            Eric Bolling
            Kimberly G
            Jesse Watters
            Tom Shillue
            Eboni K Williams (who her mom is voting for Trump)

            Alot of Trumpbots on The Five for sure!

            Dana and Greg both think he’s a conman but neither are openly pushing a candidate. Especially since #Jen is gone for Dana

            And while Juan doesn’t like Trump –its not like he’s supporting some other GOP candidate either.

            But you’ve got Bolling who won’t even criticize Trump for saying GW Lied about WMD’s and LIED us into war.

            And that Trumpbot idiot gets to host THE FACTOR alot. And he’s even worse than Bill when it comes to shilling for Trump.

          • Well I’ll be darned. A guy who’s a Republican front-runner actually has people on an opinion show who aren’t attacking him. What is this world coming to? The world of tv commentary will only be safe when NO ONE is allowed to support Trump on any issue, let alone back him for Prez.

            I’m not going to respond to Eboni, Jesse etc because when you start to list fill-ins you’re just getting desperate. I notice you left out Meghan McCain but that sort of thing is required if you’re to concoct a ‘meme’ that will fool the credulous. although I don’t know, maybe Meghan McCain’s mother’s half-cousin on her father’s side is voting for Trump, then you can count Meghan too!

          • I should have been more precise with my language.

            Correction: “six of seven of some of the most popular opinion shows on Fox.”

        • Who cares what some of the pundits say on the show. It matters about show hosts.

          Fox and Friends – Especially Doocy! Although Kilmeade for the past week has started to ? some Trump nonsense.

          OUT#. There are times all 5 on the show are Trumpets. But certainly the main “3”. Harris, Sandra and worst of all Andrea

          Cavuto is clearly in the tank

          Geraldo, Kimberly, Eric Bolling- The Five

          Brett Baier seems to be drinking the Kool Aid lately

          Greta is in the tank

          Bill O

          Sean Hannity

          Judge Jeanine

          Howard Kurtz (Media Buzz)

          Jesse Watters (Watters World/ The Five)

          Tom Shillue (Red Eye/ The Five)

          THEN ON FBN:


          Lou Dobbs

          Another Cavuto show

          Melissa Francis & and sorta David Asman

          Who cares about some of the pundits. Its the hosts who matter and there’s way too many who shill for Trump

          • Howard Kurtz? Is this the Howard Kurtz you claimed earlier today was hosting Fox News Sunday? (I can’t seem to find that tweet.)

            And including Geraldo, who’s on The Five once every week or two, instead of Juan Williams…classic.

          • You do realize that EVERYONE of those with the exception of F&F is NOT a news show right?

            You should expect opinion shows to have Oh I don’t know opinions………….Now if the News people were doing it you might have a point.

          • Yea I knew that….sorry….I dont consider its a news show…..its like NBC Todays show in my book…….but to the haters its the same as NBC Nightly News. LOL

          • You do have to wonder how Cruz, Rubio and their campaigns feel. Perhaps unlike Trump they feel they have to play nice in order to get air time on Fox.

          • Goodness. I watch CNN on Sling and listen to all 3 cable news channels on XM, and don’t hear those topics you’ve mentioned.

          • If guests are featured who are Trump critics, why would it be the definitive sign of bias for hosts to be defenders?

            Thought those were the correct dynamics.

    • So- when DT is asked if he repudiates someone like David Duke and he waffles and he gets criticized, that’s unfair. Well, too darned bad. Besides, he plans to change the libel laws, so there.

  12. The Five…featuring 3 Trumpbots on Today.

    Eric, Kimberly and Melissa. Funny J$ didn’t bother to mention Melissa being on The Five…probably more than Meghan McCain. But small details…

    • Not getting what the problem here is…….its a opinion show….they give their opinions……….is it because it’s the primary season?

      I would point out that in the general with the exception of Joe S….the ENTIRE MSNBC line-up will be backing who ever is the Democrat…….yet no one seems to think that’s a big deal.

      Opinion people are going to give opinions on things.

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    5 don’t impact
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 ICN: Harris-Perry a case of career self-immolation.

  14. You know…..if you complain a “news” network is carrying a live event instead of showing the 16th repeat of a show from 2009…..it just might be time to turn off the TV…..#laughingstocks

  15. If you like black people beating up on liberal, rich white people, then I have an Oscar show for you. Though that has merit, I’m taking a pass. I do like movies so I’ll just stick with TMC and Robert Osborne.

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