Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Debate-PostDebate-Kelly 11pm 1-2-3.
  • Melissa Harris-Perry refusing to show up for MSNBC show. More.
  • Ainsley Earhardt dedicates F&F to her parents, awaits SNL parody.
  • MSNBC host threatens to flee the country if Trump elected.
  • Cutting the cable is one thing, but this is going a tad bit overboard.
  • Christopher: Genteel MSNBC Hillary chat signals game change?
  • Profile: ‘Fabulous woman’ Mika Brzezinski.  Q&A: Jacob Soboroff.
  • Video: Reactions to and CNN’s rowdy debate.
  • Joe Concha’s debate report card grades Wolf and the candidates.
  • Kelly File videos: Frank Luntz focus group findings
  • After giving Trump most time, CNN tossed in two post-game interviews!
  • Wemple: Telemundo anchor was the bright spot in a  ‘same-old’ debate.
  • Chotiner: A terrible night for CNN.  McCaughey: The big loser was CNN.
  • Ainsley Earhardt on her new Fox & Friends role.  Here come(s) The Eighties.

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  1. There will soon be direct flights from New York to Cuber. I would suggest that Sharpton do the country a favor and leave, no matter who is elected.

      • Hes not leaving because of Trump…..hes leaving because the IRS won’t be planning his game under someone who doesn’t invite him to the WH……..I support Obama in many ways but I’m ashamed he lets that tax cheat in the doors.

        • Maybe since the IRS says they don’t have enough $ to do their work they could go after all the MSNBC folks like Sharpton that owe money.

    • Ratings = viewers said Mr. Peabody to Sherman.
      While the perception of Fox News may be down, it’s not hurting in the ratings in the least. The channel has been the No. 1 cable network for last 5 weeks in a row, a streak that hasn’t been seen in 13 years.

  2. Luntz’s focus groups have not been very good representations of where the electorate has been….seems that every group will go with anyone but Trump yet look at the votes. They also seem to like Marco Rubio too often.

  3. “He’s like their missing plane” said Chris Stirewalt after giving two post debate interviews to Donald Trump. CNN did cover a Rubio rally this morning. I don’t know if that’s unique or not, but I’ve never seen one. They are awaiting a DT presser. Maybe he’s announcing he’s suing Rubio and Romney for being mean to him.

      • I presser at which Trump was asked, “If the audit is preventing a release of your 2015 tax return, how about releasing 2014?”

        Footnote: Mitt Romney released tax returns for 2010 and 2011 when he was running.

        • Interesting that MSNBC keeps telling viewer that tax experts say Turmp would be dumb to release any years while under audit for any year as he may have to change things.

          Looking at the picture of his taxes from last year…..he should release them……….it should take the press about 6 years just to read each year…..LOL

          • Was the MSNBC statement on the strongly pro Trump Morning Joe program?

            The reason I ask is because on CNN they are saying just the opposite…namely, that there should be no impediment for prior years.

          • No its been on the shows I’ve been watching for the last few hours. MSNBC doesn’t seem to be naming their shows today but i heard it 3 times in the last hour.

            IMHO…..if there’s a 1% chance that he would have to change a dime….he’d be NUTS to release them………having been audited myself I understand that logic…..i’m betting most Americans who pay taxes would also.

          • I haven’t been watching- can’t stand the snark and dismissive attitude of the puppet master and his puppet. But it seems Mika has taken up Joe’s cross of hating on Marco. It’s Lent. She’s been doing the snide comment routine.

          • So true Marty! It’s reprehensible the garbage they spout about Rubio. Tomorrow will be awful w/Christie endorsement of Trump. MJ will be over the moon!

          • My suspicious mind tells me Joe and Mika brokered this deal between Trump and Christie. Four peas in a pod. Joe and Mika have influence!

          • There was someone on CNN saying that tax experts told her that being audited was not a reason to not put out tax returns.

          • I heard that too Marty.

            So far the prevailing cable news opinion seems to be, “Why not release 2014?”

            But as Gatxer said there are some out there who disagree. I just think they’re in the minority.

            Let’s see how this plays out.

          • Well the way the legal expert explained it….its common that during an audit you need to update things and make changes…………can you imagine how the press would react to that? Turmp say….hes been audited for a few years……so that would include 2014.

            How common is it……I had to do it…..the good news was it was in my favor.

            Personally Tumps taxes wouldn’t change my opinion of him in any way….shocker….hes rich and doesn’t pay a ton of taxes…..I already know that.

            I’m supporting Bernie…….but some of this stuff on the GOP sides….is so dumb.

            If you change your vote over what somebody pays in Taxes… shouldn’t vote….IMHO.

            BTW:……anybody who has a tax return like the one in the pic on this page…………..shouldn’t want to release it.


          • However, if tax returns expose something like Trump hasn’t been giving money to the vets or to the disabled like he’s been telling us he’s doing, this could reflect poorly on his credibility or what’s left of it. 🙂

            We’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one.

          • so it’s just about politics……….and I guess we will have to disagree…..however it didn’t stop people from voting for Biden when his taxes show he gives almost nothing to charity…’s all politics……anybody who cares would NEVER vote for him anyway.

            I deal with this everyday from people who don’t like Bernie…… wonder so many people don’t bother to vote anymore.

          • I never list chartible deductions. I feel that if you are doing it just to get a tax writeoff, it isn’t from the heart.

          • It’s been over 10 years since I listed any deductions. It’s been better to take the standard than list ever since my house was paid off.

          • Been thirty years for me. Overtime many things that used to be itemized were eliminated as the standard deduction was increased.

          • Farmed for a number of years. Had to do the filing quarterly. I took deductions, but never charitable.

          • All I know is today it was reported that Trump has still not given the vet groups he raised $ for they money. Such as BSer!

          • Doesn’t surprise me. By the way, NEVER give to Wounded Warrior Project. Less than a dime of each dollar actually goes to the charity. The rest goes to “overhead.”

          • some things are easy to see. mostly it would be mountains of foreign required corporate and banking documentation and depreciation schedules.

          • TY for the link.

            Now I know why the discussion earlier did not totally compute.

            What MSNBC’s Katy Tur asked Trump at his presser and what some on CNN were discussing was, “Why not release tax returns for years prior to the year (2015) for which you are being audited.”

            If you pay close attention, Ari Melber at the link you posted, is discussing ONLY Trump’s 2015 taxes.

          • yea but Trump….if you belive him…..says he’s being audited for the last few years…… what’s true for 2015 must be true for 2014 and 2013 for that matter…..remember in an audit the IRS likes to look at 7 back years..

            I turn 50 this year and i’ve never seen anything like this season on either side……….however the ads of Hilary barking will be great…….if I can see after laughing at the ones filled with Trumps lies………..all that old TV I’ve been collecting for years is starting to look VERY good.

          • the IRS can audit back 7 years with no stated cause, but very few do. it mostly occurs when the same issue appears year after year. most audits are a single year confirmation of submitted info, and how your calculations were derived. if a criminal violation is alleged they can go back as far as your returns go. unlimited time limit. just for clarification.
            as a foreign expat i file yearly and those are the the most complicated and examined forms according to the IRS public info. excluding FACTA, and hiding money and all the scams, things in different countries that have items with the same names but have different definitions in different countries. for example; the IRS requires reporting participating in any way in any foreign corporation. in many countries it is normal for everyone to have many corporations, mostly inactive, i.e. no cash enters or leaves they just are a corporation that owns a car, or a house. since foreign probate is so difficult many expats umbrella their assets in S.A.s, a type of Latin corporation that lists who the shares go to in the event of the share owners death. so you can skip probate your kid auto owns your stuff. that is simple. imagine if you do anything outside of the USA and the reporting of it becomes really important, like any sort of ownership in any sort of business that has cash move through it. you will quickly learn that the IRS and specialists in preparing foreign returns do not even know for sure what “right”. studies have show the IRS giving different answers to the same questions for decades, and that is just in the USA,.
            Trump could release his returns and likely most people in the IRS would not even understand them, let alone the media.

            but i would love to peruse the 20k pages he likely files yearly.

          • It wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if Trump’s estimation of his wealth and of his charitable concerns are a P.T. Barnum presentation, but to me it seems self-evident that you wouldn’t be publicizing your tax returns while the IRS was breathing down your neck.

          • The Trumpistas see him as a hero an a white horse, when in reality he is P.T. Barnam on a white washed jackass.

        • Romney doing this after what happened to him with Reid, turns me off.

          His teeing it up like he has been doing is just so blatantly political it’s sickening.

          If you have something tell it.

          • According to what Romney told Neil Cavuto he has been suspicions about a “bombshell” because “Donald Trump has been aggressively avoiding releasing his tax returns prior to 2015.”

            Even if true, he still looks like a hypocrite in the eyes of many because by his own admission he has no evidence other than suspicions.

            It’s hard to know who to root for — the hypocrite or the one with untold personal indiscretions and fabrications. 😊

            Personally, I think part of it was payback for Trump trashing him for his 2012 campaign. He probably knew full well he would be labeled a hypocrite and in this instance he just didn’t care.

          • Well, even if Romney has something, we know he’s something more mendacious than a hypocrite in that he’s gleefully teeing this up like he’s a TMZ reporter. That it’s based upon mere suspicion is even more ironic.

            We do not know if Trump has done anything.

            So there’s no choice yet on who is the worst of the two in this right now. It’s Romney.

            I think Romney’s maneuver isn’t as personal as much as it is The Empire Strikes Back. Romney is very much a scion of that club.

    • What’s not to like about Chris Stirewalt?

      He’s folksy in a good way, witty, charming and really knows his stuff when it comes to campaign politics.

  4. if Melissa Harris-Perry doesn’t show up…….who will notice? It’s one of the worst shows on MSNBC…..and that’s saying one hell of a lot.

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