Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: Megyn Kelly-Bill O’Reilly-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Outnumbered video: Can Ted and Marco
  • Q&A: Ainsley EarhardtBret Baier on Trump, Maddow, Megyn, etc.
  • Cavuto video: on Apple, unlocking iPhones, and 9/11.
  • Lemon: It’s ‘vital’ that CNN cover…the Oscars?!  Video Q&A: Soledad.
  • Waxman: How CNN turned Trump from a reality star to a frontrunner.
  • On the Record videos: for her
  • Jake Tapper, sidelined for Dem debates, is back for another GOP debate.
  • Somerby: Why won’t Coop ask Trump these questions?  FNC branding dip.
  • CNN investments in politics are paying off.  FNC signs Mercedes Schlapp.

23 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Is Greg Gutfeld still a regular on “The Five”? I don’t watch it often, but when I do tune in, it seems Greg is never there.

  2. I’ve said for ages how in the tank Neil Cavuto is for Trump. As he was gloating today how he told people not to dismiss Trump close to a year ago and he aired his comments from then…after showing that he said:

    Cavuto: “he was at its core a pretty good businessman, a GREAT CASINO operator” 4:18 (Cavuto)

    Trump a great casino operator? This coming from their guy who is in charge of their business? On what metric was he ever a great casino operator? Did Neil never ready any of the books about Trump and how terribly the casinos were run? Or about how he let Ivanka (with no experience) run one?!

    Because Neil shills for Trump…it gives so many others at FNC license to shill for the guy. Out# on today a perfect example. 5 people on the show (Geraldo was 1 lucky guy) and all of them wer PRO TRUMP.

    FNC created this Frankenstein… although others would say Zucker did 😉

    • “FNC created this Frankenstein… although others would say Zucker did ;)”

      I just don’t get this logic…….Trump had a TV show on NBC watched by anywhere from 28 million to 10 million depending on the year…..and yet Fox built Trump because they had him on Fox & friends once a week watched by @ 1.5 million.

      Fox News shows far less Trump than MSNBC and CNN combined yet Fox made him?

      • Boy talk about mixing up reality

        28M was for the 1st year finale. The season didn’t avg close to that.

        And for most years & since 2005, its only avg over 10M one year (1st year of Celeb Apprentice) & it did 11m.

        And how much “airtime” did Trump ever have on The Apprentice?

        Yes, Trump given open reign on FoxNews all the time… was a huge platform for him. Julie Roginsky was right several weeks ago to point out his whole strategy was appearing on Fox and Friends all the time.

        The funny part ….Trump lies as usual and blames FoxNews for being “biased” against him. He does this to distract from most of the hosts on FNC/FBN shill for him and the show most of his rallies etc….. and they love having him, his spox, his kids etc on for him. Trump & supporters have probably gotten 10X as much airtime on FNC/FBN than the next closest candidate. But Trump would tries to act like FNC is in the pocket of Rubio! And some believe it and act like FNC is unfair to him. It’s a crazy world.

        • There’s something odd about taking a primetime terrestrial broadcast show that runs 14 seasons and then pretend that its star was an unknown who was only vaulted to prominence because Fox & Friends had him on 5 minutes a week at 7am. In addition to CNBC having him on 5-10 minutes a week. In addition to regular appearances on Morning. But someone it’s all Fox’s fault; without Fox & Friends Trump would’ve been an unknown mom-and-pop grocery store owner.

          By the way, given that Fox has given Trump less airtime than MSNBC or CNN, it’s odd that your only complaint is about the channel that gives him less air time than the others. And I suppose you think it’s unique that Fox gives the front-runner more time than Ben Carson or Rick Santorum, but guess what? That’s what MSNBCNN do too…and they do it to a significantly greater degree than Fox News does.

          It’s a crazy world all right! I think I need a vacation.

          • According to data from the media monitoring service TVEyes, the MSNBC program has mentioned Trump’s name more frequently than any other cable show since his June 2015 announcement of candidacy—2,414 times compared to 2,181 on New Day and 1,472 on Fox & Friends.


            so MSNBC and CNN morning show talk about Trump more but hey Fox and friends built that????????…..thats hater logic alright.

          • About as crazy as calling yourself a xxxFAN when you’re obviously not a fan of xxx. Pretty much an action of (you pick):
            A) a troll
            B) a jerk
            C) a crazy person
            D) Judy in Disguise

          • Where’s an actual breakdown of all the time Trump, his sons, his spokespersons & his rallies have gotten?

            Please post that…. Love to see that link.

            No…all we get is…Trumps name mentioned X amount of times! LOL

          • The burden of proof is usually on the accusers. All of the studies I’ve seen have said Trump gets more airtime on MSNBCNN than on Fox (I’m not aware of a single study that says Trump gets more airtime on Fox). If you are saying it’s otherwise, then the burden is on you to back that up with some stats.

          • Johnny,this is the way the MSM is pushing Trump now so they can take him out with both barrels in the general election. We all know then they will push HRC to the max.

          • Oh, if Trump is the nominee, his shock at going from the ratings-grabbing and amusing Philestine, to the source of all evil, will make former media darling McCain’s dismay at 2008 media gunners look like a minor case of gas.

        • Yes its a crazy world when anyone can claim Fox built trump when they give him far less time than MSNBC and Cnn.

          Heres just one chart saying so….you might notice Fox talks about TRUMP far less than MSNBC or Cnn.

          Cable News might have built that…..but it wasn’t Fox News that did.

          Again at worst by your figures Trumps NBC show got 11 million….F&F gets 1.5……now who built that again?

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 FNC signs Mercedes Schlapp.

  4. Stelter reports next Tuesday through Friday, Soledad O’Brien will be filling in for Gayle King on CBS THIS MORNING. Think I’m going to throw up.

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