Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: O’Reilly-CNN TownHall-Megyn Kelly 1-2-3.
  • Fox News tops demo and totals on a heavy Tuesday news night.
  • Outnumbered video: Are Trump’s GOP rivals
  • Q&A: Greta celebrates 3500.  Sonny Hostin leaves CNN for ABC.
  • Mika rips Rubio…for ‘sucking up’ to Trump!  The Megyn Kelly effect.
  • Roger Stone scorches CNN pundits: ‘no qualifications whatsoever’.
  • Wemple: Stone’s ‘nasty, bigoted’ tweets got him banned from CNN.
  • Video: have first reactions to Trump Nevada victory.
  • Coop to moderate Flint Democratic debate.  Robin Meade moonlighting.

50 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Today, I unfollowed three people on Twitter for political reasons: Lou Dobbs and Kayleigh McEnany for supporting Trump (I also unliked their Facebook pages), and former Red Eye guest Nikki Glaser for coming out as pro-choice last night on her Comedy Central show.

    • I never heard of Kayleigh McEnany before she became a spokesperson for Trump. Whenever she’s on a panel discussion with other political commentators, I always get the feeling they want to burst out laughing at the things she says.
      I don’t understand Lou Dobbs at all. SMH.

    • I keep FACEBOOK for friends and fun — politics free. I used to have Tommy Chistopher as a friend, because we were, but he was snatching the fun from my timeline.

      Twitter though, wide open. Like Mike though, give me a reason, and I’ll drop the block on ya..

  2. Noticing again today how Shep really despises Trump. Can’t say I’ve ever seen him get any blowback for his efforts. Maybe The Donald naps at 3:00 PM?

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 moonlighting
    4 Stirewalt and Kurtz
    3 Roger Stone scorches
    2 Megyn Kelly effect
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Stone’s ‘nasty, bigoted’ tweets got him banned from CNN.

  4. I think that Megyn Kelly did an excellent job tonight. Of course, Trump was too chickensh*t to show. She did have to keep dragging Kasich away from his talking points and back onto the questions. But, other than that, it was good.

    • She was incredibly polished, on top of the issues, and smoothly professional, especially considered how little time there was to prepare (the event was thrown together just a few days in advance). But it won’t be as successful (ratings-wise) as other town halls have been for several reasons.
      1. The lack of prep time meant several candidates couldn’t rearrange either schedules and appeared via satellite, hence the in-person dynamics weren’t there.
      B. For the same reason there wasn’t much promotion in advance to hype viewer interest.
      III. It was presented as a special Kelly File, which is good for Kelly File ratings at the end of the month, but made it seem less like a special event. The lack of any post-mortem show also made it seem less like a special event.
      d. The lack of the ultimate ratings-bait, Trump…especially in a one-on-one with Megyn (the avoidance of which was the real reason for Trump’s absence…I don’t believe the scheduling conflict at all. There may have been one but he could’ve worked around it or done a satellite hookup if he weren’t scared of Megyn.)
      But whatever the ratings Megyn Kelly has further burnished her cred as a journalist, interrogator, and audience talk show host. She can do it all, and her obvious skills will open many doors for her, not all of them on a news channel.

      • “Megyn Kelly has further burnished her cred as a journalist, interrogator, and audience talk show host.”

        Did she ever. I’m not sure you can teach that. Some just seem to have that gift.

        • She is absolutely the biggest talent we’ve seen in a generation or more.

          Razor sharp, bold, tough, hard worker, fair, empathetic, witty, playful, warm, great voice, uber easy on the eye. She could make a story on toenail clippers sound interesting. She literally sells whatever she says.

          She can speak ten thousand words with one look at the camera and can convey all the irony and absurdity of an issue or individual in that one second.

          It she stays at Fox it will be a miracle. I don’t see how she can stay there and reach her potential. The media culture is too insular and elitist to tolerate that.

          • Mabye she’s happy where she is. I have seen people with immense talent stay in small markets either because they are from the area, or there is something about the place that connected with them on an unexplainable level.

  5. Not a good day (i.e., 24 hours) for John Kasich on two fronts.

    He’s getting criticized on Twitter (by some on the right) for this exchange with Megyn.

    Then the night before he may have lost some independent supporters when Samantha Bee (on her new comedy show on TBS) took him to task (in a humorous way) for some of his out of the mainstream positions.

    Too bad. I kinda like the guy.

    • I remember this arrogant jerk when he was on the House Armed Services Committee pairing with Ron Dellums (D-CA) in an attempt to block virtually every defense program. Dellums was farther to the left than Fidel Castro and Daniel Ortega. Him and Kasich made a real odd couple on defense and other matters.

      • Sometimes it’s the little things that can lose you some supporters like tone deafness or lack of self-awareness.

        Megyn politely gave him an ‘out’ by making the joke about “You can talk to my husband.”

        A more astute politician would have smiled acceptingly. Instead he just sat there stone-faced doing nothing to disabuse those who talk about his well publiciced short fuse.

    • Kasich on paper has the best credentials in the field, but he’s misfired several times. This business of him carping about the time he’s getting seems to be a staple of his appearances; it’s especially silly when he’s complaining about time when he’s doing a one-on-one town hall!

      Samanatha Bee isn’t going to hurt him. Her constituency isn’t going to vote for him regardless of what he says. I mean, she holds a book up to the camera in the promos for her show–it’s a copy of Hillary’s book! That’s not designed to attract GOP voters.

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