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  1. I haven’t read the Wemple thing, but I don’t see a whole lot in the Scarbirough tape either. I don’t see anything that wouldn’t have been politely and superficially said to any other candidate touting himself and pretending to josh around about easy questions. Not that any other candidate is as grandiose as Donald.

    Boy, MSNBC must be an employee lounge of backstabbing when it comes to not staying precisely on narrative. They did the same sort of leak of Peggy Noonan chitchatting off camera back in 2008.

    • The columnist Sahil Kapur wrote:
      “One serious knock on Trump is that his unfavorable rating is poorer than those of Cruz and Rubio. A Quinnipiac poll found his rating with Republicans at 62 percent favorable, 31 unfavorable.”

      Seems like cherry picking to me.

      To wit:
      Latest opinion poll averages:
      Trump Favorable 36.4%
      Trump Unfavorable: 57%

      Oh well. Perhaps one poll is Republicans only and the other is all voters.

      • i was just pointing out that there are plenty of views different than mine on re-dealing voters from dropped candidates and turnout. my hopes for a re-deal of voters yielding a quality p/vp or no more probable than knowing next weeks oil price. but i am gonna stupidly believe that people vote rationally …..until they do not.

  2. Re: “Concha: Harry Shearer, the Scarborough tape, and Keith Olbermann”: Harry was on FNC once, as far as I know, to promote an album on Red Eye. On The Simpsons, Harry’s character Kent Brockman was on two sides of the Olbermann coin:
    1) Parodying WPitW by naming Ned Flanders “the Worst Person Who Ever Lived”
    2) Parodying the injurious Inside Edition outtake, including the audio-free jacket slam

    As for “the Scarborough tape,” it’s moments like this that led Fox News Watch to cease their “Behind the Break” videos.

  3. One of the screwiest things this Trump candidacy has done is separate people into camps like the Hatfields and the McCoys. Trump fanatics call just about everyone on Fox News a liberal and constantly say so on twitter in pursuit of their (failed) boycott. Trump haters make the delusional claim that Fox made Trump’s reputation, invented his candidacy (thank Newt, political genius that you are), and is to this day still promoting him. People who ordinarily agree are at each other’s throats. Eric Bolling is a die-hard Trump supporter, but Cheri Jacobus can’t stand that so she got into a twitter spat making up an insignificant but preposterous story about Bolling that naturally he had to respond to. It’s possible that she’ll never be taken seriously again, and in that respect Bolling may be riding the same train.

    • to think, i was so sad when claro took fox off of cable here and replaced it with Venezuelan documentaries and news.

      • She’s a GOP political consultant. Appears on CNN. I went to her twitter feed but I can’t figure out what the squabble is about. Something about only meeting Bolling a couple of times. Inquiring minds want to know.

        • As best as I can figure it out it had something to do if she asked to be on his show, or he asked her to come on, and somebody said no, not sure who, and it all happened while Eric was having a smoke outside the Fox News building, only Eric never smoked in his life, and she says yes you did…yada yada yada.

          • That seems to be it. I saw the smoking comment-surprised me. I like her commentary when I watch her on that other network.

        • I just looked at her Twitter feed too. Evidently, Bolling said something negative about her because she’s anti-Trump and now she rattling on about his waving her over for a hug on two different occasions in front of the Fox News buildings.

          Does she think he wanted to go steady? How old is she?

      • It’s been smoldering on twitter, I didn’t the time to trace it back to see where it started and now it seems Eric deleted his side of the argument which makes it impossible to follow.

    • Do you have a link for the Bolling/Cheri feud?? =))

      Woops, I see Cecelia asked that ? below and J$ responded already…

      I would have loved to have seen it. Eric has gotten into so many spats about his love affair with Trump. He should leave FNC and be his campaign spokesperson. Even though Eric can’t say two words without stuttering or mumbling, he’d still be better than Katrina 😉

  4. Good for Chuck Todd for speaking up for Katy Tur.

    If the media wasn’t such a guild of craven dilettantes, they’d band together to send the message that if Trump wants to bully members of their rank he can speak alone with his followers in a media blackout.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 compulsively false statements
    4 Harry Shearer
    3 How CNN beat
    2 Borchers downplays
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 TCG: When candidates duck reporters, Erik Wemple is of two minds.

  6. BOR question: Are some TV news folks too close to some people running for president?
    As Mona Lisa Vito would say, “That’s a BS question.”
    Leave out the word ‘news’ and it would be a better question.

    • I do think BOR has a vested interest in defending cozy relationships with certain politicians (like he has with Donald Trump) and it showed in his somewhat one-sided presentation about Joe & Mika tonight. The “it’s very commonplace” defense didn’t resonate with me.

      At least Mr. Bill is not as blatant or as egregious about it as Joe & Mika are on Morning Joe where they sometimes sound like a campaign operation including trashing Trump’s opponents.

      • President Bush is long retired. He is now a figure of historical interest. That makes a big difference.

        • I forgot that Bret has interviewed Bush more than once.

          I was referring to the one he did in early 2008 where he received criticism on some blue blogs like Crooks & Liars.

          Presumably only a transcript is available online because a DVD version is available from Amazon for $19.95.

      • My point is that BOR has wittingly or unwittingly exempted himself and others from the claim that there are TV folks who are too close to presidential candidates by inserting the word news in the question. It’s a CYA question.

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