Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: wins SC; wins NV; Jeb’s
  • Reliable Sources videos: Election results; polls vs votes; Erik Wemple.
  • Feldman: Chris Wallace calls out Hillary for ducking Fox News Sunday.
  • Video:: on Jeb’s exit from the race.
  • Concha: Long-form interviews are the latest cable news ‘thing’.
  • Saturday coverage: Fox News, MSNBC; Scalia funeral.  Sunday talkers.
  • Dylan Ratigan resurfaces; Charles Bierbauer also.  Q&A: Rachel Maddow.
  • Your Buzz videos: Trump Marco

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  1. Did anyone watch the Kelly File Friday night and her interview with a feisty and somewhat angry Jeb Bush?

    A little background. Before the NH primary I had commented that recent interviews with Chris Christie showed a candidate whose on-camera persona showed a borderline defeated man who knew (perhaps due to internal polling) knew the end was near — which it was.

    I sensed the same thing with a clearly dispirited Jeb during his interview by Megyn. I strongly suspect he knows he can finish no better than 4th and perhaps even finish 5th.

    When Megyn asked him about the late Friday report report at Politico that some of his staff was already floating their resumes Jeb’s jaws cliched as he lashed out at Politico as “pure trash.”

  2. “Long-form Interviews” – Is there any hope this trend might continue past November 8th? I’d look forward to that, where interviewees have to give more than just their talking points.

  3. the Dylan Ratigan link for me goes to a guy i never read. for accuracy please delete the 4 times i went there from your privileged info daily popularity survey.

  4. There’s already some blowback at CNN for talking over the funeral mass, hymns, etc, instead of just airing the service. FNC has remained silent (don’t know what MS did) though I can see merit in both approaches.

  5. Did FiveThiryEight get another one right?

    I know Nate Silver hasn’t always been that popular here at J$P, but if current numbers hold (4% lead), Hillary Clinton may win in Nevada.

    Silver had her odds of winning at 71% (not percentage of votes) while most in cable news were constantly talking about Bernie surging and posing a real possibility of derailing her candidacy.

    It hasn’t been called. So it ain’t over yet.

  6. Funny graphic on CNN.

    In a 3-shot there was a framed video in the upper-left corner from Clinton Headqaurters.

    The text at the bottom of the frame was supposed to read HILLARY HQ.

    But the bottom of the frame clipped off the curly line at the bottom of “Q” making it read “HILLARY HO.”

    Well, I thought it was amsusing at least.

  7. RCP shows Jeb below 10%, Fox at 10%. i would say those are withdraw numbers. which, if he does withdraw knocks Cruz out of contention. no Jeb, Carson, Kaisich voters will give Cruz a single vote.

    • He won’t withdraw, he thinks that he deserves the nomination. Fox said that the campaign isn’t even watching the TV coverage. That is going around with your fingers in your ears and saying, “Nah, nah, nah.”

      • with further returns coming in he is deteriorating and rubio has moved into 2nd. stays that way, jeb is gone. all his staff are looking for work as we speak.

    • BTW, a point of correction.

      Early I said, “An outlier (pollster) called Augusta Chronicle has Trump beating Rubio by only three points.”

      Well, I just saw a tweet from CBS projecting a similar margin (4 points) — but it was over Cruz, not Rubio. Hmmm.

      • there are 22 to 28 points between jeb, kaisich, and carson to divide between DT, cruz and rubio. those are the important numbers. if SC was running only DT, Cruz and Rubio, Rubio would win. that is in the mind of every single person on every team.

        • On that point, I was surprised to see a national poll this week showing that in a head-to-head matchup Trump loses to both Rubio and Cruz.

          I also saw another poll showing that in head-to-head match-ups with Hillary it was Kasich who had the largest margin of victory.

          • SC has just chosen the team: Rubio kasich. SC proves neither trump or cruz can win. if the lower candidates were not there trump would be at 35, cruz 25, rubio 40. … and yeah that kasich beating clinton number has been there for months.

  8. My DVR is still behind real-time, so perhaps things will change.

    Consider this:
    FNC on-screen graphic shows Trump up by 12.2%.
    RCP average had Trump up by 13%.

    Yet Megyn is arguing with Juan Williams that Trump failed to meet expectations.

    Huh? smh

    • that is like arguing about something that has already been flushed. the numbers last night prove conclusively that neither trump or cruz can win, now forget last night. each proximate primary will have to be factored completely differently. no one is the same when the competition changes. Jeb just gave his points to Rubio. trump and cruz added zero and they have reached their peak. book it. i laughed when Huck and Gingrich thought they had a prayer. niche candidates do not win. where are additional cruz and trump candidates going to come from? fairy dust?

      in other good news dem turnout in NV was down by almost half.

      • Really? How many are openly anti-Trump? Most of those are not hosts but pundits. The only openly “hosts” against Trump on FNC are Dana & Greg.

        • and almost every pundit and i doubt kelly has much interest. btw, in my view being a “fox contributor” says more about fox than a host.

      • I think Gutfeld is very sceptical of Trump. The hard new folks are still playing down the middle except Shep but he is a liberal

        • I agree about Gutfeld and the hard news people. Dana, too.
          I’m trying to remember back to the coverage of McCain and Romney. I just can’t remember the some of the aforementioned people openly shilling for either of them. Might have been subtle support. But there hasn’t been anyone like Trump and he really gets the juices flowing. I have curtailed much of my viewing. Trying out a few new venues.

          • I also have cut way back on my watching many show like Outnumbered, Andrea is all in for Trump after she was all over Paul and I have cut way back on watching what was one of my favorites the Five. I just can’t take Bowling although Gutfeld and to a lesser extent Dana try take jabs at him,
            If you can find good programs elsewhere let me know

    • Just because all of these people at FNC/FBN are all openly shilling for Trump on a daily basis… who has “picked sides”?? 😉

      Fox and Friends (Brian and Steve ..although Brian did stand up for GW),
      Out# (except Julie Roginsky)
      The Five (Geraldo, Eric Bolling, Kimberly, Jesse Watters)
      Bill O Reilly
      Sean Hannity

      Stuart Varney
      Dobbs (who challenges Eric as the worst Trump suck up)

      There was a great “fight” last night on FBN beween Lou Dobbs (who couldn’t have been more Pro Trump) fighting with Gasparino, D Bolton and T Regan. Great fireworks.

      But how anyone at FNC or FBN supports Trump and his crazy policies of protectionism, Single Payer mandate, tax increases, the “wall” nonsense, FNC was pushing the idea years before that McCain was too much of a hot head/ loose cannon to be President. McCain is on ambient compared to Trump!

  9. Karl Rove: “I disagree with all due respect to Carl Cameron. As people dropout — if Jeb Bush were to drop out, his people are unlikely to go to Donald Trump. There might be a few of them, but the vast majority would go elsewhere. If John Kasich were to drop out — again, which of the 11 people who dropped has embraced Donald Trump and thrown themselves into his camp.”

    never knew he read this blog and stole ideas from here.

  10. Cruz’s father is the Lyman Beecher of our time. trying to get a rebirth of evangelicals gone by. young evangelicals will not put up with Trump, 60% disapproval among republicans, or Cruz anymore than they would put up with Jerry Falwell. those days are done. churches are full of young evangelicals, and they are not in the Cruz style at all.
    go back to January before Iowa when this was written and you can see the divide forming as Glenn Beck tries to do a Spock mind merge with Cruz. yeah, that will help Cruz win. NOT…. and there is an end to the stupids that Trump can troll for.


      • business is all about share. pushing some away to attract others is a tricky biz as we often forget the reverse. attracting some pushes others away. you need more than ten fingers and ten toes to calculate the net result of your actions. a good example is businesses that advertise their Christianity. count carefully and use mini max calculus because when you do that you build a ceiling in your possible share.

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