Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: GOP Town Hall-Don Lemon-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Video: Judging of the debate over replacing Scalia.
  • TCG: Wemple picked an odd time to take another shot at Fox & Friends.
  • Announcement of Ainsley sends a message to moms.  Q&A: Trish Regan.
  • Video: Fox & Friends to the curvy couch.
  • Mediaite dings F&F for erroneous b-roll, falsely fingers Ainsley as reader.
  • Trump whine: Ailes won’t cave to demands, won’t ‘lift a finger to help me’.
  • Joe & Mika: ‘It’s Trump derangement syndrome!’  Hannity sets Trump hour.
  • Linkins: Little payoff for Trump infomercial.  Garver: Trump gets a freebie.
  • No, it’s not about vitamins: CNN launching Formula E show.  CNNi awarded.
  • Another CNN town hall, moderated by the sibling of a Democratic governor!

28 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Re: Fox & Friends welcomes Ainsley Earhardt to the curvy couch.

    Well played by F&F. The old videos of her work was a nice touch.

    As someone coming to this with no preconceived opinions because I had never seen her before other than some brief clips online I must say she seems like a total delight. I can see why she is so well liked by so many co-workers.

    She reminds me a little of Lara Spencer over at ABC’s GMA. Full of life, funny, perky and personality plus.

    Another smart move Mr. Ailes.

  2. I will probably stop watching Fox and Friends after Ainsley Earhardt starts hosting the show. She just doesn’t seem very bright. No real sense of humor, just a toothy smile. I want a really smart female host and she isn’t it.

    • The low ratings could have worked to the benefit of Hillary Clinton. 😊

      She was grilled pretty good on MSNBC — especially by audience members. Much more so than Joe & Mika’s town hall with Trump the night before.

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    1 Wemple picked an odd time to take another shot at Fox & Friends.

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