Thursday Links and Open Thread

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  1. From the Common Tater at ICN:

    And, honestly, if you want to look at it purely from Concha’s “paying your dues” standpoint, Patti Ann Browne deserves a promotion more. That she hasn’t gotten a regular weekday daytime gig by now remains one of the biggest mysteries (and mistakes) in FNC’s history…provided it wasn’t her choice.

    From what I hear, she wants to spend more time with her family.

  2. Re: Wemple: Despite moments, Joe and Mika let Trump skate on key issues.
    So Erik Wemple called it a puff session because of the failure to “grind through an extensive accounting of his racism and bigotry is an outrage only sightly less egregious than the candidate’s own.”

    Well, that’s certainly one persons harsh assessment.

    I’m curious to read what other media critics have to say.

    • I found another review of the Trump Town Hall.

      This one on Slate by Isaac Chotiner, a former writer for what many consider the non-partisan The New Yorker magazine.

      He wrote (in part) the following:

      Scarborough and Brzezinski hosted what appeared to be a rehearsed and “safe” town hall, in which American voters asked the candidate such hard-hitting questions as “Why did you decide to run for president?” and “how will you set yourself apart” from other Republicans?

      It was completely worthless television, except in one sense: The program highlighted the many ways in which the media’s coverage of Trump has been soft, insufficient, and without substance.

      • I just watched CNN’s Town Hall segment with Ted Cruz.

        In fairness to Joe & Mika, he only got two questions from the audience and neither would hardly qualify as hard hitting.

  3. Spud always has to get into the weeds at any hint of clandestine plotting at FNC. Ever since a decade ago their PR dirty tricks branch slipped out that he wore women’s underwear. Actually, that’s from the Larry dirty tricks branch.

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  5. Bad news: ifa da Pope saya you noa Christian, you noa Chistian… Papal infallibility.
    Good news: slightly less chance ISIS motivated to murder you.

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