Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: O’Bolling – The Five/Sandra Smith 1- 2/3 (tie).
  • Shep Smith video: Is there of the Fox News deck?
  • Grove: Ratings and retribution spark MSNBCNN battle for second place.
  • Fox & Friends video: Did trigger fresh Trump complaints?
  • Wemple: When will FNC join the bandwagon for candidate town halls?
  • Somerby: MSNBC’s top escort service takes over Chris Hayes’s hour.
  • Drum: MSNBC embarrasses itself yet again.  Geraghty: How convenient!
  • Concha: Escalating cable town halls are a good thing.  TCG: Rolling the dice.
  • Concha: Here’s why Ainsley Earhardt earned the F&F job.  Weekend numbers.
  • Ainsley Earhardt, F&F’s ‘it’ girlOtR video: Kilmeade consoles Anna. 

49 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Re: Concha: Escalating cable town halls are a good thing

    I must confess, as much as I dislike Mr. Trump, I have set my DVR.

    So what could go wrong?

    Remember the Town Hall where one of the first questioners was obviously not a plant — or preselected (because he was going to ask a softball question)? He basically wanted Hillary to address the fact that many of his friends do not trust her honesty or trustworthiness. Good for him and good for CNN.

    Will we see the same aggressive questioning on MSNBC? If not, this plan could totally backfire as Joe & Mika’s critics continue to heap criticism and ridicule on Joe & Mika for being in the tank for their favorite ratings magnet.

    Stay tuned.

      • ….. but wait there is more ……honestly i am getting to the point of hating the voices of every single candidate. it is not like you are going to learn anything. the best you can hope for is a car wreck that kills a candidate.

        what they need is a debate that uses a team from the CBO liabilities forecast report office as moderators. i would watch that.

      • Me, I’m buying the Ronco TRUMP-a-MATIC. Slices and dices a Trump so thin, one Trump town hall can last you all winter.

          • Act today and get the Trump-volume Mr. Microphone absolutely free! Hey, good lookn’, just pay shipping and handling.

          • When Trump is saying “hey good looking” in the he saying that to his wife OR Ivanka?! LOL

          • You never know with Trump. He once said that she was so “hot,” that if she wasn’t his daughter, he’d date her. I have never considered my daughter hot, or had any type of sexual thoughts about her. She does look like her late mother, who was one of the most beautiful women ever to grace this earth.

        • I have the Ronco “Set it and forget it” rotisserie.

          It works just fine… But the best part about it is the big print warning in the manual that says, “Whatever you do, don’t ‘set it and forget it.’ Keep an eye on this unit at all times.”

          Now that’s funny.

  2. How much does Donald Trump pushing your show help you? In Eric Bolling’s case… none at all.

    It’s amazing…some writer out there hasn’t written about Eric’ #WakeUpAmerica and what a flop it’s been. This week…even with The Donald promoting the show (and many thinking he might be appearing), CashinIn comes in last place.

    The show really suffers without Juan or some other “good” liberal on the panel who knows how to “mix it up”. Tarlov has been on a year and why Eric keeps having her on is beyond me. Also, the loss of Wayne has hurt the show. Not to mention, Eric promoting Trump every chance he gets!.

  3. Wow Concha must be getting paid by Ainsley! What a fluff piece

    Funny how he didn’t mention her huge demotion after “But Hitler did good things”. She was on the fast track till she put her foot in her mouth time and time again. Did Concha mention Mitt Romney not being a Christian??? Why not?

    Ainsley had been on the “fast track” but she herself derailed it.

    Also, does anyone really think Kimberly would have taken F&F? F&F for her would be a huge step down from “The Five”. She wants Greta’s time slot or to be Megyn’s fill in/replacement.

    I was surprised they went with Ainsley. Especially in an election year. She lacks gravitas for sure. He ability to discuss politics on air is mostly limited to the talking points she read immediately prior to the show IMO.

    One saving grace…we will perhaps be spared by her faux outrage at Spring Break on Hannity. So ridiculous they act like things are “wild” now.

    Heather Nauert knows politics far better. She co-hosted with Gibby etc. But you know they thought Heather too old. Sandra would have made an excellent choice. She’s smart, has kids….can talk business, politics with ease.

    I wish they would have given Eboni K Williams a shot. That would have been a great choice. A beautiful intelligent African American…. with a legal background. I think she could have been perfect.

    Ainsley …to me… is the prototypical…. Morning Show Host for a market like Dallas. That’s where she belongs IMO. But at least she does hate Trump. The guy on F&F love him.

    • I wouldn’t trust Dan Abrams who has lied about Fox in the past, especially when his clip is from MSNBC, the premier out-of-context editing source for blue blogs everywhere. And on HuffPo to boot! The question of whether Mormons count as Christians is not unique to Ainsley; it’s a fact that many mainstream denominations have scriptural bases for that view. And to this day I don’t understand why her honest admission about how Roger Goodell treats her family is some sort of negative job-killing faux pas.

      I like Sandra, Heather, and Eboni is a rising star. But every one of them has entries on Media Matters, newshounds, and other blue blogs just like Ainsley has. Ainsley wasn’t my top choice but she’s a strong choice.

      PS: I thought she was perfect for those “spring break” Hannity reports. And the City Council that changed the laws were apparently impressed as well.

      So there.

      • Ainsley went with her heart over her head on the Goodell thing, but you should have seen all the friends of Jane Skinner who thanked her for sticking up for Jane’s husband.

        • I had talked her into doing YOGA NEWS… supposedly after that happened.. she got called into the office and they griped and told her not to let the guys on “Red Eye” talk her into such things.

          I still think it remains one of the greatest things in Cable News History!

      • In my book they’ve never done better than E.D. Hill.

        A Texas gal tomboy type was the perfect reign ’em in foil for those guys.

    • Fox News Fan needs to change his Twitter handle to FNC ladies rule except Ainsley since he obviously is prejudiced against her.

      • You missed the whole point! Yes, I brought up things that happened YEARS AGO. Things any decent reporter should have brought up. Because, its those PAST THINGS that had her get “set back down”….sent off to FNC “Siberia” for a while. But of course if you read Joe’s piece, you’d have no idea about that. Would you?!

        Prejudiced against Ainsley? I used to be a big fan but then… And for Fox New to dump someone great like Jedediah Bila from OUT# and then having Ainsley take her place last year That was an outright joke.

        But there are plenty of women I would dump from FNC. PLENTY!

  4. If I had to guess, I’d say one of the Beltway Boys has escaped the home and is wandering the walls of FNC.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 this interview
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    3 consoles Anna
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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Drum: MSNBC embarrasses itself yet again.

  6. So the infamous town hall with Trump on MSNBC was prerecorded(according to a J$ tweet)? And they waited until 8 to show it? Big stick in the eye to CNN.

        • I would guess that besides threatening to sue various and sundry people, everything else will be YUGE!

        • Just watched the Trump Town Hall.

          I suppose the supporters will say the Town Hall was good and Trump did well and insist it was not a love-fest like Morning Joe’s regular morning show.

          The MSNBC/MJ critics will say there were too few tough questions/follow-ups from both the audience as well as J & M.

          For example, one of the audience members asked him, “Why did you decide to run for President?”

          Another praised his book “The Art of the Deal” before asking her question about small businesses.

          Joe Scar asked Trump about the cost of higher education. When Trump generalized that, “We have to help the students” Joe (not unsurprisingly to his many critics) failed to ask HOW?

          Earler today commenter Fox News Fan wrote, “I think I’ll pass on the Donald Trump Infomercial tonight!”

          I suspect after a viewing many people thought it was closer to an “Infomercial” than a tough, informative presentation.

          OTOH, there were moments when both Joe & Mika (feigned?) toughness. Was it enough to fend off the media TV critics like David Zurawik and Erik
          Wemple. My guess is it may have been. Just barely.

          I guess we’ll find out on Thursday. Plus on Friday perhaps CNN Town Hall questioners of Trump will be compared with MSNBC’s.

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