Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Video: Debate w/Omarosa when she brings up ‘boobs’.
  • Somerby: Chris Hayes has adopted Olbermann’s deceptive editing tricks.
  • Video: at the CBS GOP debate.  MSNBC scrubs Todd clip.
  • Gurian: Greg Gutfeld gets a studio audience; ‘the show was really funny‘.
  • Richard Quest elevated in CNNMoney expansion.  Inside Great Big Story.
  • A Democratic debate on Fox? Bernie Sanders is fine with it..sort of.  
  • Not maniacs: 10,000 sign petition calling for Chris Matthews’s suspension.
  • CNN staffers fume at anchor’s six-figure bathroom as layoffs spread.  More.

Updated 3:53 pm  Use our valuable bandwidth to post your cable news comments in today’s open thread.

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    It only took them 7 months or so after the “Hollywood Reporter” asked Greg if he were going to have a live audience. Thankfully, we had been spared of it for all this time, but not anymore!

    Lets hope they realize this was a mistake. They didn’t add anything to the show but they certainly distracted from it.

    What did the J$ faithful think of the “audience”? Pro or Con?

  2. Re: Debate w/Omarosa goes off the rails
    I had to laugh when I read this snippet from an old People magazine article way back in 2004.

    Omarosa was banished from four jobs in two years with the Clinton administration.

    At her last one, “she was asked to leave as quickly as possible, she was so disruptive,” says Cheryl Shavers, the former Under Secretary for Technology where Omarosa worked for several weeks in 2000. “One woman wanted to slug her.”

    She was also bounced from a previous position at Commerce, says another former administration official, “because she couldn’t get along with people.”

  3. I see the stooges are complaining about FBN talking about the election which somehow doesn’t occur to them a national election might affect business…..maybe they can explain why the only LIVE CNBC show today according to my guild is the Westminster dog show……..How blind can they be? #laughingstocks!!!

    • “the only LIVE CNBC show today according to my guild is the Westminster dog show”


      I wonder if it’s because I believe the NYSE and the NASDAQ are closed for the holiday.

      • and yet Fox Business news is LIVE……and the stooges are complaining they are also covering politics, which any idiot knows affects business………but no sound on CNBC covering ONLY a dog show… I’ve said #laughingstocks.

        • Heck, if I worked for CNBC, I would be delighted to get a day off when the markets are closed. But that’s just me.

          If FBN can find enough non-stock market news to go live, more power to ’em.

          • Yes i’m aware of why CNBC isn’t live……unlike the racist stooges I pay attention to media and don’t just bash women of color on one News network that dares say things about “my” party I don’t like .

            The point if you bothered to read the stooges posts instead of just making fun of me like a stooge you might see why I brought it up and you wouldn’t look like one of them.

            By hey stooge on!

          • I treat you like you treat me….IE: see twitter.


            Actually we agree on most thing except Fox News.

            You aren’t going to make fun of me on twitter and then expect me to treat you like I don’t know that here.

          • Deleted my comment Gatxer while you were typing your reply.

            It was too harsh.

            I replaced it with the one that begins, “I still suggest that if you’ve got a beef on Twitter, settle it there.”

          • yea i deleted mine before i hit post…………I have a problem with you making fun of me on twitter and coming here like nothings wrong and I’m still upset that you posted banned Moes post here…………but because of my respect for J$ Im going to log off for a while.

            You hang around with people banned from here… have to expect blowback……..but for a few hours at least it won’t be from me.

            You won’t see me on twitter……… allows people like Joe and the other stooges post lies without anybody calling them on it….it’s a circlejerk.

          • I didn’t understand why you said, “but no sound on CNBC covering ONLY a dog show” in reply to my comment telling you why..

            If you think that was “making fun of you,” that was not my intent. I was just puzzled by your statement.


            Onward and upward with different cable news topics.

          • I still suggest that if you’ve got a beef on Twitter, settle it there.

            It’s not appropriate to bring it to J$P where we tend to have a congenial and respestful attitude toward each other.

            This ain’t Mediaite or Breitbart.

          • Does it matter who it was?

            I’m too busy to find the exact circumstances…even if I could. It may have been while some of those who no longer comment here were still active.

            You’ll just have to trust me on this one. 😊

          • Yes it does. You are far too sensitive on this. We even had Spud once come by and blame us for everything under the sun. As for Gaxter, he knows of what he speaks. Defend the fools on Twitter and at ICN if you please, but they are bad news all around.

          • Easy for you to say. But what do I know? I’m simply a heathen, as one of your Twitter friends said.

          • Calling someone a heathen is not good.

            Although I’ve probably called my rancher brother a lot worse.

            He’s a Marine Corps vet and as a rancher is usually armed, so it’s usually behind his back.

          • The Spud thing was weird. He hated to ban the FNC critics, they each had left him no choice, so he comes over here and tells US off…

          • He’s a strange dude Cecelia.

            Why chase off most of your commenters at ICN with surliness and bans (instead of simply deleting their comments)?

            To a lesser extent the same applies to Mediaite. But they’re not alone. Some time last year TVNewser seemed to have chased away most of their 100+ commenters for their daily Scoreboard. Now they’re lucky to break single digits. The actual details about the mass exodus are still murky AFAIK.

            Spud needs to borrow a page from Johnny’s moderator book and resolve spats with a civil tone — even humor at times.

            Oh well.

          • Poor Larry was just minding his own business when the two psychos went after him. I bet when Joe was a kid, his favorite Sesame Street episode was brought to us by the letter “F,” because he sure likes words that start with it.

          • Well today Fox Business news is a Business new channel and CNBC is about a dog show……CNBC staff must be proud!

    • You buried the lede…their discussion was to needle me over something I tweeted. Heaven forbid they actually address me to my face (or my twitter avi as the case may be). Instead, do it behind blocks where I can’t see it.

      • Well if you respond you’re a paid staker or need a hobby…….you know like sitting in your basement watching a Tv News network you hate so you can lie about the women of color they have on.


        How many media sites are they banned from?………yet they cant help but read and watch every word in case someone points out their lies and BS?

        • Word is that Remi’s mom still picks out his clothes to wear every day.
          (this was a test. this was only a test)

  4. Just checked the CNN promo for the WED-THU Town Hall shows.

    I must have been distracted earlier not to realize the graphic answers my question.

    Wednesday is Ben Carson, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.
    Thursday is Donald Trump, Jeb Bush and John Kasich.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 More
    4 scrubs Todd clip
    3 goes off the rails
    2 Chris Matthews’s suspension
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN staffers fume at anchor’s six-figure bathroom as layoffs spread.

  6. Re:MSNBC changing video. I think it had to be that Chuck said “oh God”. If it had been “no doubt” they would have not done it. MSNBC=dishonest. How many videos/sound bites do they have to “edit” or “scrub” before someone, anyone in management says “enough is enough”!

    • I tend to agree with Tommy C. and Spud at ICN that it sounded more like Chuck Todd said, “No doubt.”

      But as Tommy concluded:
      “No matter what was said, the point is that MSNBC shouldn’t be stealth-scrubbing its video in any case.”

  7. Trump on O’Bolling tonight? Showing clips from the O’Reilly is having Trump on? False advertising? Bait and switch?

    • That’s exactly what I thought when J$ posted the guest list and then he explained they were clips from earlier Bill interview. Very deceptive on their part. But only way to help @EricBolling get any viewers…

  8. Bernie Goldberg VERSUS Trump lapdog and PR man @EricBolling

    This is great! I hope Bernie is on The Factor this week! I’d love to see Bernie just pummel Bolling over his ridiculous #Trumpsplaining. Greg was beating the **** out of Bolling today over Trump saying GW lied about WMD’s. Bolling still wouldn’t say anything bad about Trump’s CODE PINK comments. Bolling really wants that APPRENTICE JOB or now WHITE HOUSE JOB.

    But its easy to see why Dana Perino didn’t defend Eric when Jon Stewart called him “The Dumb One”

    • Bernard Goldberg wrote, “Donald Trump has a knack for making his most passionate supporters look foolish, and worse. They often come off as Trump toadies, sycophants who live only to bask in his majesty’s glow.”

      Wow. Them’s fightin’ words. 🙂

      Apparently it was Eric Bolling who fired the first shot on the day of the SC debate by saying:

      “As you know I’ve never liked what the establishment class represents. I often talk about how they’re almost as bad as the liberals running DC, just more whiney about stuff.

      That usually elicits hate tweets, columns written by establishment types – Peter Wehner, the Goldbergs, Jonah and Bernie. … But you know what, they shouldn’t be shooting inside the tent. Look establishment, if you truly care about America as I do, Trump’s not your problem. Liberals and socialists are.”

      You go Bernie…who appeared to be taking a thinly veiled shot at Trump sycophant Joe Scarborough as well.

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