Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: SC Hillary
  • Reliable Sources videos: Polarization; real-time fact-checking; cozy Joe.
  • Video: from Bret Baier panel, candidates.
  • John Seigenthaler is out of a job again.  Q&A: Melissa Harris-Perry.
  • Zurawik: Why do anchors, moderators hug and kiss up to candidates?
  • Concha: CNN’s hustle and vision will bring them town hall ratings gold.
  • CNN skeds last-minute Coop-moderated back-to-back GOP town halls.
  • When Alison Kosik tried to get a Zika virus test.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Kelly File video: on PBS’s Dem debate, and if Fox gets a turn.
  • Sat post-debate: FNC Baier; Burnett; MSNBC John Kerry campaigner.

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44 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. RIP Justice Scalia.

    I share the sentiments expressed on Twitter.

    “Last Justice to die in office was Rehnquist on 9-3-05. Succeeded by Roberts on 9-29-5. 26 days. Let’s see how long this one takes.

    There is already speculation — even by some on the left like Jeffrey Toobin — that the Senate will fight hard to deny any Obama nomination.

    • it was called voter revolt and my guide says it should be on right now….but a SC justice died….so its not….comcast says its to be replayed tonight (sat) at 2am and then at 7pm sunday and again at sun at 10pm…..all times central…..but a SC justice has died so who knows.

      • i live in an area where fox is not available, a country actually. so i look for link postings of of the program. yeah, i am aware of Scalia. thnx for trying.

  2. John Seigenthaler’s hour was the one hour of AJAM’s news I watched the most… too bad … hope he finds somewhere else soon

  3. Re: Howard Kurtz on PBS’s Dem debate, and if Fox gets a turn.

    I could be dead wrong on this, but here’s my take on FNC hosting a Dem debate;

    I suspect Debbie Wasserman Schultz wanted to turn the tables on Bret Baier and ask the following, if not for knowing it would look like a dodge:

    “Let me ask you Bret. If non-opinion show hosts like Todd and BriWi were the moderators, would you ask the RNC if they would agree to a Republican debate on MSNBC?”

    Of course both the DNC and RNC would say no out of an abundance of caution. Whether justified, or not, they are both overly cautious about their candidates being asked questions intended to embarrass them a la Megyn’s question of Trump. Both sides tend to seek out friendlier venues.

  4. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 kiss up to candidates
    4 routed
    3 Melissa Harris-Perry
    2 Reactions to GOP debate
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 John Seigenthaler is out of a job again.

  5. Johnny – just out of curiosity, what made you stop posting youtube clips to the Fox Report’s “Fox News Insiders?”

    • Fox started posting them on a weekly basis, usually some time Monday afternoon. I don’t like to duplicate what they themselves post (they may not appreciate losing potential viewers due to the ad revenue that their own videos generate).

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