Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: SC Hillary
  • Reliable Sources videos: Polarization; real-time fact-checking; cozy Joe.
  • Video: from Bret Baier panel, candidates.
  • John Seigenthaler is out of a job again.  Q&A: Melissa Harris-Perry.
  • Zurawik: Why do anchors, moderators hug and kiss up to candidates?
  • Concha: CNN’s hustle and vision will bring them town hall ratings gold.
  • CNN skeds last-minute Coop-moderated back-to-back GOP town halls.
  • When Alison Kosik tried to get a Zika virus test.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Kelly File video: on PBS’s Dem debate, and if Fox gets a turn.
  • Sat post-debate: FNC Baier; Burnett; MSNBC John Kerry campaigner.

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