Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Debate-O’Reilly-Debate postgame 1-2-3.
  • Video: Reporter on wording of story.
  • Buckman: All hail tv’s top newswoman—and she’s from Fox News!
  • Wemple: Why Democrats should do a primary debate on Fox News.
  • Ariens: Over 4 million watch Dem debate on CNN, plus 4M on PBS.
  • Video: Fox & Friends ducking interviews.
  • Concha: Byers’s ‘flimsy, feeble‘ Scarborough exposé a ‘nothingburger’.
  • Byers: (MS)NBC suits uncomfortable with Scarborough/Trump nexus.
  • Jake Tapper’s Trump talk triggers a twitter tiff with Buzz Feed Andrew.
  • Bret Baier special: Voter Revolt.  Unaired Bill Weir comedy pilot surfaces.
  • Factor videos: to Cruz; on the Dems.
  • IBD: Rabidly partisan Chris Matthews should recuse himself from coverage.

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68 thoughts on “Friday Links and Open Thread”

  1. If I were Bill O’Reilly, I would go back to avoiding Stephen Colbert. Stephen allowed Bernie Sanders to rhetorically knife Bill on Wednesday night’s Late Show.

  2. The Dems will do a debate on FOX about the time Bill Clinton does a panel discussion with Matt Drudge. Don’t want to offend the hater-base if nothing else.

    “Machete wielding attacker in Ohio wounded 5. Authorities still trying to figure out a motive.”
    “If the guy’s first name is Mohammed, then I know the motive.”
    “The attacker shot after a short car chase by police was identified as Mohammed (whatever).”

  4. Johnny, that’s some tweet from Mika that you just retweeted.

    What an admission. How dead-on. And how corrupt they are that they won’t give a damn that it is.

    ” @morningmika: Does anyone care that I know Obama and Biden? That I’ve socialized with many leaders. Oh wait-media on that team so that’s ok #hypocrisy.”

      • The media are excoriating her and she’s pointing out that the media would have looked the other way had she and Joe been visiting HRC or Sander’s rather than Trump.

        She’s right, and yeah that’s her “team” and her folks she’s calling hypocrites.

        • That’s my take on it as well. As for MJ’s coverage, they’ve featured Trump as often as F&F and even New Day. He’s everywhere, but MJ gets singled out for their interview style with every candidate (good questions but ultimately friendly in terms of tone).

          If them reading polls day after day showing Trump’s rise and staying power and “defending” by stating they don’t think he’ll implode like every other pundit (including me) did, I don’t see why that is so offensive. People hate Trump, I get it, but they kept their focus on the horse race instead of jumping right to the judgmental stage.

          One of Byers primary “reports” is that Joe S. offered advice to Byers. Well… so does O’Reilly in every interview. Joe is an opinion hosts, not traditional news reporters, and there are enough checks and balances on their panel every day to provide other perspectives.

          But let’s keep our eye on the ball here: Contacting hotels to show Joe S. stayed at a Trump resort proves what? If you’re going to that extent to provide a gotcha on a rival network host, that needs to be called out.

      • Kind of weak wasn’t it?

        If Morning Joe treated Hillary with the same fawning glowing coverage as they do Donald Trump and used their platform to trash Bernie like they do Cruz & Rubio, she’s delusional if she doesn’t think Morning Joe would endure the same withering criticism.

        • IMO it’s a combination of the fawning coverage of DT plus being in his inner circle. I don’t think they wanted anyone to know about that aspect of their relationship and they got found out. Now it’s circle the wagons and call everyone else hypocrites. They are, but that’s beside the point.

          • As a Twitter follower just tweeted me.

            “The Joe & Mika defense is ridiculous. They’re actively campaigning for one candidate over another. It crosses the line.”

          • “The Joe & Mika defense is ridiculous. They’re actively campaigning for one candidate over another. It crosses the line.”

            Not to defend Joe S….or MSNBC….but let’s think that out…….after the conventions MSNBC would have to lay off the entire on air-staff commentators and journalists ……… Fact all 3 news networks would have to let people go.

            You hire a politician for a news agency and don’t expect him to help out politician friends………you are crazy…… if a journalist does it FIRED no matter the agency,

          • You know if you’re going to re-post things from people who are BANNED here it would be nice to tell people….of course since you weren’t human enough to insult me to my face but did it with a stooge on twitter what can I expect from you……the reason i won’t be using twitter anytime soon,.

          • Umm…what? I would respond but that can’t be about me…..You spend too much time with the stooges for me to understand that….in no way was that about persecution of me…..I guess when you spend all day talking with racists I can’t expect english from you.

            Anything else you want to post from people who are banned here…….maybe telling us what we can and can’t talk about maybe?

            You hang out with racists….i’m done with you….there will be NO MORE responses from me to you… should be ashamed….but of course you are not.

          • I don’t engage racists…no wonder you fit right in with them….now please attack my grammar……#laughingstock.

            Just wondering do you have any thoughts of your own or do you rely on people who are banned here to tell you what to think?

          • OK people let’s try not to get mired in personal sniping and such. I need to get some sleep, especially when I spend so much time correcting the links I screwed up on. 🙁

          • There is no need to even try and “engage” racists like Joe Remi and Laura Lorenzo. I have been on the receiving end of their slurs and insults. They were deservedly banned from here. Even Spud at ICN got tired of their bullsh*t.

          • I can see where you might take issue with some (or most) of their criticism of Fox News and certain GOP candidates, but I haven’t witnessed any racism.

            Do you have any examples?

          • What I do know Nixon is if you look at the first 50 of Joe’s 2000+ Twitter followers 10% are African Americans.

            While this is not dispositive, it certainly makes me question the racism charge. He also has many followers from the right including Laura who recently tweeted that she supports Marco Rubio and frequently retweets and/or engages former Mediaite conservative Noah Rothman.

            Oh well. As you may have guessed I am no ideologue and enjoy reading thought provoking comments whether they come from Ann Coulter, Rachel Maddow or the Pope.?

          • You can question any damn thing you want. I know what he has posted. And, I wonder if that 10% realize that he knows more about being black than they do? That’s another little gem he kept repeating during the Trayvon Martin case. Supposedly because he grew up within 50 miles of Compton, or some such nonsense.
            And the ever charming Laura, who called me brain damaged after I mentioned to another poster that I had had brain surgery to remove a tumor. Charming woman. No wonder Cecelia calls her “The Bride of Chucky.”

          • Indians are known for having long memories and holding grudges.

            I need to turn in. It is coming up on 4:30 AM here. And cold.

          • Worse than that. Spud couldn’t deny she had gone off the rails and her public defiance of him spelled her end at ICN.

          • Then, she kept trying to sneak back, diving him absolutely nuts. If nothing else, she’s a persistent critter.

          • Yes, we’ve been informed that Joe has a Twitter following that’s a regular UN Symposium.

            It’s that 141th character that gets him in trouble.

          • “What I do know Nixon is if you look at the first 50 of Joe’s 1100+ Twitter followers 10% are African Americans.”

            and yet like 80% of their named tweets attack women of color and that means nothing??????…..sorry stooge logic……..I used to try and talk with racist Joe but he’s been banned from EVERY place I did.

            I wasn’t upset that you re-posted racist Joe’s tweet……..I do that for comedy sake myself……..its that you reposted a tweet here from someone you knew was BANNED and didn’t say it was from him.

          • Joe knows more about being black than they do. He knows more about being an indian than I do He knows more about being hispanic than they do….And he knows more about being human than we all do, despite him being a canine.

        • “she’s delusional if she doesn’t think Morning Joe would endure the same withering criticism.”

          I think it’s who the criticism is coming from…….who would have no problem with it if it was Sanders.

  5. You know J$ I just want to say I learned good things from your twitter feed this week… ones about Kevin Smith and thunderbirds……which if you haven’t seen you should.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 colluded with Clinton camp
    4 do a primary debate
    3 twitter tiff
    2 should recuse himself
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 All hail tv’s top newswoman—and she’s from Fox News!

  7. Ok…….Trump was right…….write that down it won’t be said again….lol.
    I’m watching the Gop debate from last week and 3 hours is to long.

    When this is done I’m going to watch the last dem one….I see its 110 min…….im thankful.

    • I see Fox News Sunday regular and WSJ Editorial Board member Kimberley Strassel (along with Major Garrett) will be on a panel joining moderator John Dickerson during Saturday night’s debate.

      I wonder if Howard Kurtz will object again.

      • I remembered reading your comment while listening to Howie just now. Yes he dinged the RNC for insisting on Strassel. He does not like partisans doing debates. That said, Strassel didn’t go so far as to applaud the candidates’ answers, so there’s that. 😉

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