Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: Election/FNC-Election/CNN-Bill O’Reilly 1-2-3.
  • Kissell: Fox News tops MSNBCNN on New Hampshire primary night.
  • Video: rip media attacks on Trump voters.
  • Christopher: Thank Joe S for MSNBC’s unwatchable Halperin show.
  • Kilmeade audio: Megyn Kelly compares being on Fallon and Colbert.
  • Factor video: on appalling reactions to Trump win.
  • Joe and Mika gave Trump debate tips, made secret visit to NH hotel.
  • Zurawik: Five media take-aways from the New Hampshire coverage.
  • Wemple: MSNBC anchor spouting leftist commentary is a good thing!
  • The unusual sharing deal with PBS and CNN.  Sandals and sandwiches.
  • Impartial MSNBC reporters mock Rubio.  Audio Q&A: Rachel Maddow.
  • Endless CNN clocks aren’t even accurate.  More layoffs at CNN Atlanta.
  • Late Show video: with Stephen Colbert (v/CNNC).
  • In a politically charged season, Fox News powers 21st Century revenues.

66 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. It will be interesting (for me at least) to see if the 9p-midnight ET cable news ratings are impacted by the expected winners (Trump & Sanders) being confirmed shortly after 8:00 pm. Of course this was followed shortly thereafter by the confirmation of Kasich as the 2nd place winner — the only other race of much noteworthiness and uncertainty.

    There was certainly more drama in Iowa. But will the ratings suffer accordingly?

  2. well after reading about Halperin from Christopher i definitely think more highly Halperin and i would advise people to actively avoid contact with Christopher. that sort of nasty can be contagious.

  3. “Look The vast right wing conspiracy didn’t put the sever in her damm closet.”
    Carl bernstein CNN 2/10/2016

    Is he a commentator now? You don’t see ST8 reporters say that stuff…….even if they should.

      • I have this mental image of Daniel Ortega (or Dick Smothers) doing commercials for Comrade Bernie.

        • check out his wife, Rossario Murrillo. they have a child that accused Daniel of rape, he has a world court conviction of genocide against the Miskito Indians, a 70% popularity rate, known as a drunk and i fear if he dies anyone next will be much worse, so i support him too. the end is near. as to Bernie. the world is screwed up enough to put people like trump and bernie in power all over the world. Canada just elected Justin Trudeau for crying out loud.

          • In Canada’s defense, they thought that he was Justin Bieber. Trump reminds me of a Latin American Caudillo. All that is missing is the uniform. As for Ortega, burning at the stake would be a good idea. Or flaying him alive.

    • Oh, he’s been free with his thoughts for a long time now. Wrote a book about Hillary that was meh. Suspect he always ate his partner’s share of the donuts.

  4. Is karma a b*tch or what? Joe Scarborough being outed for the shill he is. Can’t wait for more of his non-denial denials. He and his squeaky sidekick got caught red-handed this morning when DT thanked them for being supporters. He won’t take this well.

    • Trump will be vastly wealthy and influencial in New York no matter if he lives in the WH or not.

      And who are bigger climbers than those two?

        • “Obnoxious” is the right word.

          Many would suggest that Fox & Friends as well as the ladies on Outnumbered are for the most part pro Trump. But they’re not “obnoxious” about it.

          • Well, I think Andrea Tantaros can get pretty obnoxious. I don’t watch F&F very often to comment on their level of obnoxious except for the fact DT is on quite often.

          • Oh yeah. I agree about Andrea, which is why I added “for the most part.”

            There’s a reason Rush Limbaugh calls her “Andrea Tarantula.”

          • The media is very fair weather.

            They turned on a dime with both Howard Dean and Hillary and put nails in their coffins as soon as they thought someone else might have broader appeal.

    • Legitimate criticism has been launched at Stephen Colbert for alienating 1/2 his audience. IMO this same objection should be raised about Joe & Mika, who are much worse. We need to hear more from Wemple, Zurawik, Politico and the Daily Beast in loud and unmistakable terms.

      As someone tweeted, MJ has become a Trump campaign operation.

      • I’m loving all the tweets going negative on JS. I quit watching in its entirety until these last few days. Today was spectacular watching these two dance around the big smooch. Then the story about them being in the Trump campaign room came out. Tomorrow should be really squirm-inducing.

  5. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Joe Concha, Charles Payne
    4 unwatchable Halperin show
    3 media takeaways
    2 mock Rubio
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Factor video: Bernard Goldberg on appalling reactions to Trump win.

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