Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Monday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Bret Baier 1-2-3.
  • TCG: Maddow feels the Bern as Sanders supporters revolt.
  • Hasson: Hillary donors being helpful to Chris Matthews’s wife.
  • Megyn Kelly: How to deal with the haters.   Weekend numbers.
  • Outnumbered video: the New Hampshire vote.
  • Somerby: Maddow’s dishonest reporting on Flint is ‘disgraceful’.
  • The Late Show video: Bill O’Reilly with Colbert part one, part two.
  • Sunday: Media Buzz tops Reliable, Fox & Friends tops cable news.
  • Golomb: ‘Political Insider’ John LeBoutillier speaks truth to power.
  • Factor video: Problems of the 2016 campaign.
  • Profuse revenues from ‘juggernaut’ Fox News save parent company.
  • Lean Forward: Maddow again named co-anchor of election coverage.
  • Lynn Smith: it’s a boy!  Daryn Kagan resurfaces.  Sonny’s crib for sale.
  • Nolte: CNN fact-checker gets facts wrong.  Cablers hit New Hampshire.

27 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. The slides are better than the video for giving more and better view of Sonny Hostin’s home.

    Tudor is not my style, but this is a beautiful home.

    They’ve painted out the dark paneled walls and ceilings that come with Tudor, to good effect in the hallways. They’ve done the same to some of the formal rooms and left some if it alone in the private rooms. I would have done the opposite. Leaving the man cave and the library alone was good.

    There are fireplaces galore. I think I saw two mantels that are not in style. The staircase certainly isn’t, but is more beautiful than Tudor style. They did a bit of French provincial in the kitchen for some reason.


  2. I enjoyed Mr. Bill’s Late Show appearance. He and Stephen had a civilized discussion, albeit with a few jabs (with audience approval via cheering) such as Reagan raised taxes and spending on war over arts.

  3. One of my Facebook friends shared a meme photo of Jane Curtin on a recent Weekend Update where she forwarded the “all women on Fox are blondes” canard. The photo quotes Curtin and has head shots of every “blonde.” I had to hide it from my news feed.

    • What’s wrong with being blonde?

      I have a husband and daughter who are blonde and blue-eyed and they’re cute as hell and smart.

      • That’s not how the haters see it. They will always believe that blondes, especially ones they perceive to be right-wingers, are dumb and/or robots. I’m sure they’d also use the term “Stepford Wives.”

        Prof. Caroline Heldman and Daryl Hannah, for example, prove that blondes are always on the right.

        • I think people have a point when they ask why so many female Fox talents do themselves up in a manner more suited to going out dancing at night.

          However, when they start calling these ladies with excellent experience, valid points of view, and good credentials “dumb” and yabber on their appearance it’s generally (not always) because they don’t like their emphasis in a segment or an opinion.

          • “Dumb” is mild compared to what some of the more rabid bunch calls them. They are fixated on looks due to the fact that they couldn’t get a beautiful woman to even smile at them, because they eminate such an aura of hate and unpleasantness.

  4. Not to get into politics but…..it scares me that we leave the first 2 most important (they say) races to states where quite a few people don’t make up their minds till the last few days…..and I can tell you they have had the facts…TV ads and all……..just once I’d like a News host to turn to someone undecided the day before the election….and say……..”why after all of this can’t you make up your mind for crying out loud?”…..won’t happen but should.

  5. On the laughingstock front today…..and this is for the ex-ICN crowd…..Moe really said:

    “. I support anti-bullying/harassment efforts, but it’s a losing battle. The jerks are legion.”

    This just in Moe re-bans himself for telling people what they are allowed to talk about on everyone else’s blog………..#bigboypants

    Oh and one of the hounds said I’m a paid troll from #1 Fox News for pointing out the stooges lies about #1 Fox News…..so i’d like to know where I pick up my check…..#laughingstocks!

    • Paid troll of Fox News is one of the standard lies. They have accused at least a dozen people of that in my memory. Ailes must have an entire floor of trolls raking in a hefty paycheck just for reading twitter. Liars gotta lie.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Profuse revenues
    4 deal with the haters
    3 crib for sale
    2 feels the Bern
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Daryn Kagan resurfaces.

    • I didn’t see ESPN, and only saw a clip of her race baiting “perfornance.” However, I am sure that they attacked him and not her.

      • Mike Wilbon did, vehemently, but I changed the channel in frustration before I could find out if Tony Kornheiser backed him up. I assume he did. I also assume, based on a Google search of giuliani beyonce fox, that PTI picked up the remarks via Media Matters.

  7. The Super Bowl was kind of a dud.
    Saturday Night Live with Bernie and Larry David was a disappointment.
    Stephen Colbert’s post SB show didn’t meet expectations.

    Please assure me election night won’t be a no drama Trump, Rubio, Cruz night.

    It’s all about me ya know. I want to be entertained with some surprises. 😊

  8. 67% of New Hampshire GOP voters said debates matter.
    Could this explain Marco Rubio’s current 5th place standing with 37% counted?
    Doesn’t look like the debate helped Christie either…he’s currently in 6th place.

      • And then there were five.

        You have to think it’s pointless for anyone but Trump, Kasich, Cruz, Bush and Rubio to continue on…essentially throwing good money after bad.

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