Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Trump’s new-found humility
  • Tuesday’s numbers: Bill O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Sean Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Concha: Roger Ailes notches a win as wounded Trump loses leverage.
  • Guthrie: After Iowa loss Trump tries to mend fences, calls Roger Ailes.
  • MSNBC debate anchors: Harkin staffer Todd, Air America’s Maddow.
  • Melissa Harris-Perry has unnerving encounter.  TCG: CNN ‘stonewalls‘.
  • January 2016 program ranker: Fox News holds top 14 slots; demo: 25-54.
  • Trump: Maybe ditching the debate did cost me Iowa.  Video: The

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48 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. This is great. Here’s irony…

    It’s a question from democrat Chris Matthews to democrat Hillary Clinton:

    “How do you beat a person who comes along in the primaries who says, ‘I’m going to give you everything you want: free tuition, more Social Security benefits, no increase in your taxes, free health-care from birth, all of it government-paid.’ How do you compete with a revolution? A revolution of promises, really.”

  2. Heather Nauert’s recollection of “The Super Bowl Shuffle” in the After the Show Show was greatly inaccurate. She mistook Jim McMahon for Vince McMahon, referred to William “Refrigerator” Perry as Mike (thinking of Singletary), and rapped a verse different from what was playing.

    • I think the dynamics of Bush standing right in the audience made them more politely attentive rather than responsive, but yeah, bad visuals.

      This guy has had to eat a truck load of humble pie that, by his former attitude, seems long overdue.

      If by some miracle he becomes a more viable candidate he will certainly have paid some dues for it.

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 ditching the debate
    4 holds top 14 slots
    3 calls Roger Ailes
    2 unnerving encounter
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 CNN ‘stonewalls’.

      • Didn’t watch. I already knew he was suspending his campaign but had to announce who he was endorsing. A press release would have sufficed.

    • It makes me wonder if all three of these — Christie, Fiorina and
      Carson — will also suspend their campaigns by this time next week leaving only five.

        • Christie must be getting his talking points from Joe Scarborough- who spent days and days running Rubio down. Christie is cozy with Joe and Mika. Scar was calling Rubio a SGC- Student Gov’t Candidate for a while. I had to Google SGC to find out what it meant. Bad idea on CC’s part. Sounds so petty. Big change in his message.

        • He probably should…I agree.

          But AFAIK know he his still well funded and I am sure Cruz and Trump like the fact Jeb’s super PAC is flooding the airwaves with anti-Rubio ads.

          As you said, “Oh the drams!”

          • I just don’t get his thinking. He has spent enormous amounts of money denouncing Rubio and it’s not working. Definition of insanity?

          • He thinks that he deserves to be president simply because of who he is. Jeb! should change is name to Fredo!, He’s smaht. Not dumb like people say. Smaht! And he wants respect.

  4. Caught my first presidential campaign ad here in Ohio a few minutes ago. Jeb Bush. Kind of how you feel when you see that first locust.

  5. At the risk of splitting hairs I quibble a little bit with Mr. Bill’s claim that Dana (rhymes with banana, Bill) made a false statement.

    What she said was that after going home to Florida Dr. Carson was not going to NH or SC, but instead was going to Washington D.C. to attend a prayer breakfast.

    If you carefully parse her words, she did not say he was not EVER going to NH for either Saturday’s debate on ABC or that he would not be in NH after the prayer breakfast.

    I think Bill’s desire to criticize CNN (Brian Stelter criticized him recently — many say fallaciously — about a ‘rumored’ feud with Megyn Kelly) may have affected his ability to be totally objective.

    OTHO, Dana Bash is not blameless. Her language was imprecise and she should have said, “Dr. Carson, after leaving Florida, is not immediately going to campaign in NH or SC.”

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