Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Hillary’s
  • Reliable Sources: Trump vs Fox; more Trump vs FoxBob and Laurie.
  • F&F video: Fox’s Embassy Suites Iowa setup.
  • Chris Hayes defends covering Thursday’s Trumpathon.
  • Camerota: Journalists are intimidated into not criticizing Trump.
  • Concha: Trump’s obsession with Megyn is at Stage Five stalker status.
  • Picchi: Who is that Saudi Prince anyhow?  The View video:
  • Special caucus weekend schedules: Fox News.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Your Buzz videos: vs Trump; a media

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  1. Concha is right. Trump is pathological when it comes to Megyn Kelly. And all because he didn’t like a question.

  2. Disappointed in Jedediah’s comments on “The View.” She didn’t really have many flattering things to say about the Repub candidates.

  3. Interesting contrast in headlines/comments between Mediaite, who some derisively call “Fox News lite” and CNN who some derisively call the “Communist News Network.”

    Trumpless Debate Gives Fox News Its Second Highest-Rated Telecast Ever

    Thursday night marked the second lowest rated GOP debate of the season.

    Of course both statements are true. But I thought the contrast in point of emphasis was amusing,

  4. Alisyn Camerota and other “journalists” should develop a backbone and stand up to the bully and his followers. I see a lot of comparison between the Trump followers and the Ron Paul bunch.

    • Really, truly pathetic to see Alisyn respond that way about telling the truth about Trump. What the hell is she? A friend to the viewers or the truth teller to them?

  5. Last night I noticed the newshounds decided to come to the ‘defense’ of Bob Beckel, and in her own unique fashion Ellen Brodsky did so by telling her readers Beckel had relapsed back into his drinking problem. She has no evidence to support that whatsoever, and you can imagine how it must make Beckel feel. (What I’ve heard is was the split with Fox was not about drinking, tho sources will say no more about the details.)

    • The #laughing stocks are so confused right now….they hate EVERYBODY but who do they hate more…..the Trump-Kelly stuff is crazy…..people who HATE kelly and wouldnt defend her for almost anything suddenly have found that almost…….on Bob……I miss him but I saw him say that live on CNN and knew he was lying as soon as he said it…….I doubt anybody was fooled by it that follows that kind of stuff……of course the host didn’t challenge him on it and surely they follow who beats them in the ratings.

        • BOB BECKEL, CNN CONTRIBUTOR: O’Reilly is scared to death of Megyn Kelly because Megyn Kelly has been beating him in ratings. The first time that’s happened since it’s been — Fox News Channel has been on the air.

          O’REILLY: Of course that is absolutely false. False, not true. And that’s why Beckel doesn’t work here at Fox anymore. He could not care less about facts.

          Of course BO is still #1…..Bob knows that and I’m sure the host knew that also.

          FYI: that’s a transcript from the disgraced newshounds but I saw Bob say it live so it seem right to me.

      • O’Reilly did a memo the other day where he singled out Beckel for not telling the truth about O’Reilly’s feelings toward Megyn. The newshounds decided that Beckel, whom they previously ridiculed as a buffoon, needed defending, and in doing so Brodsky invented the theory that Fox fired him because he had started drinking again. Which there is no evidence for and from what I have heard is completely untrue. Nobody knows what the situation the triggered the firing exactly was because the principals agreed not to reveal the details. Bill’s comments about Beckel are available in Friday’s links.

          • There was a report somewhere that said he had back surgery and developed a dependency on prescription pain killers. I wouldn’t consider that to be gospel so don’t take it as such. The only person in a position to know, other than Beckel himself, is O’Reilly, and what I took from his comments about Beckel is that perhaps Bob wasn’t exactly honest and forthcoming with Fox about the existence or nature of his difficulties. That too is tea-leaf reading but I don’t think O’Reilly’s comments can be ignored as he’s in a position to know the circumstances.

          • Sounds @ right to me J$…..but one thing I KNOW for sure NO ONE at Newshounds knows more about it than my cat does.


            “While the official story at the time was that Beckel was recovering from back surgery, Mediaite reported at the time that he actually took a leave of absence to receive treatment for a pain killer addiction. But Beckel unsurprisingly did not feel the need to address his more recent battle with addiction on live television.”

          • I doubt that we’ll ever know. I do remember them mentioning his back surgery on The Five. What had popped into my convoluted mind was Chuck Barris telling Jaye P. Morgan that the newtork was coming down on him for her flashing on-air, and if she didn’t stop, he’d have to fire her. She didn’t, and he did. I thought mabye Beckel was told to cut it out and didn’t.

  6. So last night was my Sanders event in Iowa. Huge crowd. Not sure I’m looking forward to being a Democratic poll judge this year as huge turnout days suck…..but by the time it gets to IL…who knows.

    Anyway…..I saw Ed Henry doing a live shot which was cool. I wondered if he would get harassed by Newshounds and stodge types but I saw none of that. I also got to see one of my favorite young actors and Bernie Sander all in one night with a little Fox News thrown in……..maybe this living next to Iowa won’t be so bad after all………and after Monday the ads on TV will stop and I can watch Adam-12 without hearing how great Jeb Bush is.

  7. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 Fox News
    4 defends covering
    3 Journalists are intimidated
    2 Stage Five stalker
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 The View video: Jedediah Bila.

  8. If someone told me in January of 2015 , that Brian Williams and Rachel Maddow would be the hosts of MSNBC election coverage or the preview show tonight , I would have said they were crazy….

  9. Watching FULL MEASURE today gave a perspective on OBAMACARE that a room of fair minded people would be inspired to tar and feather Obama before sending him back to Chicago.

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