Friday Links and Open Thread

  • Thursday’s numbers: Debate 9pm-Megyn Kelly-Bill O’Reilly 1-2-3.
  • Christopher: Ronan Farrow and Media Matters smear Megyn Kelly.
  • Somerby: After the Professor spoke, Maddow didn’t call on him again.
  • Video: Media coverage of analyzed.
  • Joyella: Reviewers rave…Megyn Kelly ‘clear winner’ in the Fox debate.
  • Preliminary numbers: 11-13 million, 4x MSNBCNN combined.  Update.
  • Trump demanded $5 million to appear.  Stockman: Megyn is no ‘bimbo’.
  • Videos: Focus group reacts to
  • Factor videos: Bill   on Bill’s Trump Q&A.
  • TCG: Look who’s riding the Trump train!  No-Trump debate: a good thing.
  • Sherman says Megyn trying to ‘bury Trump‘, distorts her remark to Cruz.
  • Zurawik: Fox moderators fine, but debate needed Trump.   Concha: Meh.
  • Harvey: Coop’s film like a high-end Barbara Walters special.   Chris is sorry.
  • Rothstein: Scarborough blasts ‘liar’ Dylan Byers, says he’s ‘bought’ by CNN.

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  1. I found another thing on line tonight but there’s no easy way to link to it and nobody’s written it up yet. Ronan Farrow posts a 10-second clip of Megyn Kelly labeled ‘casual bigotry’. He took a question where she challenged Christie about the neighbors of the San Bernardino shooters who should’ve called the cops. Megyn’s point was they’re Muslims, they saw packages, why should anyone call the cops for that? Ronan edited it to make it sound like Megyn was saying they were Muslims, they saw packages, that’s enough to call the cops.

    Utterly and wholly dishonest. I’d fire someone who pulled that, but I question if he’ll even bother to correct it, let alone apologize to Megyn Kelly. Geez this sort of thing riles me up. Why do these dishonest hacks not believe in Cable News Truth?

    • He won’t apologize or correct it. Everything is fair when you are attacking Fox. And you are right, in a normal world, he’d be out the door. If he was lucky, they’d open it first.

    • This past week has generated an enormous uptick in lies and vulgarity on websites and social media. Sad, sad, sad.

    • anybody know which came first Ronan or media matters? I saw that pretty early last night…..can’t see him making that himself.

      I saw his make up tweet……NO way he watched the debate and then posted that.

  2. Marco Rubio — The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (based on what the pundits said)

    The Good
    He is really surging in Iowa and his debate performance should only help.
    (Could he leap frog over Cruz — who had perhaps his worst debate — and finish second in Iowa on Monday? I think it’s at least a possibility.)

    The Bad
    Some minor criticism that his relentless intensity doesn’t seem to fit the forum — for better or for worse. (I tend to agree and liken him to an aggressive prosecutor making a closing argument in a murder case.)

    The Ugly
    Several twitter jokes about his intensity including a tweet about him going for the coffee rather than his well publicized water bottle connection.

    Conclusion (both at FNC and CNN):
    Debate Winner: Senator Rubio
    Debate Loser: Senator Cruz

    • thank you for watching for me. i would not bother to vote if cruz or trump were the nominee so i have mostly felt disgust and discouragement for months. i would for Rubio, or any of the governors, including those that have dropped out. not that any would be a george washington, but they would be better than the dem nominee. as much as i disdain obama, clinton, sanders, as much as i agree more with trump and cruz than obama clinton and sanders, i would still think trump and cruz would be worse for the country overall.
      now we have a lot of history buffs here, some us of alive during the Cuban missile crisis. remember trumpeting JFK as a hard line anti-communist. the media lies of him saving the world from nuclear Holocaust when the reality of the deal has killed millions of people. the deal, USSR no nukes in our hemisphere, the USA pulls nukes from turkey and turns a blind eye to weaponry other than nuclear spread throughout the region. i wonder if it is possible to calculate the deaths by AK47s in Latin America? note, not made there. extra aside: the only country i have seen American made rifles is in Mexico. the locals and staters have SKS and AKs, the feds had M16s, now M5s. i see them nowhere else. funny, eh?
      the point … stuff these presidents do take have effects from 30 to 50 years to possibly forever.
      look what the Carter Egyptian deal with Israel has done on the downside. generations in refugee camps.
      ok, need to check on the guys building the pool, thought i would say hi, and thnx for watching Michael. really helps.

  3. Love the Concha spin on ratings. Funny, how Joe after making his 18M prediction then tries to bash FNC for low ratings.

    Notice he doesn’t even point out that Trump only got around 3.5M viewers (Combined) on CNN & MSNBC.

    So FNC gets 13M/ Trump 3.5M (without live streams for both). Even COMBINED its not 18M

    He blew it back in December when he predicted 25M for MK II. And back then he completely ignored the FBN debate that would be taking place prior. HUGE MISTAKE.

    Everyone with a brain knows that Trump pulling out had nothing to do with Megyn Kelly (he only brought up this excuse after the FBN debate)….she and the other moderators were announced back in December. This had everything to do with Cruz getting in some great shots at Trump in the last debate. The only thing Trump scored on was hiding behind the 9/11 victims. That wouldn’t even have worked if more reporters had been truthful. So many, like Joe, clinging to the 9/11 b.s. crap instead of pointing out what NYC values are really about. And for those same reporters…they think the world revolves around NYC and them.

    No, Trump missed this debate because he didn’t want to get attacked mercilessly. So the guy who dodged the draft and attacked POW’s for getting captured…went and hid behind Veterans. Money raised from the 700 people who showed…funneled through the “Trump Foundation” and it won’t be till next year when the Foundation’s tax returns are out that we see what really happened. We know Trump’s “claims” are usually full of b.s. and have nothing in common with reality.

    I also love how Joe makes such a big deal about August being such slow news. Yeah, it is… and there was nothing on tv going against it and it was people’s first chance to see Trump against the rest of them. My goodness….did he think the 1st Trump debate would be the lowest rated??!

    But I guess that’s what passes for COMMENTARY on Mediaite… facts…reality be damned.

  4. oh…I’ve been meaning to post that I saw Abby Huntsman during the storm reporting from the DC airport and thought she did OK….my guess is she needs time on the teleprompter… me it not as easy as you might assume,,,,,,,,,,I know I didn’t realize just how hard it was till I had to do it……….that’s where seasoning comes in……….I know something we talked about a few weeks ago but i wanted to point it out.

  5. Nice to see Tommy return to his once unpredictable self. Never will forget him flat out calling Markos Moulitsas a “piece of xxxx”.

  6. Today’s most popular links:
    5 blasts Beckel
    4 Megyn Kelly clear winner
    3 didn’t call on him
    2 smear Megyn Kelly
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Preliminary numbers: 11-13 million, four times MSNBCNN combined.

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