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  1. I am beginning to think those speculating about Trump’s withdrawal like Bob Beckel, Brit Hume and others might be on to something.

    Basically what they are suggesting is that Trump saw more downside than upside to participating in the debate and the Fox News ‘tongue-in-cheek’ press release simply provided a convenient excuse to bow out. [food for thought]

    • He would have bowed out despite the crack from Ailes.

      1. The upside is that he doesn’t give Kelly the time of day. THAT is important to him. He is a man who always feels that his presence improves the fortunes of others and now per ratings he’s right.

      There is no quid pro quo for him. Kelly is in charge. He plays second fiddle to that. There’s the distinct probability that he turns in the typical lackluster performance and Kelly benefits more than he from the attention and gains even more gravitas from moderating.

      2. The move helps with Republicans and Democratic supporters who are mad as hell and enjoy such gestures.

      3. If he changes his mind he goes in having said that he played hardball. That HE is in control.

      • If he were a real man, he would go and ask to make a brief statement. He would them apologize to Megyn Kelly for all of the insulting things he has said.

    • Well, if the clip just shown on Special Report is indicative of the entire interview, I think I’ll wash my hair.

      • Tonight my husband even said “No O’Reilly Factor tonight.” Thank goodness because we weren’t in separate rooms watching TV tonight for once. Haven’t had much patience for Bill these days.

  2. I was out this afternoon driving around doing errands so I tuned into Rush Limbaugh out of curiosity. There were the callers who went on about how without Trump the country is lost and doomed and so on. There were those who thought Megyn Kelly was worse than evil and should be fired and on and on. Toward the end of his show, Rush spoke about how he knew MK personally and she had been at his wedding and that he thought she was a pro and had worked hard to get where she was. He was rather positive in his comments about her. I was surprised.

      • I thought that too. Although there was one caller after the MK comments who said that MK was simply quoting Trump’s own words and if he was embarrassed it was pretty much his own fault. She defended MK’s professionalism, etc. Limbuagh thanked her for calling and said to stay tuned.

        • Kelly quoted his words and then asked him how he was going to handle a campaign where Clinton would be quoting them too.

          Quoting them and pulling out the old straw that Trump is just a white guy woman hater.

          • The oppo research the Dems will do on him if he is the nominee will pale in comparison to the “straw man” Megyn pulled on him.

        • If he did it early in the show he’d have to defend his statements for 2+ hours to an audience that’s probably not on his side. Speaking up at the end of the show means he can take bows for taking a stand but not have to spend an entire day arguing it. He knows his audience and doesn’t want them tuning out.

  3. I think Wemple is off base. After all Fox has been criticized in much the same manner by the president himself. So what is new?

    • In a sane world, Barack Obama would be in a straitjacket and in a padded cell, scrawling with crayons held between his toes on the walls.

  4. Neat start of SPECIAL REPORT with what must have been a flyover above Bret with a drone doing a panorama of the debate center and its surroundings.

  5. Guest, “… so maybe Trump should come on this show.”
    Shep, “He’s never been invited. He never will.”

  6. Joe Scarborough getting ripped on twitter for his comments on this morning’s show and for having a daily 3 hour Trumpathon.

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