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      • He’s not doing any L.A.-based late night shows this week. I forget why he does a week in L.A. each year. I think it has something to do with the California viewing audience and Fox promotions, but that’s a guess based on what I thought I remembered Bill saying once.

        • I remember when he used to use those trips to do LA-themed segments, talks with people in the entertainment industry etc. Some of those were so good they still get trotted out when they do a best-of-O’Reilly package for between Christmas and New Years or whenever. He hasn’t done much of that in recent years.

          • On a personal note the similarities between Ernest Borgnine and my late father’s longevity are uncanny.

            Earnest Borgnine
            Born January 1917
            Died July 2012 (age 95)

            Born January 1916
            Died August 2012 (age 96)

            Gotta love those great genes. Hope I’m as lucky.

            BTW, my dad never exercised a day in his life. But mom, who lived to be 94, fed him well. Plus they had health coverage through TRICARE to die for. I probably could have worded that better. 🙂

          • The TRICARE coverage now is crap. Until retirees reach 65, they have to pay premiums. Then it becomes TRICARE for Life, with Medicare the primary payer. So much for the promise of free healthcare for life if you stayed for at least 20.

            By the way, what branch was your dad in?

          • Retired Navy 1938-1958.

            Yeah, I’ve heard that too — that TRICARE is not what it was when my folks received excellent care and affordability over many years. Too bad.

          • libertarians for years have been arguing that when a govt takes over a service; progress or tech advance in the service slows or stops, the service becomes more and more expensive, the quality of the service perpetually declines, and scarcity ensues. can anyone think of an exception?

          • My mother has TRICARE for Life as a benefit from my father’s 20 years. She’s gotten pretty good coverge over the years.

          • Unless you get your meds from a military pharmacy or through the mail, the costs for maintenance prescriptions are through the roof.

          • She does get her meds through the mail. She didn’t always but she’s very sharp for 92 and she called someone somewhere to find out how to save a buck or two.

          • as an aside: private care hospitals can be excellent in almost every country and if Americans really knew they would revolt. i had a hernia operation, total cost, nicest hospital i have ever been in. surgeon, assistants, rooms meds $1,200 total.
            Saturday i am having both eye lenses changed due to cataracts. total costs including pre-screenings, transportation with chauffeur and home, $1,800 total. research on the net shows they are using most advanced techs, machines and artificial lenses. all doctor visits here are C500 cordobas. C560=$20.
            so where does all the money go in europe and the usa?
            oh, root canal, plus custom porcelain cap $400 total.
            my hypertension meds run C120 a week, less than $4.

            i was offered free surgery by cubans, but they use a 1/4 inch incision not the new suck em out, pump em in machines.

          • My point was, military retirees were promised free healthcare for the rest of their lives in return for signing a check payable to the United States Government with the amount reading “Up to and including my life.”

          • nix i knew that. i was not touching that. however no medical program in the USA/Europe can ever have enough money to serve any need because of the way they do it. the public can afford good care for vets, we just need to outsource the care to someplace affordable because the laws have made the USA un-affordable any way you slice it or dice it. your beef is with the system that makes it impossible for the public to pay. until we get some bean counters elected instead of populist useless narcissists what you want cannot be paid for. promise or no, you can’t squeeze blood out of a turnip.

          • almost anywhere. in case you have not noticed most new docs in the USA are no longer gringos. outsource may have been wrong to say. i was snidely saying poor underdeveloped countries have hospitals as good or better than most of ours and charge a small fraction for the services of what is paid here. maybe we need to copy what they do. i first shopped a surgeon, the he and i shopped the hospitals with the right gear. 101 simple, but not followed in the USA.

      • Don’t see him listed on Jimmy Kimmel’s weekly lineup.

        He and Bill Maher together could be fun. But Mike Huckabee becoming the GOP nominee is probably more likely.

        • I watched a few of the Bill on bills shows…….there weren’t very good…….not sure why they stopped doing them. Maher was on the factor quite a few times and then just stopped…….but I don’t watch so many hes been on and I just didnt hear about it.

  1. So if you don’t follow the twitter stooges for a good laugh…..sometimes it gets sooo good it’s can’t miss.
    saw this from Moe last night.

    “This CNN show has a balanced panel discussing the Town Hall. It really isn’t that hard for a news channel to do.”

    Now Moe admittedly hates Fox News so you might wonder what could Fox News do to make him happy? Easy… his pal @RichardGrenell answered that for me…..you know the guy who told him to put on #bigboypants…..so what would make Moe happy?

    “CNN has all Democrats for their post-debate roundtable. they didn’t do that for the post-GOP debate.”

    thats right if #1 Fox News would just stop having on both sides………..and ONLY have on Moes side……he would be happy.

    Oh and proof that they don’t really read each other tweets………Moe posted this….

    “Saying about Megyn “I don’t like her” is kinda mean and weird.”


    They also discovered that Trumps spokeswoman is a woman of color so you don’t have to wonder how that’s working out…….funny they almost never mention any other spokesperson…..Funny how that works out……#laughingstocks.

    • “I don’t like her” is mean and weird? Where is “hate monger moron” on the mean and weird scale? How about “race baiting bitch”? Just a few of Moe’s greatest hits.

    • “Saying about Megyn ‘I don’t like her’ is kinda mean and weird.”

      This a reference to a quote from Trump and what he said about Megyn. Correct?

      • Think so Michael but not 100% sure…..my point is how much of a hypocrite do you have to be to complain about Trump saying anything bad about some one you called “hate monger moron”?

        • Yes, in a perfect (or better) world we should all subscribe to the axiom — attack the message not the messenger with name calling.

          Wish I could claim total compliance. But I’ve gotten out of line a few times being hypocritical. I blame it on my blood sugar level. 🙂

          • “Yes, in a perfect (or better) world we should all subscribe to the axiom — attack the message not the messenger.”

            IMHO its OK to do both but don’t attack MK and then complain when someone you don’t like does it and act like it’s something bad……..especially since Moe said worse things @ MK then Trump EVER has.

          • Hmmm.

            I need to think about that.

            My initial reaction is that there’s a significant difference saying something over the top on Twitter or in a comments section on the Internet and what is said on national television.

            For example, I would never have the bad manners to go on Nancy Grace or Jeanine Pirro’s cable shows and say what I have said in the aformentioned forums. But that’s just me.

          • Well, then say Trump behaved inappropriately..for the venue, etc., because it is not “apples and oranges” to point out the irony of his saying the sorts of things he says of Megyn Kelly and then characterizing “I don’t like her” as being a mean and weird statement.

          • Then I plead guilty as well, even if it was some time ago.

            I have said some unkind things (as have many others) about Rosie O’Donnell in the past. But had no problem criticizing some of the scorched earth comments the mean and suspected sexist Donald Trump said about her.

          • I think you have the right take to characterize some things as being “over the line” and “scorched earth”.

            Again…ironically…in a slew of mean and weird comment made by Trump “I don’t like her” doesn’t qualify. Unlike some of the quoted stuff you saw here today.

  2. I don’t think Trump saying that he’s putting Megyn Kelly on the map is particularly sexist, just the usual cluelessness, ego, and the cheap shots he takes at both genders.

    The truth is that he uses her to ramp up his supporters.

    That said, very good piece by Wemple.

  3. Donald Trump has also attacked Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz. Clearly that must mean that Trump is denigrating all white men and has nothing but contempt for men in general?

  4. Re: “Blizzard 2016 brings ratings bump to TWC, news channels”: I didn’t watch a second of news channels during the blizzard. I switched to TWC a few times, but otherwise watched local news. I went back and forth between News 12 Long Island and Channel 7 Eyewitness News (WABC). I also periodically went to News 12 Traffic & Weather. Outside of blizzard coverage, I watched a little bit of the CareerBuilder Challenge (long ago known as the Bob Hope Desert Classic) on Golf Channel.

    In the spirit of self-promotion, here is a photo and video recap of my blizzard experience.

  5. Trump says he will not participate in the debate and will hold an event for wounded warriors instead. His campaign manager said Trump will “definitely not” participate.

    Will he reverse course by Thursday? Seems unlikely, but he does tend to be unpredictable and is likely to get some negative press IMO.

    The Cruz campaign is already labeling it “childish.”

    Favorite tweet so far:

    “Fox ought to get SNL’s Darrell Hammond to stand in for Trump, and see how long it will take people to notice.”

    • It’s curious that he cares so much about “wounded warriors,” when he was too good to fight when there was a war on and he was of draft age. I guess his draft classification was 1-$, too rich to be bothered.

      • His using the veterans as a prop makes me sick. MSNBC and CNN will be all to happy to cover the event and give DT more free air time. Undeservedly so.

      • He and Beckel were commiserating that something was different at Fox- that Ailes has been ill and doesn’t have his usual “control” and everyone was relieved.

        • And thank you Bob Beckel for twisting the knife in the back of a man who kept with you when others wouldn’t have. Fall off the wagon at CNN, and Zucker will let you go so fast that you will be, to use an old indian term, like yesterday’s fart.

          • We’re not disappearing. There are more of us than ever before, just not full blooded. But, we don’t have to worry about disease like smallpox wiping us out. And, as long as there are willing females, we will never die.

          • The language did come close to disappearing, or more accurately, going dormant. The project at Miami University, plus the efforts of tribal members are bringing it back. Luckily, I had older family members who taught us younger ones the basics. Especially the swear words.

            However, many large tribes, some with a great majority of full bloods, can’t even speak their own language. That is a real shame.

        • I don’t get that. Ailes has the presence of mind to do what any other network head would do which is to not allow a politician to run his organization.

          • I don’t either. I don’t know what this “control” Sherman refers to. No one I watch ever seems to be too cautious or worried about what they say. No self respecting network head should allow some bloated politician dictate their own terms.

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    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Zurawik: Chris Wallace refused to let Donald Trump dictate interview terms.

  7. Who’s going to watch two Cuban guys?

    If there are people out there who will watch some over-the-hill loud-mouth elitist wannabe who will mouth whatever political line he thinks will ingratiate himself with his handlers, there are people who will watch two Cuban guys running for president.

  8. Just watched a video of Kelly’s interview with Michael Moore tonight (which was charming and playful).

    I’d thought they’d have her wearing a pink bunny fur collar or something, but instead she sported an edgy look.

    I think that’s a sign how of how rattled they are not…over Trump.

    • I wasn’t going to watch it because I have an intense dislike for Michael Moore. I’m glad I did. It was a nice interview, and they both did well.

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