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  1. “may spell trouble”, “PR disaster” — Maybe, or it could depend on what “your definition of prime time is” is. The 6pm slot for WADR seems ripe for replacement with an original MSNBC program.

    • I miss that 6pm news hour they were doing , wonder if they have a contract with Bloomberg to air the show for a set period of time…

  2. It may not be the blizzard moblie but if you put Blitzer in it , then it could be the Blitzer moblie… that was too open not to say

  3. I find it really funny there is controversy around National Review’s Against Trump issue. On Fox we had been told many, many times that if only Republicans had chosen conservative candidates things would be better and there would be a fighting chance. Now Fox seems to be behind a man who is NOT, I repeat, NOT conservative, they complain someone points it out.

    • Fox is hardly monolithic on this issue. there is a lot more criticism of trump on Fox than there is of Obama on any net.

        • i certainly have not seen more even treatment of trump anywhere else. there has been favorable and unfavorable coverage readily available on Fox. is there something else you would prefer? i think trump is a puke, but you cannot discount his achievements and be fair/

          • I am not saying Fox is not the fairest. I am simply saying that Fox gives him overall favorable coverage. There are many more vocal defenders, even anchors.

          • Let me just mention a few names, Hannity, Andrea Tantaros, Eric Bolling, Jesse Watters, Stewart Varney, Lou Dobbs, Janine Pirro. All of those speak always very highly of him and defend him. Bolling, Watters, Pirro and Hannity took the step of defending him from the National Review issue. In my view they did not simply report and debated the issue, they defended him. Of course this is a subjective evaluation of how they behaved, but that is how I see it.

          • none of the top news people on the list. he gets zip between the 6pm to 10pm shows. seems you are a tad sensitive.

          • Not sensitive, just looking at it just like you are. I see you did not deny my comment so apparently you agree with it. I do agree with you that the news side of Fox News is very balanced, which is very much appreciated. But that does not invalidate my original comment.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Nick Wiltgen killed
    4 Camerota
    3 PR disaster
    2 may spell trouble
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Zurawik: Megyn Kelly shows class reacting to Trump.

  5. If you are like me and weren’t entirely sure what Charles Krauthammer meant when he jokingly prodded Bill O’Reilly to correct the pronunciation of his name by Donald Trump. Adding that there is “no diphthong in my name.”

    Fortunaley (for me at least) this point about ‘no diphthong’ was explained by Newsmax last month.

    The commentator’s name sounds like the two words “kraut” and “hammer,” but Trump says “krauth” and “ammer.”

    Now I can sleep well tonight.

  6. Z’s opening paragraph is classic. One sentence encapsulates the state of America’s political, cable news, and social media culture.

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