Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos:
  • Reliable Sources videos: Trump vs Megyn; Jason RezaianBloomberg.
  • Videos: Bryan Llenas Maria
  • Carroll: BET Instagram post re-ignites feud with FNC’s Stacey Dash.
  • No, FNC will not give in to Trump and pull Megyn from their debate.
  • Cablers grab their gear to cover storm.  Brian Kilmeade w/James Rosen.
  • Lemon: TD Jakes changed my life.  Zakaria: I was trolled on the internet.
  • CNN buys Eagles documentary, to air tonight.   Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Your Buzz videos: Obama New York,

24 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

    • While trolling through the park one day,
      in the merry merry month of May.
      I was taken by surprise, by a pair of bloodshot eyes,
      in a moment my poor mind was blown away.

  1. being bored waiting for Oregon UCLA to start i click Howie whom i really feel is not good in monologue.
    he claimed he was not sure but thought there was a voluntary gun buy back in Australia and no mass shootings since.
    2 buy backs
    both compulsory
    lots of killings since.
    all available from multiple sources
    has there been a massive twitter assault on Howie correcting him or is no one watching?

    • What has happened in Flint has to be one of the worst stories in several decades.

      Heads should roll.

      That said, though I know that this has been Maddow’s story, I wish that wasn’t the case.

      It would be easier to give her credit for that (which…no matter what…she deserves), if I hadn’t listened to her absolutely flail Gov. Snyder as caring more about the politics of this fiasco than the children and then turn around and say that though Synder recently asked for help from the Feds, why should they leap to help given what she characterized as Snyder’s efforts to cover-up and exclude them…

      So much for eschewing politics.

      Why couldn’t Steve Kornacki have gotten this story.

        • It makes Somerby’s point that Melissa Harris Perry and Hannity have tv shows and a mensch like Somerby doesn’t.

      • First head to roll was a Fed EPA manager. I’ll have to ask if Maddow even mentioned that as I’ll never watch her.

          • The Mayor (Democrat) knew about this from the beginning and declined offers of help from Detroit. The Emergency City Manager (Democrat) also ignored it. The Drain Commissioner (Democrat) came up with the idea to begin with, and the Obama EPA knew about it for a year and said nothing.

  2. How dishonest and criminally stupid are the Newshounds their followers like the stooges………..today they made a post called….

    Fox News Politicizes #Blizzard2016


    with a Fox News article titled

    “#Blizzard2016: Seven ways snow in Washington is like our government”


    So I think WOW thats a weird story for a News Channel to put out as a news story…..but it’s newshounds and the stooges…..so thanks to J$ I know there’s a catch……and of course there is……..you might have noticed from the link the full article is from Fox News Opinion….thats right its a clearly marked opinion pieces which of course neither the hounds or stooges bother to mention……you know because that would be honest and all.
    #laughing stocks.

    • Of course they tried to pass it off as a news story never telling their suckers…I mean readers its a opinion pieces because that wouldn’t look bad……its not that they didn’t like it….I think the article is dumb its that they lied about it being a NEWS article………of course their hate is too strong to see its a difference.

      Its easier to lie……I’ve said before….its NOT that they lie…..its that they are so BAD at it that makes me sick.

    • There are slews of cartoonists published in the nation’s finest opinion pages who are developing editorial cartoons to skewer either side based upon the same analogy.

      They have gotten so ridiculous you wonder about their mental health.

    • Head stooge in a moment of clarity confessed to me once that being dishonest in the fight was necssary and acceptable. “Whatever it takes.” was his mantra. He doesn’t like when I remind people of that, but it’s key to understanding the end justifies the means mentality at work.

  3. Racist stooge Moe complains people who fall for fake tweets are idiots…….forgets that just 12 days ago he fell for a fake tweet.

    • He also says people who go around twitter blocks to read timelines are creepy stalkers. Yet he goes around his own block of me to find a tweet from “goldie taylor” that I RT’d literally just minutes after I had done so. Sounds like a creepy stalker to me. PS: The fake Goldie Taylor had fewer than 100 tweets total and only about a dozen followers. It’s not hard to tell it’s a phony. But the reference to Harris Faulkner was too good not to RT. It played right into the women of color obsession. And sure enough, within minutes he took the bait. PPS: What fake tweet did Moe fall for?

      • It was a tweet about Blair and Clinton pic of a transcript………which was of course FAKE and had been pointed out as fake days before Moe posted it. even in the VERY tweet Moe retweeted..i did a screen print of it..talk about glass houses and all……its just a circle jerk for them anyway.


        The stooge logic is weird…..MK has a conservative show because most guest were conservative )only if you count Fox employees some consider conservative) but they are not racist because most of their posts are about bashing women of color….means nothing……..#laughingstocks.

        speaking of why they are hypocrites..


        • Well, someone who thinks that transcript was genuine might just be an idiot.

          I suppose they could argue against the ‘women of color’ angle by pointing out how many times they insulted and smeared women not of color. It’s especially rich when they pretend to object to insulting women, then spew insults at women who are on Fox. If it weren’t for double standards there wouldn’t be any standards at all.

          • “I suppose they could argue against the ‘women of color’ angle by pointing out how many times they insulted and smeared women not of color.”

            Yes they could do that..and look even worse …….if you read their tweets….they have 3 main targets…….ALL women…….2 of which happen to be women of color……..I treat them the same as they treat #1 Fox News……100% guilty until proven 900% innocent and then I’ll say the truth doesn’t matter “Whatever it takes.”.

            I doubt they even see it but if you almost ONLY attack women and 2 of the 3 main targets are women of color…..that’s a problem.

            I love the new line from the stooges….”The real racists are”…….right out of stormfront. LOL……#laughingstocks

          • I had a fifth grade teacher in Northern Virginia who, along with her husband, was a honest to God follower of George Lincoln Rockwell and his American Nazi Party. I wonder if Moe is their son?

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