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  1. I finally agree with Geraldo Rivera on something;

    To demote General David Petraeus is something only a chicken hawk would advocate.

    However, I would replace “hawk” with a different word that starts with “s.”

    • I’m scared I agree with GR also. Doesn’t make sense…….hell couldn’t have frozen over because my Cubs were clearly robbed of the world series this year.

      • Being from several generations of Cubs fans, I know what you mean. Isn’t one lousy century enough? But this year may be the year. Look at that lineup.

        • My Cardinals’ friends on Facebook really lost it when the Cubs signed
          Jason Heyward.

          As you said Nixon, “This year may be the year.”

  2. If you aren’t brave enough to name the “cable news host” you are complaining about because it might be pointed out that once again its only because she’s a women of color……….maybe it’s time to put the internet thing down…….put on your #bigboypants for crying out loud. #laughingstocks

      • Of course not…..but its always women of color they complain about…….they have their favorite targets…….the “evil” women of color on Fox News…….except for MK……..90% of their lies or fake complaints are about women of color on Fox…….YES Stooge that makes you a racist………..someday you will admit it ….remember the stooges denied they were Fox haters till they admitted it.

        Harris……see I’m a man….I can say her name and not feel shame…….said wife when she meant daughter and corrected it within a few min…….a mistake so big it needed 3 posts……#laughingstocks.

      • Well from a site that has regular commenters who wish that Fox News Hq had been hit on 9-11 what can you expect from racist women haters……the Fox hate makes it all OK.

        • Moe said today:

          “What REALLY pisses me off is I’ve never heard Flint as a racial story.:

          What??? Michael Moore and the entire protest march he lied about on twitter was about the fact that it wouldn’t have happened if Flint wasn’t a Black city………I have to believe that even they have stop reading their own stuff and take them as a comedy act like most others do.

          Moe doesn’t need a discount….I figure he makes the sheets….LOL

      • No it’s your “freinds” that are stuck….go read their tweets…….they have 3 major targets……… of the three 2 are women of color the other is MK who they have had it in for before her show was even on.

        They attack mainly women of color EVERYDAY……..and almost no one else…….you think that’s means nothing….OK we will just have to disagree…..but knowing their past at now banned sites for them…..I see no reason to make belive they are innocent… J$ said….I may be onto something.

        • I tried to convince you that criticizing a cable news host who happens to be black is not the same as criticizing a cable news host because she is black.

          Obviously, I failed. ?

          • except when 90% of your criticizing is about black hosts and many of them are lies or frankly just dumb like to today 3 post about HF saying wife instead of daughter which she corrected right away when she realized her mistake (or it was pointed out to her)…………I would agree with you in most cases..but if you go out of your way to attack ONLY the black hosts….not so much and anyway …the stooges have a record.

      • Of course “you” dont….I and others do….but lets play make believe……..lets say for this Al Sharpton and Joy Reid still have daily shows on MSNBC…OK……lets say I hate MSNBC ( I don’t)….and I watch all day….I’ve hated Rachel Maddow since she subbed for keith Olbermann…………and then everyday I make posts about MSNBC….I make post all day about the shows but when Sharpton reid and then Maddow come on …..on ANY show….I make tons of post about how bad they are and go so far as to just make up lies about what they do and say.. I question how smart they are…I wouldn’t think it was a leap to wonder if I had a problem with black hosts….with your relationship with the stooges I’d be shocked if you did see it.

        AS for newshounds….a regular commenter said this week that it was to bad that Fox News HQ wasn’t taken out on 9-11……any writer with respect for humans wouldn’t write for a site that people like that are on….he wasn’t banned by the way.

          • When Bob Beckel was on Fox he was a ‘bumbling old fool’ who led his party to a historic loss and no conservative should ever defend him. Then CNN signed him up at–presto!–it’s a terrific hire, a great addition to CNN. And of course his insights are the deepest ever. That’s why the key operative phrase in your comment is ‘FNC employees’. That’s really what it’s all about.

          • Yes. Same with Lauren Ashburn.

            She went from being of no discernible value on Media Buzz, to being victimized after Fox agreed and did not renew her contract.

            That is, indeed, what it is about.

      • Re-read their stuff. I dealt with those racist SOB’s clear back to my ICN days. Eventually, one of them will slip and call Harris Faulkner a racial slur

  3. Shame on Wemple for issuing the lamest of lame counters to Megyn Kelly in suggesting that the inherent news worthiness of a story is less important than the motivation for airing it.

    That the story is fraught with human carnage and the failure of powerful government entities who were responsible for protecting these people, Mr. Wemple agrees.

    However…he and the New York Times have already moved on. Nothing new to see here, folks…with this movie….see it if you wish and shed a little tear (Eric did!) but don’t be incited by Fox into harboring the notion that a failure of leadership could be imminently germane to a particular candidate running for the ordinary office of Commander-in-Chief.

    That’s not the news media’s job, you know. They never found these now stale questions more compelling than the administration’s talking points, so no matter how factual and devastating the details, it’s only partisan creeps who do.

    • Good points Cecelia.

      And can’t we all agree that the Kelly File is an opinion show and not a news program?

      This seemed to be Erik Wemple’s key point. Namely, that Megyn was practicing advocacy journalism.


      • If only all media would 24/7 concentrate on candidates’ verbal faux pas, gaffes, and footwear.

        You know…the stuff of objective professional journalism.

      • “And can’t we all agree that the Kelly File is an opinion show and not a news program?”

        No…….that’s something the stoges would agree with ..people who attacked the show beofre 1 episode aired……….sane people not so much.

        For cable news it is definitely a news show……just as news as any “news” show on CNN or MSNBC. MK show is nothing like BO or S Hannity……Rachel Maddow’s………is it like the NBC nightly news show?… but it hardly a opinion show.

        No body could watch a show like the Five and then MK show and think they are the same kind of show.

          • NO argument about Bret. No argument most of the time about Shep, but he strays from the reservation now and then is and is closer to Megyn Kelly than he is to Bret Baier. Shep and Megyn are more alike than different and I’d have a hard time justifying calling one a news anchor and the other an opinion host, though I could easily provide examples for both that would support either description. See the Conchaterm ‘hybrid’ discussed a few comments up (or down?) from this one.

          • “Hybid” is a good word.

            However, while it isn’t always the case, most days Megyn has a more partisan agenda than either CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello or CNN Newsroom with Brooke Baldwin.

            For example, Megyn will often have one-sided panel discussions (e.g., Stirewalt & Kurtz) — but Costello and Baldwin almost always have panelists from both sides.

            All three are entertaining, well produced shows if viewed through a
            non-partisan lens, which I try to do. Obviously many at J$P have a
            different perspective and that’s fine.

            Eye of the beholder, right Johnny?

          • Eye of the beholder indeed! I never regarded either Stirewalt (whose expertise is primarily as a political technician, stats watcher, numbers guy etc) or Kurtz (who goes after both sides) as needing someone on the ‘other side’ to balance them because I don’t regard either as partisans. There are segments where genuinely only one side is represented by a guest, but that’s true of all news programs. Heck, there’s a two-hour block of ‘straight news’ on MSNBC that goes weeks at a time without any GOP or conservative viewpoint on to balance the Dems and house liberals who are invited to opine. When you get to that level of imbalance you may have a case to make as to it being opinion rather than news. But you don’t hear anyone making that case, do you? They’d rather focus on Megyn, who has more diverse views in one hour than others have in ten. That’s today’s rant. Till next time, bye bye, buy Bonds, save chicken fat, and join the WACs.

      • It’s an opinion show AND a news program… and a breath mint… and a candy mint… and a floor wax.
        With all, it’s just a matter of degree. I’ve gotten news from Rush Limbaugh. I’ve gotten opinion from Walter Cronkite… just not lately. “What’s that about Vietnam, oh trusted one?”

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