Tuesday Links and Open Thread

  • Friday’s numbers (demo): Bret Baier-Bill O’Reilly-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Kilmeade makes book, now ThinkFactory makes ‘television event’.
  • Aly’s oops: Reporting on Trump blooper Camerota makes her own.
  • ICN: Shame on CNN for picking up the GOP debate that NBC lost.
  • Your World video: to GOP debate and SNL parody.
  • Kellie Martin to play Nancy Grace (sort of) in Hallmark movie series.
  • Zurawik: CNN’s Freddie Gray report is a serious effort to get it right.
  • Bus driver saves Chris Hayes’s gym bag.  Sandra Smith: five fast facts.
  • Kelly file video: Kurtz and Stirewalt

29 thoughts on “Tuesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Oh, Spud bawls like a baby. The shameful elephant in the room is the DNC refusal to let FOX run a debate of THEIR candidates. On a weeknight. In prime time. With the lights on.

      • I suppose his point would be “so is KFC and Taco Bell, but I wouldn’t give up burritos just because I choked on a chicken bone”.
        Yeah, I don’t buy it either.

        • Yea but Taco bell doesn’t have KFC in its name……if people don’t want NBC and CNBC to be considered one….them maybe rename CNBC.

          Funny how the haters have no problem calling Fox and the WSJ one company. I think the anti-Fox bias is showing.

      • I don’t think he’s forgetting, but CNBC and NBC News are separate divisions and don’t even share a building, even if they are in the same owner. It’s like Cartoon Network and CNN , they are owned by the same people but are completely seperate divisions

        • Comcast is ultimately in charge. Nothing happens without corporate approval.
          That said, The Cartoon Network and CNN have more in common than you might think. Don Lemon is certainly a cartoon character.

          • “That said, The Cartoon Network and CNN have more in common than you might think. Don Lemon is certainly a cartoon character.”

            Beat me by that much.

          • sadly no anvils though, honestly, CNBC screwed up and ruined if for the rest of the NBC family , I wonder if they ruined their chances to any more debates

    • DNC is afraid of Megyn Kelly or Bret Beir ? that’s who they will get if they went to FOX or FNC , are they thinking they are going to get the Five to moderate?

      • If the DNC thinks that their candidates can’t stand up to serious questioning, that says a lot about them.

        • True, Presidents are supposed to have tough questions asked of them so if they can’t handle a question from Megyn Kelly , how can they handle the tough questions of another country.

  2. Noticed the stooges were complaining (shocked right) that people on Fox News keep saying that The DNC buried the debates…….the couldn’t understand it (shocked right) then there was this:


    Clinton called into MSNBC tonight and, after she said she loves the debates, Rachel Maddow pressed her on that charge. She asked, “Is it true that your campaign advocated for a light schedule and particularly these debates being on on TV Siberia, on weekends and holidays?”

    All quiet now of course………oh and there a woman of color on Fox right now so they have more stuff to complain about I guess.

    • The wonderful folks who once expressed that a FNC reporter who got roughed up got what he deserved, that lying is sometimes a necessary part of “whatever it takes”, and that whiteman Zimmerman went out to purposely stalk and murder a black child when hardly any facts were yet known. Oh, I could go on.

      • I remember Moe going absolutely ape feces in the case of St. Travon and “Zimmy.” That’s when I hauled out “Y.T.” and the hypocrites had collective hissy fits.

  3. Re: “Your World video: Cavuto responds to GOP debate and SNL parody”: I don’t handle satire and parody well, unless it’s for something I don’t like. So, I only saw the beginning of the debate parody before skipping ahead. When the real Maria Bartiromo says her last name, she pronounces it “Bar-tiromo,” emphasizing the “t.” Parody Maria treated the “t” as if referring to Bart Starr or Simpson.

  4. Wemple criticism:


    This is so troubling to me. Why Wemple would think that a matter with this sort of tragedy, foreign intrigue, and political machinations would not be fodder for the movies…no matter the motivation… Is beyond me.

    This is a Tom- Wolfesque blockbuster where everyone has dirty hands to one extent or the other. No one more so than a unmoved media who was too willing to write it off.

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