Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: freed; debate
  • Reliable Sources videos: Rezaian freed; the secret swap; Dem debates.
  • Cablers scramble to cover Iran swap: Shep on the deck, BriWi MIA.
  • Concha: Believe what you like, but Gabriel Sherman is a liar.
  • Greta: Don’t believe alleged ‘sources’; I’ve never received a directive.
  • F&F video: Barack Obama again.  Hillary ducks FNS.
  • Report: 500 Questions is returning, but Richard Quest is not.
  • Zucker Play: Erin Burnett ousted for CNN honcho’s reunion shindig.
  • Cuozzo: Fox News will not relocate to WTC.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Ali Velshi: It was worth the risk.  Judge rejects ‘circus’ of CNN coverage.
  • Your Buzz videos: more

16 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

  1. What’s the point of having a giant studio if you can’t kick the help downstairs and throw a show off shindig for blueblood pals?

  2. i am stunned that something John Kerry did worked. if this proves true i deserve to be interned for re-education in an appropriate prog labor camp. .

  3. Today’s fake outrage: Fox went with highly rated shows instead of spending 2 hours telling us the same thing…….over and over..and over…hint……..repeating the same thing 300 times in 2 hours isnt news……….maybe you noticed that the 2nd part of Fox’s name is NEWS. Now if Fox would just stop having Republicans and Elected Democrats on telling how this is also bad everything would be good and they could be MSNBC……#laughingstocks.

    • “An ‘expert’ who writes for Breitbart”
      That’s how they describe someone who lectures on terrorism at West Point. Because attacking anyone who appears on Fox is what newshounds do.

        • I despise anyone who shows disrespect for the those who have and are serving. My father was a “lifer”. POW. Bataan. Put your money where your mouth is.

          • I know their type. They are above having to serve. Elitist SOBs.

            And your father went through Hell on earth. Being a POW of the Japanese was an unspeakable horror.

  4. “Knowing what I know now–about the management struggles that would ensue, about the layoffs, about languishing in relative ratings obscurity, about facing challenges from critics who judged our book by its cover–I’d make exactly the same decision.” – Ali Velshi

    Now there’s I guy I’d look to for analysis.

  5. I don’t understand why Sen. Sanders doesn’t complain to high heaven about this DNC tactic of airing their debates at times that limit the tv audience.

    No matter what anyone thinks about his debate skills vs Clinton’s, it would be in his interest to get himself out there.

    • Well I agree that the schedule is stacked to minimize visibility and protect Hillary. However Sanders is lucky he’s even allowed on the stage. The guy isn’t a member of the Democratic Party! If he pushes too hard someone at the DNC might just remember that.

        • Seeing as how I have no intention of watching the “debate,” let me sum it all up in advance: A panel of collectivists sick with the disease of assuming that they are entitled to the property of others.

  6. Glad to finally see folks, like Concha & Greta write about Gabriel Sherman and his phony anonymous sources bashing Fox News, Ailes & GOP. If you look at his “stories”, book & twitter feed that’s what he writes about 95% of the time. Clearly he has a liberal agenda and seems to think it will help sell his anti-Alies books, which “sources” say hasn’t even sold 10,000 copies. He isn’t a smart guy as he is slowly making himself look foolish by consistently being proven wrong by his made up anonymous source stories. His anti-Ailes (& Fox News) book has even been exposed as being poorly written & sourced, biased and a lot of fiction by by Slate – a liberal outfit. Hopefully CNN, Brian Stelter and MSNBC will wise up and no longer book this inexperienced hack. However I don’t count on it, because they don’t seem care about credibility or experience and they like that he is anti-Fox & GOP.

  7. This weekend’s most popular links:
    5 rejects circus
    4 will not relocate
    3 never received a directive
    2 Gabriel Sherman is a liar
    And the most popular link in this weekend’s links…
    1 Zucker Play: Erin Burnett Ousted for CNN honcho’s reunion shindig.

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