Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • Wednesday’s numbers: O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Christopher: MSNBC’s Trump-pimping is getting ridiculous.
  • Ed Schultz resurfaces…and he’s working for Putin!  This is CNN.
  • Elle spotlights newsers Brooke Baldwin, Kasie Hunt, Sandra Smith.
  • Outnumbered video: tonight’s FBN debates.
  • Steinberg: Many cable systems to provide free FBN debate coverage.
  • Real Story video: bogus birther attacks on Cruz.
  • Gold: Cavuto and Bartiromo have broader questions for a smaller field.
  • Making history: First female duo moderating Presidential debates. More.
  • Sherman: With Ailes ‘absent’, FNC turns hostile to Donald Trump.  More.
  • TCG: All they want is Megyn Kelly…dead!  Zurawik: Why AJAm is folding.
  • Profile: Kat Timpf, Fox’s fearless millennial.  Q&A: Thomas Roberts (v/TVN).

31 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. I cannot believe that Newshounds would sink so low as to allow that Wilhelm comment in the comment section.

  2. On the twitter stooge story IE the TCG link….they of course have now whitewashed the comments even deleting stooge Moes comment bravely calling the hater out (shocked I know)… ever if you are going to be a hater you are going to attract bigger haters…..If newshounds were not crackpot nuts they would ban this guy a simple google check shows him making tons of bad comments…..and another hater said that.

    “Tantaros looks a little too much like a ‘Muslim’ to be advocating profiling, doesn’t she?On the other hand, maybe we can get her a bag of Skittles and a hoodie so that she can experience the effect of profiling first hand, eh?”

    seems this is the right place for the stooges to write for…..they would be ashamed if they didn’t agree with these people.

    Can anyone explain this comment for me…..something I don’t know about Tantaros…..I mean these people are sick.

    Rob Willhelm commented

    “Profile this scripted asshole and one might be surprised what is found under her skirt as an anonymous source has told me.”

    The head stooges should be so proud to write for that site!

    • So after The Cable Game spotlighted the death comment from Wilhelm they scrubbed it, but still letting him publish comments about what’s under Andrea Tantaros’s skirt? I can see TCG’s follow-up post already; it should be a corker.

      • I have zero idea what the Tantaros remark was about. That place is like a trip to a State Hospital for the Insane.

      • No that was a older post I saw on google but hes posted a similar comment at least twice…….now I might be gay but even I know AT is a beautiful woman……..however yes TCG could do a whole posts on that guys comments that newshounds allow over and over.

        • I suspect that he, like many of their commenters and writers, are actually intimidated by women. So, he strikes out at these brazen hussies for tempting him.

      • BTW he posted this today:

        Rob Willhelm commented 9 hours ago · Flag

        “Too bad American history did not record a plane on 911 finding its’ way to the Fox News” studio, inadvertently saving Americans the trouble of destroying the greatest threat posed to this great country.”


        How can you write for a site that allows that? Could it be because you are a HATER yourself?

        • So Moes upset I didn’t give him credit for getting the ville newshound comment deleted…….sorry I had idea he had anything to do with it……nice to know another stooges is a ville hound……….I could be happy if maybe the SAME newshound regular hadn’t replaced his comment wishing MK dead with wishing that the Fox News headquarters had been hit on 9-11……….they have to be proud that their hate for Fox News brings out such “good” people.

          Somehow for a stooge getting a comment wishing MK dead replaced with one wishing everyone in the building had died on 9-11 is something good to be praised for…….shame on all of YOU!

    • Newshounds constant scrubbing of content reminds me of the editors of the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.

  3. CBS This Morning with its biggest audience in 22 years last week is the only morning show gaining viewers over prior year.

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 First female duo
    4 hostile to Donald Trump
    3 fearless millennial
    2 is folding
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 TCG: All they want is Megyn Kelly…dead!

  5. Looks like Ted Cruz desperately needs to outshine Donald Trump tonight.

    I’ve been preoccupied with whether San Diego will lose the Chargers (very likely) and had not noticed that the widespread speculation that Cruz would ‘likely’ win Iowa is not supported by the most recent polls where Trump has outdone Cruz in four of the last five polls. Hmmm.

    Of course, there’s still a question as to whether Cruz’s better ground game will make all the difference when it comes to the actual voting in the Iowa caucuses regardless of what the polling suggests.

    Stay tuned I guess. (Ain’t it fun?)

    • The Chargers will probably go. But look on the bright side, they may be replaced by the Raiders and their biker gang fans.

    • “Stay tuned I guess. (Ain’t it fun?)”

      Well if most of my TV stations were not Iowa stations it might be…….but I cant even watch METV without ads for people who will be dropped out before IL gets to vote……saw a news guy say the other day it will get worse in the next week…….still haven’t seen a Trump ad……..and the Bush pac rubio ad makes me want to vote for Rubio over Bush………very disappointed NOT 1 Sanders ad yet……but will I be glad when Iowa VOTES.

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