Wednesday Links and Open Thread

  • Tuesday’s numbers: SotU (CNN)-SotU (FNC)-SotU (MS) 1-2-3.
  • Who wants to buy AJAm’s channel space? One America News.
  • Current no longer: Al-Jazeera America is shutting down.  More.
  • Concha: AJAm doomed by its toxic brand name, lack of opinion.
  • Zurawik: The Best and Worst Presidential debate moderators.
  • The Daily Show extended video: Greg Gutfeld.  Neil Cavuto re-ups.
  • Concha: Impartial NBC reporter credits nuke deal for sailors’ release.
  • CBS This Morning video: Bill O’Reilly.  F&F video: More
  • Finding Your Roots video: Bill O’Reilly, plus Soledad and Bill Maher.
  • Monday’s numbers (demo): Bill O’Reilly-Bret Baier-The Five 1-2-3.
  • Kelly File video: Frank Luntz focus group rates
  • Bill O’Reilly’s very good week.  MSNBCNN adopt Microsoft Pulse tech.
  • Q&A: Sandra Smith, Trish Regan; Neil Cavuto. Today’s criteria complaint.
  • Hod: Bartiromo horrified at El Chapo interview. Q&A: Trish Reganmore.

34 thoughts on “Wednesday Links and Open Thread”

  1. In spite of Bill Maher’s jabs at Bill O’Reilly (i.e. joking that O’Reilly is with the KKK when Prof. Gates said he’s a clansman), I enjoyed last night’s episode of Finding Your Roots that featured the two Bills and Soledad O’Brien. I’m even going to watch next week’s episode with three actors. Maher shares a birthday with my late great-grandfather–January 20.

  2. Seeing Jackie Kucinich on Happening Now, I can say that Dennis the Menace certainly did well in the daughter department.

  3. So long Al Jazeera America. I read all about the fine journalists who will be out of a job, and that’s true for some. But I shed no tears for David Shuster, a fraud who supports government censorship of news. He’s getting a taste of his own medicine now, only AJAM is not being shut down by the government as he advocated for Fox News, but by the supply and demand of the free market. Enjoy your retirement in obscurity David Shuster, fraud and liar.

    • I will say I watched the channel along with all the other news channels it was nice alternative to when CNN gets annoying , and back when MSNBC was leaning forward all day, and when I don’t wanna watch some shows on FNC. , and it was nice seeing John Seignethaler back on TV. Shuster always seemed to come off as smug (more at MSNBC than at AJAM though)

  4. Trillary Clinton™ @D2_Derpinator Tweet just a while ago:


    *Nationwide Jingle*

    “Al-Jazeera’s shutting down.”

  5. Mr. dad ran into the same proble Mr. Concha points out about brand names when the Kelly Delli was selling Mother Dogturd’s Potato Salad.

  6. Last October 50 journalists at AJAM voted to unionize in face of objections by management. A couple month’s latter… well, you decide.

    • Also I think the Oil prices thing is getting to their owners (the Qtar government ) and they had to cut something ….

      • Probably so, since they weren’t getting any return on their AJAM huge investment. The DOG CHANNEL gets better ratings I hear, and that don’t even have thumbs to work the remote.

      • Probably so, since they weren’t getting any return on their AJAM huge investment. The DOG CHANNEL gets better ratings I hear, and that don’t even have thumbs to work the remote.

    Neil Cavuto Signs Contract Extension With Fox a day before he moderates the next GOP debate, Neil Cavuto has signed a new multi-year deal where he will continue as Senior Vice President, Anchor and Managing Editor of Business News for both Fox News Channel and Fox Business.

  8. Today’s most popular links:
    5 debate moderators
    4 shutting down
    3 Nikki Haley’s response
    2 re-ups
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 The Daily Show extended video: Greg Gutfeld.

  9. I got 80% of the benefits of the Willow Curve by wrapping myself in the lights when I took the Christmas Tree down.

  10. Boy those twitter stooges sure do think everybody at Fox News should comment on former MSNBC employee Ann Coulter twitter comments……….put on those #bigboypants and realize its NOT going to happen……..Fox News doesn’t take programing advice from people who don’t even understand how TV works.

      • I saw that Moe was once again showing his great lack of knowledge of all things military. Not that that keeps him from mouthing off on the subject.

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