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    • I owe something to Richard Grenell since he gave me the biggest laugh I’ve had in months when he told stooge Moe to wear #bigboypants!

      • Nicknames are fun to me. I do like the Stooges comparison. I even chuckle at Bride of Chucky’s nickname for me, which is “Captain Alzheimers”.

        • She only called me “brain damaged” and made fun of my surgery. Didn’t give me a nickname. Now I’m jealous!

          • “She” just got called “granny” on twitter. Because SHE knows that ALL men only watch Fox to ogle at boobs and legs. SHE is so enlightened, so all knowing, so hateful.

          • When someone routinely calls people with far more education and accomplishments ‘moron’ or ‘silicon for brains’, there are likely self-esteem issues along with the ingrained hate.

          • I generally stay away from this twitter war and that crowd in general. I was never a part of it. But this is so stupid. It sounds like the garbage from that other website frequented by the usual suspects. Same old gripes, same words, same old same old. Amirite? Snort.

          • I called her a harridan on ICN. There was a group freak-out. How dare I speak to a woman that way! When I pointed that much worse was said daily on the same forum about women on Fox, Spud threatened to throw me out. I eventually walked on my own.

          • I share the same birthday as Milhous. I had the name “Nixon” hung on me in UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training) at Williams AFB. There were worse presidents.

          • I have three nicknames — Weebow given to me by my older brother from a story our mother read to him about creatures who sabotage good boys and girls. Evidently, he took one look at me home from the hospital and yelled, “It’s a Weebow!”

            Tilltoe– a gift from my younger brother in his efforts to say Cecelia.

            Eve– from my husband.

            I am still called the first two nicks by old friends and family members.

            The last by my husband and by my daughter when she is parodying the instructional nature of my husband towards me (he has it towards her as well).

        • Nicknames have to capture a modicum of the designated’s essence, Larry…they have to contain some truth…otherwise they’re just snark or cutesiness.

          Capt Alzheimers ain’t remotely on target for you and it ain’t cute…

  1. Re: Stay classy, Don

    Yes, Trump is a jerk with the ego of a professional wrestler, and he’s Moe rather than David Niven in the class and grace department, but Kelly needs to quit talking about him.

    As long as she does that, he’ll keep making her a story and that’s not good for her cred in the long run.

        • MK answered a question in an interview. She rarely speaks of DT outside of her show. I’d like to think she has thicker skin than Captain ThinSkin and can handle his silly and immature tweets. Wait until after the next FNC debate. The only way she can avoid the predictable reaction from himself is if she completely avoids asking him any questions at the debate. How likely is that?

    • Twitter is a great moral high ground for them.

      Get them on a blog and they want to moderate it AND write all the posts.

      Keep them in a 140 character corral.

  2. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Complications multiply
    4 online makeover
    3 no respect
    2 Stay classy
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 TCG A feminist turns misogynist…because Fox.

  3. I sat up in my chair tonight as who appeared on the SPECIAL REPOERT panel gave me a start. None other than former MEET THE PRESS host, David Gregory.

  4. Twitter stooge says ” Iran is not even in the topic list. How early did they tape this show?”

    Fails of course to mention that Bill said he was watching the iran story for developments….which of course there have been none.

    I’ve watched 1 BO show in like the last 6 months and the stooges didn’t even make it 30 min without a misleading tweet……laughing stocks!

    Not to mention BO even doing a story on it….which means once again they are NOT watching Fox News so we don’t have to.

    • Yes Bill did cover it in the last segment with Bret Baier when he turned over coverage to Bret. There was a “LIVE” bug on the screen at during that segment so apparently it wasn’t taped. But he did spell “Bill” right so there’s that.

  5. Remember the newshounds writer who began his post with “Megyn Kelly was a vision of bigoted hate mongering”? I made note of it yesterday. Today it seems that description has disappeared. No correction, no apology, no notice of a rewrite. In other words, a stealth cover-your-arse attempt to duck responsibility. But you can’t rewrite a screen grab. I think I’m going to send it over to The Cable Gamer to see if she wants to do anything with it.

      • The head hound, who once denied ever so much as looking at J$P after I had caught her getting story links from us, has already screen grabbed my comment and your response and is spreading it around twitter, e.g. to your pal Moe. Coupled with the usual delusional/paranoid smears about me, this site, etc. But remember, she never sets cyber foot on this site. Those screen grabs just snap themselves.

        • Yea took Moe less than 10 min to post a treat to me (he thinks) when I pointed out his remark about another woman’s looks. they can’t keep away from a site they call a dump….hint: a lunatic is someone who watches aTV channel they hate…..ask any DR. Moe.

  6. Twitter stooges first thought about Nikki Haley’s speech……attack her looks…….she’s a women of color….so of course.

    Its always a woman looks with these laughing stocks.

      • I’ve noticed it too. I think that they see these women as somebody who “needs put in her place.” And they have a very patronizing manner when dealing with non-whites in general. During the Trayvon Martin case, Moe let everybody know that he knew more about being black than they themselves did, because he grew up somewhere within 50 miles of Compton.

      • Yea 2 of their 3 biggest target just happen to be women of color……at least they could admit it….but hell Moe thinks I use twitter because he found some persons account and assumes it mine because……well…….because he says so…..hint to racist twitter stooges….I’m not the only GATXER out there……it was a huge company…..in fact very few gatxer accounts are mine. I don’t have to have a account to read lies and nonsense.

        • I don’t have an account because it’s not worth the aggravation. Why bother when you can read their scribblings anyway?

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