Monday Links and Open Thread

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  1. Just because Coop admits the obvious doesn’t make it more palatable. A press corps that has shoved this guy down our throats for seven years has in fact contributed to a divided America with 50% deeply resentful of him.

    • Just read Bob Somerby’s column posted in J$ twitter feed. He calls it “imitation journalism”. I’ve also seen it referred to as “stenographers with by-lines”.

    • another great catch.

      “the Phantom of the Oprah.”

      “Well, dear, she was very unkind to her mother and father.”

      i subscribed to NR for many years. great writing is missed. there is good reason mediate is not in the links section.

  2. Since Trump keeps “claiming” he is a Christian (LOL) and he questions Ted Cruz being one (ever heard of an Evangelical from Cuba??) I think Cruz should challenge Donald Trump to a BIBLE QUIZ!

    Tom Arnold (of Roseanne etc fame) agrees. Dump the debates and let Cruz and Trump go at it!

    I personally don’t think Trump could get 1 answer correct. I don’t think he has ever opened a Bible. I think he thinks he’s bigger than GOD. And the guy has never asked forgiveness for ANYTHING from God.

    Could you imagine the ratings for the BIBLE QUIZ hosted by Jeff Foxworthy? And could you imagine the attacks Trump would make on Jeff….after he didn’t get ONE question right? =)

  3. Today’s most popular links:
    5 interview James Rosen
    4 gets primetime ratings
    3 feeble Trump interview
    2 concession
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 E.D. Hill resurfaces…with Bob Beckel.

    • I wish CNN had posted video of that segment with E.D. and Beckel but all they had was a slip under a minute without anything from E.D. in it. So I had to settle for a screen grab.

  4. “Megyn Kelly was a vision of bigoted hate mongering…”

    Someone who comments occasionally on this site wrote that. Same one who feigned outrage because Trump called someone ‘a loser’. No personal smear too vile when it’s Megyn Kelly.

    • Sorry J$ but I think I’ve got the best laughing stock post of the day…..a newshound “writer” sent this today….

      “People still supporting a guy who attacks women via Twitter?”

      Says the guy who 3 biggest targets ALL happen to be women 2 of which are of color….I mean do they even READ their own post? I mean really?

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