Weekend Links and Open Thread

  • Media Buzz videos: Obama Trump blame
  • Reliable Sources videos: Rolling Stone, Obama and guns, talking Trump.
  • Cashin’ In video: A tribute to of Wayne Rogers.
  • TCG: Has Fox & Friends found its G-spot?  F&F video:
  • Q&A: Jeanine Pirro on Making a Murderer.  Sunday talkers: preview.
  • Video: on L&O SVU.  Newsers at Hoda-fest.
  • Somerby: Maddow’s campaign coverage is not just dumb, it’s dishonest.
  • Somerby: MSNBC admits its zero news value, airs ‘King Trump’ instead.
  • Your Buzz videos: news, Brian

34 thoughts on “Weekend Links and Open Thread”

    • Wrong. It’s Ainsley or Anna, and it SHOULD be Ainsley. She has paid her dues and deserves it. She would send a wonderful message, having come up from the overnight shift. I don’t understand why being a nice person would be a problem.

    • I agree. Also, Sandra has more than paid her dues at FNC/FBN and before that Bloomberg.

      To me, Ainsley is a morning show host in a major market like Dallas or Houston. You don’t need to much depth for those political discussions etc. Ainsley uses the “show prep” for those discussions but her knowledge and those subjects beyond that (???). Also, Ainsley (IMO) is always just a step away from saying, “Hitler did good things” or any of the other number of things she’s put her foot in her mouth about. She’s give the critics lots of ammo. But worst of all for me with AA, her “fake outrage” at so much. And if she doesn’t get the job, I’m sure Sean will have her back in Florida in April and she can be expressing so much shock and dismay ;).

      Paid Dues? What about ones like Heather Nauert or Heather Childers?! Both of them are far more knowledgeable and far better suited than Ainsley. But they won’t get it because they are “too old” for the PTB.

      Miss Kooiman is a bundle of energy. She was very smart in getting FNC to let her do some of those travel bits. IMO that’s where she belongs. She should have a job at the Travel Channel or talk FNC or FBN into doing a travel show. Heck, both desperately need programming! FNC on the weekends and FBN weeknights after Kennedy. It can’t all be Strange Inheritance or Wild West.

      I guess I should have put Kat Timpft on that list of others at 30 to 1. Somebody at 21st sure seems to be fast tracking her.

      I still wish they would give Eboni K Williams a shot at it. I think it would be great for someone with her knowledge… gravitas … and it would help FNC to have a black host on Fox and Friends. I would say, if Sandra gets the job to put her on as a co-host on OUT# but I doubt FNC would have she and Harris together on one show. I wish they would start letting her fill in for Greta when she’s gone.

      But who knows, FNC could end up doing something NONE of us like. They probably will. FNC loves to do some of the dumbest things in the world at times….

      • As everyone does when they bring up that moment, they get the quote wrong. What Ainsley said was: “As CLAYTON said, Hitler did great things.” It was Clayton who brought up the Autobahn and the things Hitler did, but Ainsley got the blame and Clayton skated away scot-free. Besides, that was EIGHT years ago. Hold a grudge much? And sorry, personality does factor into it and Ainsley has the perfect personality for a morning show. Love Sandra but she’s best suited to FBN, where she is now. As far as dues, Ainsley was chained to the overnight desk for seven years. I’d call that paying dues. As far as Anna is concerned, the secret to her success is simple: She’s what Roger Ailes wanted Courtney Friel to be.

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