Thursday Links and Open Thread

  • The Five video: Dana Perino three corny jokes.
  • Wednesday’s numbers (demo): O’Reilly-Megyn Kelly-Hannity 1-2-3.
  • Flood: Biz nets schedule special evening coverage of market turmoil.
  • Somerby: Rachel solves a mysterywhy was Trump in Massachusetts?
  • Wemple: MSNBC censors another Charlie Hebdo cartoon.
  • Video: Law Enforcement Group for ‘excellence in media’.
  • Fox News journalist defends pool photographer, debunks Trump claim.
  • Sunday: Media Buzz edges Reliable.  Look, it’s Tamron Hall’s bathroom.
  • Q&A: Chris Wallace favors ‘invisible’ debate moderators; Richard Quest.
  • GMA video: survived a deadly shootout.
  • Malkin: CNN’s long history of allowing Democratic town hall plants.  More.

39 thoughts on “Thursday Links and Open Thread”

  1. President Obama’s tearing-up bullshite is just that… bullshite.
    The man’s body temp didn’t get above 90 degrees during his remarks briefly after the Sandy Hook shooting and certainly not with any act of terrorism, and now we’re supposed to believe in his emotional depth?
    He told the senate to figure how to pass the ACA when they were working hard to allay concerns, and seemed to shrug over the fiasco of technical problems with the enrollment site rollout, so don’t tell me this legislation is special to him.
    It’s no coincidence that he pushes out a tear after being pummeled for his coolness after San Bernardino. He should have just carried on being the cool cat he is rather than engaging in this performance. It’s just cringe producing.

    • I see him as cold blooded. Reptilian, if you will. When he comes on the TV. I either turn it off or to another station. He is a transparent and shameless liar, who, to be honest, doesn’t give a rat’s @ss about anything or anybody but himself.

      • The best characterization of our POTUS is that of a “petulant child”, by Chris Chistie, though probably a bridge too far and racist.

      • I don’t think he’s reptilian, I find him aloof from a culture he sees as largely destructive in its power and insular in its chauvinistic Judaeo-Christian-anglo roots and white male dominance.

        His dislike for this view of us (of the West in general) is directly proportional to his regard for himself, his ideals, and his own resentments.

        • He’s a jug-eared snake. I apologize in advance to all honest snakes who just mind their own business.

    • Now you’ve done it. You have opened yourself to being called ‘offensive’ and ‘stupid’ by people who routinely say worse things every day. Though it won’t happen here.

    • I give him the benefit of doubt. When he didn’t get his way as a child, crying always worked with Grandpa and Grandma. Conditioned behavior.

  2. Shep breaks me up with the little things, “The so-called afluenza-mom, that gem of a woman, is back in Texas for some lone-star state justice…”

  3. The Somerby piece quintessentially displays and parodys the flimflam contortions and anti-intellectual bombast from that ever so erudite Rhodes Scholar and cultural-inbred carnival barker— — Rachel Maddow.

    Jon Stewart and Trevor Noah wish they had writers this accurate and on target.

    • Like a good leftist, Maddow always was to drag everything around to race. It doesn’t matter that New Hampshire is virtually all white, this is somehow the GOP’s fault. Her BS about the GOP in South Carolina being white, mabye she can explain Sen. Tim Scott and Gov. Nikki Haley?

  4. Today’s most popular links:
    5 Wednesday’s
    4 More.
    3 debunks Trump claim
    2 CNN’s long history
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Look, it’s Tamron Hall’s bathroom.

  5. Re: Somerby: Rachel solves a mystery

    Seemed to me Maddow was making two points — albeit poorly formulated in at least one instance:

    1. Explaining that the reason Trump is campaigning in MA and VT is because they are among a select few of non-Southern states who are part of what is being called “The SEC Primary.”

    2. Her second point was to call attention to the fact that unlike in past primary races the early nominating process will be way more ‘Southern’ than it has been because so many Southern states have earlier primaries. Leading her (and presumably others) to conclude this favors the more conservative candidates who derive much of their support from mostly white southerners.

    Not sure why Sommerby once again chose to find any reason large or small to take another shot at one of his favorite targets Rachel Maddow when there are better targets out there like Chris Mattews.

    He seems to have an obsession with her. Not sure why. Isn’t he supposed to lean left? 😊

    • It’s not an obsession, he simply points out her constant lies. Just because he leans left doesn’t mean he has to tolerate bald faced liars.

      • The question for me Nixon is are they actually lies or bad research as you can find on almost all cable news shows — yes, even on The O’Reilly Factor with one of the best research teams IMO,

        • No, she intentionally lies. Not only on her show, but in her book about the military, “Drift.” She had no idea about the subject, so she simply went on the assumptions and prejudices of your typical smug lefty. I read the book. I only wish that there was some way to sue to get that wasted time back.

    • 1. Duh. The point is that Maddow did her usual bit of playing up her audience as dumb and credulous in order to bark up a storyline about some inexplicable move on Trump’s part when that is hardly the case. She endlessly yabbers these ridiculous devices that make even the headlines at Mediaite seem as relevant and representative of the copy as an account number is to a bank balance.

      2. I’m afraid that Maddow said it would be a little more “white” than some of the other races (which isn’t anymore true for these states than in other primaries for both parties) in order to convey a message that she did not feel was quite encapsulated in the term “very conservative” or even uber-conservative. Had she said these states were composed of the “hard-core” “purely” black… “Very very” black part of the Democratic Party she would be suggesting something that went beyond a reference to the base of the Democratic Party and that would pop the eardrums of Tommy Christopher.

      As for why Somerby goes after Maddow, you’d know if you followed the blog (BTW– he blasted Mathews yesterday…) since he endlessly articulates his reasons.

      The woman is less Rhodes Scholar than flimflam artist.

      • I found these two statements about Bob Somerby interesting (dates unavailable) :

        Dan Kennedy, the media critic of The Boston Phoenix, says Somerby is “the best close reader in the media today,” the most adept at parsing a story for faulty logic, sloppy research, omissions, writing tricks, and the degree to which its author swallowed somebody’s spin.

        Despite being left of center in his politics, Somerby mainly critiques liberals in the U.S. mainstream media who he feels do poor journalism, such as Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann.

  6. New odds for next “Fox and Friends” host:

    Sandra Smith 2 to 1

    Ainsley 4 to 1

    Anna Kooiman 6 to 1

    I’d love to see them give some others a chance like
    But I’d say most of these would be 30 to 1 shots:

    Jo Nosuchinsky
    Jedediah Bila
    Michelle Fields
    Eboni K Williams
    Carrie Sheffield

    But I do think they will stay with someone around 35 or UNDER. Leaving out some good qualified people. And I think Sandra also has a leg up because she already has 2 kids (might be done) so they wouldn’t lose her to maternity leave. But she has kids…which is a plus…because it makes her more likeable and relateable.

    • I could live with Sandra Smith (well, except for that court order). However, I still would prefer the delightfully, delightful Lauren Sivan. By the way, “Bila” is Polish for “billiard ball.” I am NOT making that up.

      • I too adore Lauren Sivan! She agreed to do YOGA NEWS because I asked her to. She was the 1st or 2nd person I followed on twitter. She’s gorgeous, hilarious… and I sure miss her on “Red Eye”!

    • They won’t move Sandra off Out#. Plus she’s Maria’s No. 1 sub. If they stay in house, never a sure thing with Fox, it’s Ainsley or Anna.

      • Have you seen the ratings for “Mornings With Maria”? It’s not like anything would be lost if they had to find another fill for Maria. Dagen or several others could fill that role.

        Also, Out# was fine when Sandra was on maternity leave. Moving Sandra to 3 hours on F&F would be a big step up for her and would help bring better ratings IMO and therefor more ad $.

        • Ainsley and Anna are proven F&F commodities. Ainsley is the right age, has the right experience and is a new mom, checking all the boxes you suggested. She can do hard news and the light stuff. She has the perfect personality for a morning show. Love Sandra but she is better suited to what she is doing now. Everybody at Fox LOVES Ainsley.

  7. What kind of “town hall” is invitation only and closed to outside press? Tonight’s CNN-Obama Gun Control propaganda collaboration, that’s what.

    • They wanted to keep out the riff-raff, meaning regular people who might actually disagree with His Majesty.

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