Monday Links and Open Thread

  • Video: Cavuto’s  Don Lemon suspended?
  • New Year’s Eve numbers: CNN tops in demo, FNC strong in totals.
  • CNN renews its contract with Trumptastic contributor Jeffrey Lord.
  • Video: Should media call Oregon militants
  • Blowhards beware: Megyn Kelly, FNC’s ‘brightest star’, will slay you.
  • Concha: Irresponsible media giving criminal militia a huge platform.
  • Christopher: Cable nets rush to give free air time to Trump’s new ad.
  • The Seventies is named one of 2015’s top documentaries.  What a get!
  • Hogue: Anna is in pole position as the 2016 F&F specularama kicks off.
  • Bennett: CNN is giving President Obama an hour to promote gun control.

44 thoughts on “Monday Links and Open Thread”

  1. Well, Mr. Concha, I read “leftists were almost salivating over the possibility of another Waco-style bloodbath, feverishly calling on the federal government to treat the militia as “terrorists,” with the hashtag #OregonUnderAttack trending all day yesterday”. Great stooge material.

      • Maybe you have to loot and burn down a city block rather than burning brush to get that sort of respect for complaints against government agencies.

    • As a die-hard sports fan (politics is a distant second) I’ve been on the NFL Network most of the day and missed most of the coverage. (I noticed Bill O’Reilly is not covering this tonight — or so it appears.)

      I wonder if Joe Concha and others feel the coverage has been fair so far.

      I did manage to see the seemingly mild-mannered Ammon Bundy interviewed by Charlie Rose and Gayle King this morning. I thought Mr. Bundy was treated very well and that his low key personality appears to serve him well — even though I think there must be be better ways to achieve his goals.

      I am sure my brother (a New Mexico cattle rancher) feels differently. He hates the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). 🙂

  2. In the subject of “blowhards”, Obama’s imminent unilateral action on gun control regulations has them coming out of the woodwork. I was really suprised, however, watching MSNBC when Pete Williams did not chime in when another guest told Natureboy Thomas Roberts that new regs would prevent someone from Chcago crossing over to Indiana to buy a gun. Thing is, that’s already against federal law. Last month I bought a rifle from a guy in Kentucky who wanted to cut costs and drive it to me here in Ohio. I explained to him we’d be breaking the law, so he mailed it to my federally licensed dealer who did a background check on me before I took possession. Now if I were a terrorist, homcidal maniac, or criminal, it wouldn’t matter. Neither will anything Obama is now proposing. Only law-abiding people obey the law — that’s the definition.

    • I thought the dope was gone from Mediaite. Are they desperate for writers? Pathetic. He sees racism everywhere. He writes crap.
      On a more pleasant note: Neil Cavuto did a lovely tribute to Wayne Rogers.

      • Tommy’s a leftist kook, but at least he can write and make a salient point.

        He’s not as professional and as disciplined as Concha, but they both are the only people worth reading at that dorm room bull-session blog.

        • “dorm room bull-session blog”

          Love that description.

          I was curious what percentage of Mediaite visitors are from ‘school’ as opposed to home or work.

          It turns out they are about what is the average for the Internet, so that was kind of boring research. 🙂

          As long as I was at the Alexa website, I thought I would see how Mediaite compares to some other popular websites for what Alexa calls, ‘Monthly Unique Visitor Metrics.’

          Alexa rankings (United States)
          • HuffingtonPost 28th
          • FoxNews 50th
          • Breitbart 232nd
          • Variety 587th
          Mediaite 1,232nd
          • Adweek 1,737th
          • FTV Live 43,184th

          • That description wasn’t meant for the commenters.

            They’re average blog board trolls and clowns, and a smattering of real people.

            I meant to remark upon the caliber of the hired help in my post.

          • Interesting…and surprising.

            I can usually find at least 1/2 dozen articles/videos each day that I find interesting, which is more than I can say for TVNewser or HuffPost.

            Sometimes I read the column about the video and sometimes I don’t, when far too often it’s just a regurgitation of what’s on the video.

            Perhaps I need to take a second look. I know Christopher has a liberal agenda and Griswold has a conservative one. But the others seem somewhat neutral to me most of the time.

            I know some on Fox News (e.g., Bill O’Reilly) call it a liberal site. But there are also some on MSNBC (e.g., Rachel Maddow) who call it a conservative site. That’s usually a good sign, but not always.


          • I don’t mind slanted pieces if they are interesting, well written, etc.
            Maybe what you’re interpreting as “neutrality” I’m seeing as trite and conventional.

            Again, that’s not the case with Christopher or Concha.

          • I see your point.

            You’re a creative nuanced writer and I would expect you to have higher standards and/or be more focused on the writing than I am.

            I just don’t pay that much attention to the writing by the so-called columnists. I’m mostly visiting the site for the video clips — Joe Concha’s columns being the exception.

          • I don’t read anything there anymore but the columnists and a couple of people I follow whose comments I read from my disqus feed. You’ve got to limit your exposure to craziness.
            Thanks for the compliment. Do know that I wish I could object to your unrealistic generosity without coming across as being falsely modest, fishing for compliments, or rude. I can’t, so I won’t.

        • He used to be much more unpredictable. Maybe that’s why he lost the gig for a while. His girlfriend and I have been pals for years. He doesn’t deserve her.

    • I wish I could find the post on Mediaite where he talked about him letting one of his kids (in junior high) cross dress etc. I think that was his explanation for defending Transgendered stuff so much.

      • If the kid was a boy, mabye he’d figured out how to shower with the girls. Wish that I had pulled that scam in high school. We had some real cuties. By the way, the prettiest girl in my senior class became a nun.

        Otherwise, if Christopher talked his kid into doing it for political reasons, he is the scum of the earth for using his kid as a pawn in his little game.

  3. Where was @EricBolling’s #WakeUpAmerica people?! LOL

    No surprise, Fox News horrible NYE special gets crushed in the demos (18-49 & 25-54)

    Horrible choice of hosts, horrible production (did they have more than 1 30m production meeting for this disaster?). They blew the countdown (sure split screen) thanks to the sat delay (with them still messing around with Trump nonsense (that lasted 10m or more). FNC=TRUMP KISSERS

    Eric brags about all the #WakeUpAmerica tweets but where’s it get him at all? How come it doesn’t help ratings ONE BIT? Some journalist should do a story on it. Brags about social media use and #CashinIn almost always comes in 4th place (Cost Of Freedom Block). I don’t know if he used #WAU to get the host job or because he’s a TRUMPSPLAINER and he could get Donald Trump on.

    They mentioned Trump over 100X during 3 hours and they get killed in the ratings. When will they ever learn?!!

    • Tis been Trumpapalooza in the entire media for months, surely there’s someone at FNC who would not just assume that ratings bonanza would translate into a forum that is essentially a blow-out bash.

    • Kim G got a tad defensive on The Five when Greg said it was the “Trump Show”. She ended the segment by telling Greg (indirectly) not to shoot inside the tent because she’ll shoot back. Good for Greg and Dana too, who thought it was too much Trump.

    • Gee, could that chart be any more difficult to read? 🙂

      What I think it says is that for the pre NYE and post NYE shows it was FNC who won with total viewers and CNN who won the demo numbers.

      FNC All American New Years 12 am for 30 min
      Demo 380K
      Total 2,089K

      FNC All American New Years 11 pm for 60 min
      Demo 290K
      Total 1,778K

      CNN NYE Live 12:38 am for 28 min
      Demo 540K
      Total 1,753K

      CNN NYE Live w/AC 8 pm for 278 min
      Demo 520K
      Total 1,623K

  4. .@Ericbolling blows it again! Couldn’t believe he didn’t mention the passing of Wayne Rogers. This was made even worse by Greg mentioning the passing of Motorhead’s Lemmy.

    At least Cavuto did a tribute (which Johnny $ posted a clip).

  5. Today’s most popular links:
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    3 promote gun control
    2 Blowhards beware
    And the most popular link in today’s links…
    1 Anna is in pole position as the 2016 F&F specularama kicks off.

  6. Amazing how much outrage a Megyn Kelly article can stir up. It’s good for hours and hours of complaining, whining, smearing, name-calling, and all sorts of fun. Predominantly of the “I never watch her show, besides its crap” variety (because the best opinions come from people who never watch, naturally).

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